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Wolves is a romantic gay historical novel and the fourth and final volume of the Raised By Wolves series Raised By Wolves chronicles the relationship between buccaneers Will and his beloved matelot Gaston during the infamous Henry Morgan raids against the Spanish Main in the late 1660's In this volume the men are challenged by Churches buccaneer greed and ambition wives and babies and a king while trying to resolve matters with Will's father

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    As mentioned in another review this review is for the whole series and not just the fourth book No spoilersI loved this series I am not joking in saying I spent about a week holed up ignoring texts emails and phone calls feeling irritated when I had to stop and let out my dog or eat staying up until 3 am unwilling to stop reading whatever part I was on Last night I stayed up until 430 am just to finish the series I was quite tired all day at work let me tell youI still find it difficult to explain exactly what it is about this series I love so much To be honest I don't want to oversell it only because there are certainly things in it that I could see some people not liking or skipping But at the same time I couldn't say enough how little any of these things mattered to me Even when I distantly noted those things I didn't care because it wasn't important All the things that were important to me were extremely well doneFirst the main coupleThey are a VERY slow progression and I adored that about them They went backwards forwards there were doubts and worries there was blind faith in some ways they were horrible for each other in a lot of ways they are wonderful for each other It also never takes the easy road AND really looks at how do you become a couple how do you remain a couple and how do you deal with the things that you learn about yourselves and each other along the wayOne of the main characters has a mental illness that makes him extremely dangerous and unpredictable at times and as a result he's really looked down upon by many people This series is set in the 1660s so things were especially not well understood at the time The other main character appears at first glance to be relatively normal but you really come to learn all of his facets and all the dark things that have dragged him down in the past and futureWhat I especially love is that they complement each other so well They really make sense and work as a couple and what's especially interesting to me is that their problems as it were are just as yin and yang as their merits Which is to say they could tear each other apart or build each other up at any given point in timeTo me that made for a very interesting read Also I love them both as characters their flaws and all and it doesn't hurt that they both sound quite attractive ginger lovers you'll be pleasedSecond the storytelling and plotThe series in a lot of ways adopts very much a meandering tale and that too I loved There are things that are explored that don't necessarily follow through to the future even if they planned that it would They go on side trips and get pulled into side plots and the background characters are appearing and disappearing doing things that might not be expected because we weren't in their mind the whole time Yet in context it makes senseAlso this story is about piratesbuccaneers and is set largely in Jamaica and the surrounding islands It tells a really interesting story of the way people acted at that time And explores the idea of fluid sexuality on varying levels with homosexuality embraced in the buccaneer lifestyle but it still being at odds with the civilized world where it was considered illegal and people could be burned at the stakeIt also considers the role of women at that time and doesn't pigeon hole women into any one trope or expectation The same goes for servants people of color at the time many of whom were enslaved and people from various countries In addition the relationships themselves platonic and not between various characters flex and wane quite a bit within the whole series showing the way people change and the things about them that don't change no matter whatAs for the cast of characters as a whole they're all quite human There aren't any caricatures I can think of offhand where there wasn't at least one part of that person that was unexpected or at least a slightly deeper layer than first presented I don't want to go too much into the characters because it's really best to just read and see where everything goesInterestingly I think if someone had said to me as I started the series The specifics of the plot are I might have had preconceived notions of what to expect and I might even have said Well maybe I'll wait on reading it then because usually I'm not a fan of or But I had no idea of anything going into it and everything transitioned so well that there were times I would suddenly realize that a character was acting very differently than even 100 pages prior but for the life of me I couldn't pinpoint exactly where that shift had occurred So for me everything made sense the way it progressed and I had no issues with any of itTruth be told after getting next to no sleep the last week the very first thing I wanted to do upon finishing the series was start over again I understood the context of some things much better at the end than the beginning when important details hadn't yet been revealed and I grew very curious about seeing how everyone started compared to how the series as a whole ended Overall I would say if you're someone who is interested in pirates history psychology philosophy if you like seeing the inner workings of a character and if you like romances that aren't simplistic and linear but are all the richer for it I think you should give this series a try I like all these things and I could not put it downMy biggest complaint right now is that there isn't to read and I don't believe there ever will be I need Will and Gaston please Thanks ETA I found this on the author's site in the Raised by Wolves QA section and I agree with it so I am pasting it over here to give even of an idea of what the series is about So this is a story about a man wrestling with being gay?Yes and no This series is about two men falling in love One of them has had to wrestle with being gay and the other has had to fight being unloved because he has bouts of insanity The Raised By Wolves series is about unconditional love how it can be both a blessing and curse And it’s about people choosing to be free to love who one wants and live how one wants