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As one of the last Untamed humans left in the world Seven’s life has always been controlled by tight rules Stay away from the Enhanced Don’t question your leader And most importantly never switch sides because once you’re Enhanced there’s no going back Even if you have become the perfect human beingBut after a disastrous raid on an Enhanced city Seven soon finds herself in her enemy’s power Realizing it’s only a matter of time before she too develops a taste for the chemical augmenters responsible for the erosion of humanity Seven knows she must act quickly if she’s to escape and save her family from the same fateYet as one of the most powerful Seers that the Untamed and Enhanced have ever known Seven quickly discovers that she alone holds the key to the survival of only one race But things aren’t clear cut any and with Seven now questioning the very beliefs she was raised on she knows she has an important choice to make One that has two very different outcomesSeven must choose wisely whose side she joins for the War of Humanity is underway and Death never takes kindly to traitors

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    I connected with UNTAMED in a slightly different way than most of the reviewers Like them I was really excited by this new dystopian series I love a good dystopian But as I read it I couldn't help but see the connection between the escapism found in consuming augmenters and the current heroine crisis in many many schools particularly in my own community Additionally the Enhanced in Dryer's book use the augmenters as a way to also avoid feeling unpleasant of difficult emotions It's also an opportunity to circumvent physical imperfections This is a relatable concept in a world where photoshop messes with the minds and often the health of a great portion of the population Dyer does a great job touching on these challenging issues without ever speaking of them directly or being preachy I'm interested to see what happens in book two

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    From the first line Untamed pulled me in This is the sort of book that is incredibly difficult to put down the kind of book you can fall into and forget the world forget you’re reading words on a page Our narrator is a true heroine in a tumultuous futuristic world in which the Enhanced Ones are “better faster and stronger than you” The premise is unique and engrossing and by the end of the book I was left wanting good thing – it’s a series As a person who rarely reads fantasysci fi but grew up with it always on the nightstand Dyer’s book reawakened in me a buried love for the genre

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    'Untamed' is a wonderful amalgamation of genres dystopian fiction and futuristic sci fi and revitalized with a strong female protagonist whose loyalty to her family makes her universally relatable A must read

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    I read UNTAMED in order to review it and was very much looking forward to it from the start YA dystopian is a favourite of mine so I was excited to see what Madeline Dyer would put into this to make it stand out from the flooded dystopian market And I think she did very wellIn the spirit of many dystopian reads we don't know a lot about why things are in such a state of chaos and in fact Dyer doesn't give us a lot in the way of world building even from the beginning We have to read in order to find out about the world people and their problems I liked this in fact rather than a chapter with a lot of info dumping this draws out the story so that the reader can figure it out over the course of the book I'm guessing there will be information to fill in a lot of the gaps as the series goes on but we learn enough to figure out what's happening and that's all that mattersThe main character Seven is a strong girl although with many flaws that allow the reader to identify with her on some level I think this is important in a book where the world is so distraught and the story so far from our own Seven takes us on her journey searching for answers searching for herself and discovering what her world is really all aboutThis was not always an easy read although that had nothing to do with Dyer's writing abilities The story is dark fast paced and takes the reader through many uncomfortable turns If you're interested in dystopian fiction and want a series that will draw you in UNTAMED is a great start It will grab you from the first line and force you to read to the end because you have to know what happens I'm looking forward to the next book in the series

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    Untamed stood out to me in the swarm of dystopian novels in that it was intimate in scale Most dystopian novels I've read have been epic in scale huge for the sake of being huge but this book does a magnificent job of remaining small focused on the core of Seven and her internal struggle between being Untamed or EnhancedJust enough nuggets are strewn throughout to paint the picture of just how bleak Seven's world is but the narrative itself never loses sight of her Her journey is our journey and it is a satisfying fast paced romp satisfying in spite of the ending being a clear set up for the next bookMany in this genre stuff their pages to the proverbial gills so busy trying to be grand and epic that stories lose focus and things that are supposed to resonate emotionally with readers fall flat Untamed does not suffer from that lack of focus or over saturation and it's a credit to Madeline Dyer that this story never loses sight of what it is or where it's goingIf you're a fan of the genre you'd be doing yourself a favor in reading Untamed If not give it a try anyway You might find yourself as engrossed in the story as I did

