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Humorous Handy Hints that relate directly to the text are provided on each spread High interest topic for children of all ages Draws in even the most reluctant reader with a lighthearted tone and hilarious illustrations The cultures and traditions from ancient civilizations through modern times throughout the history of the world spring to life in the pages of this series Includes glossary and index Perfect for struggling readers

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    You Wouldn't Want to Be a Salem Witch by Jim Pipe plunges young readers into the 16th century in the Massachusetss Bay Colony home of the Salem Witch Trials Readers follow one specific story that took place during this period in which they are actually positioned as the main character However along the way readers also learn many interesting historical facts that are presented somewhat seperately from the story itself While at first glance the book seems crazy busy it is easy for readers to quickly learn to navigate the pages The main bulk of the story is presented in larger text while the facts that are presented along the way are presented in smaller text with titles that precede them Both the story and the facts are depicted with humorously exaggerated comic style illustrations complete with thought and speech bubbles from the characters This book is ideal for students in 3rd through 5th grade and the series offers a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge about different historical events people and places in a light hearted and approachable way The book is also excellent for students because it includes all the standard text features of a non fiction book including a table of contents captions a glossary and an index Overall I think that this book and others in the series are extremely educational and will be deeply enjoyed by students who wish to learn about the wide history of this world without turning to a boring textbook

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    Teaches kids that not only can lies power money be corrupt and have severe consequences but it also shares the scary and often unreal suspicions fears tortures for confessions and hints to survive the trials It talks about all major contendors not only in Salem Massachusetts but also all over Europe describing in detail some of the horrors of what some women and men went through to either prove their innocence or how it best be thought to deal with it and even the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 was not the only time in American History that there had been historical 'witch hunts' This book would even be helpful for the Highschool kids who have to read act out or watch Arthur Miller's The Crucible This book gives some background information that is also not even present in the play and I personally think would provide information on the actual people featured in it too

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    Written as a kids book it is a actually a terrifying journey to the heart of the human soul Every page is filled with proof the human mind if not rigorously civilized is full of nonsense jealously cruelty and murder I also couldn't help feeling while reading that given the right circumstances there is no doubt our civilization would slide right back into this dark age The monster at the heart of each human is ready and waiting once the lights go out That the book tries to be light hearted for tweens and fails miserably is even jarring as you flip the pages

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    An apparently scary time to live no matter where you were especially if you were a girl or a woman Between illustrations and snippets of facts this book walks you through a dark period in history

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    Another great book in this series This one is gruesome than a lot of the others but covers the anti witch fever of the period very well

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    An informative read done creatively

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    This is my informational picture book reviewThis book is a little long so I would let the students use it as part of independent reading but the information provided is kid friendly and has little side facts that I even found to be interesting The pictures are colorful funny and provide accurate descriptions of the time period and are very cartoonish Some of layout of the book reminded me of a comic book with thought bubbles and word bubblesThis book talks about the Salem trials from the beginning to the end as well as where certain individuals ended up after the whole ordeal There is a table of contents glossary index and captions There are other titles in this series that could be used with students Cleopatra Boston Tea Party Statue of Liberty etc I think this would be a great way for the teacher to incorporate informational text into the classroom without having to use the traditional textbook The only downside is that amount of text found on each page The text spans from the larger story larger text to minor details smaller text It can be a little overwhelming where to start reading and the direction the story is supposed to followI would suggest third and fourth grade students to use the book but due to the information found in the text it can be used with older students I think they would enjoy the illustrations and learn a few things not traditionally learned in class

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    You Wouldn't Want to Be a Salem Witch puts readers in the middle of the Salem Witchh trials in the 1600s As in other You Wouldn't Want to books handy hints give readers tips about things they wouldn't want to do and things they should try if they happen to be accused of being a witch Small side stories give information about certain important people who have been accused of being witches as well as information on the Puritans who started the trouble of accusing people of being witchesStudents in fifth or sixth grade will enjoy this book as they learn about a historical topic that they may not understand or know much about The comical drawings help tell the story and the simple to moderate language keeps this story easy to read but also goes toward the challenging side with a few words and names This book is another that is good for reading practice and education at the same timePipe J 2009 You Wouldn't Want to Be a Salem Witch Franklin Watts Scholastic Inc

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    I thought this book was very interesting I haven't read a book where I am told what my role is In the introduction I was told that my name was Priscilla Bishop and I live in Salem village Massachusetts It’s a very creative book but half way through I had forgotten my role Nevertheless I really liked it it was interesting funny informational and it had engaging illustrations I don't know if I would read this to young readers though in my opinion the torture techniques were a bit too detailed The subgenre of this informational text is literary non fiction it included a glossary and index on the back The facts in this book are told in a story like kind of way which might be interesting for a young reader trying to finish a research paper The illustrations interplayed well with the text most illustrations have captions that answer those chapters’ questions The reason I believe I was a bit lost with my role in the book was because the text is in unusual places

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    The 'You wouldn't want to be a' is an excellent set of informational books written in second person that asks the reader random questions about a particular time period in history Each page of the book contains a descriptive statement about an event that occurred during this particular time period and then the rest of the page is full of interesting facts and vibrant graphics that provide additional information about the topic being discussed This particular series is a great resource to use as a supplement to a history or social studies text It would also be a great addition to a set of resources a student was using when doing a research project or paper Each book is an easy read5th gradefor middle school students and there is just enough picture support to guide anyone still having difficulty with the text