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Reading this book greatly enhanced my granddaughters trip to Stratford on Avon. I feel much knowledgeable about Shakespeare s life and the plots of his major works The book is packed full of facts and tidbits about his life, as well as some other notable people along the way such as Queen Elizabeth, Marlowe, and King James I definitely plan to reread this book in a week or two to solidify the facts to memory. Kids love these books at the library I really like this series Who was tons of information on important people. The Beloved Plays Of Shakespeare Are Still Produced Everywhere, Yet The Life Of The World S Most Famous Playwright Remains Largely A Mystery Young Will Left The Town Of Stratford To Pursue Theater In London, Where His Work Eventually Thrived And Made Him A Famous And Wealthy Man Celeste Davidson Mannis Here Puts Together The Pieces Of Shakespeare S Life And Work For Young Listeners