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    I really enjoyed this gripping dark fast paced novel by Madeline Dyer The author is really good at creating characters with a lot of depth I connected with Seven the MC right from the start I felt her urgency her fear her desire to do what's right The opening pulled me in and propelled me through the story I had to see where she went and how things turned out Seven is fighting to survive in a dystopian world that's divided between two groups people living as normal humans and people who are enhanced via mindbodysoul altering substances There is a war going on between them and Seven finds herself caught in the middleFrom start to finish this book kept me on the edge of my seat There was rarely a calm moment as each scene seemed to catapult Seven into ever deeper danger I was completely fascinated by the portrayal of addiction to substances that don't exist now but very well could one day The romance in this novel begins as understated and its subtle development is very well done If you're looking for a suspenseful dystopian read that's full of surprises check it out

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    This book proves Dystopian is not dead Not dead at all Seven is a rock solid super cool female heroine that I could root for Dyer creates a captivating dystopian world that I can't wait to dive into again when the series continues in book two Supporting characters were richly drawn and the pacing was spot on Loved it Bring on the sequel

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    UNTAMEDby Madeline Dyer UK authorfor Young Adult Released on May 20 2015 from Prizm Books This fast paced dystopian novel chronicles the emergence of powerful Seer named Seven who is caught between the advancement of the Enhanced who believe they are Chosen Ones and the Untamed who are the remnants of humanity Who wouldn't like to be perfect? Who wouldn't like to have a life of comfort ease and calmness? And if all of these were bottled up into fast acting augmenter supplements in perfect packaging and pretty colors the choice may seem too tantalizing to contemplate But the Untamed understand that there is a price to be paid for such a choice The battle between the two sides becomes fierce and although rules have been formulated they are not always followed Seven as one of the last Untamed humans left in the world has to rely on her powerful gift as a Seer She gradually comes to understand that she is the key to a greater destiny playing out on an epic scale I normally do not read dystopian novels but I'm excited that I made this exception This novel swept me in from the beginning The story flows with energy at every turn of the page The scenes draw the reader into a conflicted complex world which creates the stage for captivating twists and meaningful surprises From the beginning there are secrets begging to unfold UNTAMED is told from the main character Seven's perspective Seven is a seventeen year old who struggles with incredible loss and the growing awareness that she has an innate power to help the last of her race Still her self loathing about her weaknesses sometimes overshadows her judgment at the beginning of the novel Throughout the chapters we watch her grow in confidence as she learns to trust herself and the knowledge she has gained This is a painful journey for Seven but the torture she endures is necessary for her transition and for her to understand the meaning of her dreams This journey makes Seven real for me She comes alive through her struggles her insecurities her willfulness and finally her courage And do dreams accurately foretell what is going to happen? Once something is seen does it mean she will not have the power to change the outcome? What is the point of dreaming if we do not have the power within us to help ourselves help others even help humanity? While the first novel is complete the premise has been set a promise of so much to come Untamed is the first book in a trilogy with the second book Fragmented due to be released by Prizm Books on September 7 2016 I will definitely be on the lookout for this second book in the trilogy

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    Every so often a book comes along that beautifully powerfully reminds you of humanity One such book is the first in a series YAY entitled Untamed Written by Madeline Dyer this YA novel takes a look at a world that is changed and who the changemakers are This is one of the rare books that doesn't gloss over the different aspects of being human of succeeding failing wanting things struggling and trying your best and is why it is such a stellar read I fell into Seven's world and was right there with her the entirety of the book and then I started it again because I didn't want it to end Highly recommendedRead our author interview here

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    This is a good solid dystopian I think the thing that made me give it 5 instead of four stars is that it doesn't give you everything upfront You have to read to get a sense of the book to find out why the enhanced ones are indeed better and strongerI haven't read a dystopian in a while and this refreshed the love of that genre I never write reviews to give away what happens in them If you're looking for a well paced story flawed characters are fine with violence that's well grounded in the world as well as science that feels like it's a real part of this new world? Then this sometimes dark book will serve you well