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Penny Worthington was a very ordinary girl in a city where people did extraordinary things Since the fifties the Ultrahumans have been making waves on both sides of the law and Penny has watched from the side lines since she was a child She has always been happy with that Penny is the ugly duckling who never quite managed to turn into a swan Then one Christmas Penny is given all she could dream of beauty power the ability to go out and right the wrongs she sees all around her She’s an Ultrahuman the swan she always could have been But in Millennium City where ugly is always just below the glossy surface can one swan make a difference?

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    If you've read the other books written by Niall then you've probably noticed a theme the books are light reading the heroines build relationships with each other there are plenty of sex scenes and most of them are girl on girl You could classify Niall's stories as having LGBT themes except the stories are aimed at the male audience This book doesn't stray from others in that regard and if you liked his other books this will not disappoint My rating here is biased because I do indeed enjoy these stories What does disappoint in this book a little is that some of the events in the book appear forced because the author was trying to appeal to his audience This is where I'm going to put a few spoilers so if it's up to you to choose whether to believe me or not or read the following textview spoilerWhen the villains in the book are planning to capture the protagonist they mention getting rid of one of her important people Now as a reader at this point I suspected it would be one of four characters the protagonist's BFF the protagonist's lover protagonist's partnersidekick or protagonist's mentorinformant Logically the most obvious choice would be the BFF because she appears near the protagonist so often you would actually be able to figure out the heroine's secret identity if you snooped for a bit That is logical but would make the book tragic since there's an underlying romantic theme between the BFF and the protagonist and the BFF is a girl so the target audience wouldn't appreciate such a turn of events The next obvious choice would be the lover who is male and seems a logical character for the author to kill considering the target audience wouldn't miss him too much except it doesn't look like many people know who the protagonist's lover is The third choice is basically grasping at straws because the protagonist's partner is many times secretive than the protagonist herself is she's also a female so again not something the reader would appreciate And the final choice is the mentor who's also a female and it doesn't look like the protagonist would miss her much which basically wouldn't help the villains implement their plot I was betting on the male being killed and that's exactly what happened What would be a much better solution is if the villains would have captured the protagonist accidentally without having to kill anyone Why do I find this a better solution? Psychologically as soon as you tell the reader that someone is going to die the reader starts trying to figure out who it's going to be And in most books when it's implied that someone is going to get killed it's usually what happens If somehow that didn't happen the story would be less predictable and original And I wouldn't have any second thoughts giving it four stars hide spoiler