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Your Guardian Angels Is A Book About Spirit Angels That Assist You In Meeting Your Soul Path Objectives Within The Human Life You Have Chosen To Live This Book Identifies The Characteristics And Job Descriptions Of These Angels As Well As Their Spirit Contract With You In This Lifetime Further, This Book Outlines The Importance Of Communication With Your Guardian Angels Especially When Facing Challenges In Life It Provides Information As Well As A Method To Successfully Open The Door Of Communication With Specific Guardian Angels When The Door Of Communication Is Opened Between Spirit Dimensions And The Human Plane Of Living, Insight And Answers To Life Challenges Can Be Easily Obtained You Have A Team Of Seven To Nine Guardian Angels Who Are With You Always You Have Many Guardian Angels Moving In And Out Of Your Life On A Daily Basis In Truth, You Are Never Alone This Book Identifies Those Angels PB B 9 1 2009, 7 12 After taking her class thru St Clair Shores Adult Education Hard to get through Each chapter explains a specific Guardian Angel, their purpose, and how to communicate with them thru meditation and prayer Skepticalyah, a little I think that I did a good job writing this book It is the first book I have self published and it took years to get it from the computer into your hands It began as a workshop that grew in popularity So many people encouraged me to transcribe my lectures on angels, and so I did and Your Guardian Angels is the result Since it has been published, many people have written to me to thank me for writing about their Guardian Angels in a way that is easily understood This is a no nonsense approach to the immediate band of angels that walk by your side every day of your life The book is packed with information you need to know if you have a desire to learn about Your Guardian Angels I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it Blessings.