Washing Statue Wanderlust Kami No Sekai Short Story Series

This statue doesn’t want to sit around Can it persuade someone to take it on a holiday? Yuki has been wishing for good health her whole life and now she has the chance to get that wish fulfilled Shhh Listen To The Gods The Japanese believe the gods live in all things Trees appliances animals buildings — they all have a spirit living within them Maybe if you listen carefully you can hear them too

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI need great short stories like these They are just so fun short enough to read them in one sitting and long enough to tell a story and leave a lasting impression Just like Rice Cooker Revenge Washing Statue Wanderlust features a normally inanimate object in which a god lives and it comes into contact with a person that hears them In this case the statue Arai and the girl Yuki already have know each for a little while but something changes and the statue is trying to convince Yuki to go on a trip and take her with herIt's a short story so things happen pretty quickly but Pajonas manages to make sure the story is well paced and only during one scene did I feel like the pace was a bit rushed It was a fun story and the statue is in such a difficult situation as she wants to travel but can't and it isn't so easy to move a statue and be discrete about itI liked how much we still got to know about the two main character like how Arai wants to travel and what she thinks of the temple she lives at or the cat that sometimes visits her And how Yuki is a diabetic and how that impacts her live I really could relate to her as I am pretty sure if I was diabetic I would freak out about it as well and make sure to keep track of it I also like my daily routines just like her It was fun to see Yuki realize that even while she was diabetic there was still so much she could do it was powerful to see her change during this story there definitely was a lot of character growth going on Yuki also has a friend who knows the statue talsk to her and she takes it in stride she was a great friend to YukiWe learn a bit about the gods and how multiple people can hear them While in the first book there was only one character who could hear the rice cooker here there were multiple people who could hear the statue It was interesting to see although I did wonder how the people who could hear it differed from the others There's also a tidbit about how long the god in the statue exists alreadyTo conclude Another fun book in this series and I am already eager for the next book These books are so fun they are a quick read but still long enough to tell a story I liked the characters in this book and could relate to them There's even some character development going on which was nice to see There is some information about the world building added but in a really low key way that fits the story