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Would You Risk Your Life To Take A Message Of Hope To Your Enemies David Decker Nearly Got Killed During His Stay On Arana, And That Was A Friendly Planet Now He Must Go To Three Hostile Worlds That Are Sworn Enemies To Everything He Holds Dear Will Anyone Listen To Him He Knows One Thing For Certain His Message Has The Power To Heal Their Lives Or Stir Up Their Murderous Rage

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    This is a great read SF from a Christian perspective.Sequel to Arana s Visitor Plenty of action and suspence Creatively includes space aliens in a storyline based on a solidly Christian worldview.Order it from

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    This book is totally awesome I LOVED it It s the sequel to Arana s Visitor, and it s about a college student who brings the gospel to hostile aliens Very nicely written Good plot, too Once you start you just can t put it down

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    Liked this than the first of the series If you liked C.S Lewis Space Trilogy, this has a similar feel The author is writing from a Christian perspective, with the idea that the alien worlds believe in or know of God, and have yet to hear the gospel message.

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    David Decker, continuing from the marvelous adventure of book one, is solo now, finding his destiny as the Vadelah harder than he ever could have imagined Being Vashua s Messenger ISN T all that easy, as he must visit the three darkest planets in the universe and give them the good news of Christ, all the while endangering his life Will he succeed in his mission of hope Read the book and you ll find out I PROMISE you won t be disappointed especially if you liked the first book

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    Very good sequel to Arana a Visitor David travels to 3 hostile worlds inhabited by 3 very different species that are all hostile to God and the Gospel Julie has such an interesting take on taking the Gospel to other worlds in the universe Never read anything like this series

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