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Natalie has a lot on her plate She can't seem to get Second Chance Ranch's newest rescued horse Tango to barrel race She's also missing her best friend Sophia who recently moved away A new girl in town Darcy seems like she could be bestie material but she doesn't like to do any of the things Natalie and Sophia did together and she's allergic to animals Can Natalie help Tango learn a new skill while she learns a few of her own?

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    Natalie Ramirez loves her life on Second Chance Ranch She handles the horses but nothing about their upkeep feels like work to her Besides this is the best way to find Rockette’s replacement Out growing the pony that she had paired with to win so many junior barrel racing prizes was inevitable but still somewhat sad When a beautiful bay tobiano trotted onto the scene Natalie saw the solution to all of her problems In her enthusiasm it was easy to over look the atypical aspects of this rescue He wore a uality halter with a nameplate Tango appeared to have been well cared for and even trained at some point When he followed her commands it was in a hesitating confused mannerFor a twelve and a half year old Natalie has a lot on her mind and maybe she misses the obvious at first But as she begins to see Tango as the horse that he is and not a rodeo pony in the making she takes a closer look at herself and finds room to growI cannot imagine a better book for the animal loving reader uickly captivating Natalie’s story canters along with humor action and an impressive euestrian vocabulary I did not know that a horse has a frog Two to Tango is one of four in the Second Chance Ranch juvenile fiction series and I cannot wait to see what happens nextThis review was written by jv poore for Buried Under Books with huge thanks to North Star EditionsFlux Publicity Department for the Advance Review Copy

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    This was a sweet story about a young girl who is going through a rough time She is the oldest sister of 4 girls one with autism and twins who were adopted Natalie's mom is a vet and her dad runs the ranch where everyone helps with the rescue animals Natalie's best friend Sophie has moved away and she misses her a lot She meets a new girl who she thinks will become good friend but has very different interests Natalie was a barrel racer who outgrew her horse and was looking for a new one When Tango is brought to the rescue center something is different He was not abused or neglected but no one had filed a report of a missing horse Natalie wants to train Tango to become a barrel racer but is having no luck Natalie soon realizes that Tango doesn't respond to the commands because he is trained as an English horse The story shows a family that works together and pulls together to help one another Natalie learns a lesson about learning about others and liking people and animals for who they are and not trying to change them to be who you want them to be She also learns about accepting disappointment and making the best of a situation A great story for young girls 7 to 10 This is an early chapter book that would be enjoyed by young girls ages 7 to 10 A great addition to school family or class library The publisher generously provided me with the book via Netgalley

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    This is a fun read for young people who want to know if it's okay to have two best friends or who love horses and have a horse that is less than perfect Girls especially will enjoy the adventures of a young lady on a small ranch which rehomes animals including a pinto called Tango I like that we also meet a family with one member who is a girl with autism and their assistance dog This is ideal for girls from eight to fourteen years old I downloaded an e copy from Net Galley This is an unbiased review I have also reviewed for Fresh Fiction

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    Very sweet western storyabout Natalie her 3 sisters and a horse named Tango Tango doesn't look like the other animals that are brought to The Second Chance Ranch Tango doesn't seem to be abused or neglected so everyone assumes that the horse is lost so they look for an owner Natalie soon realizes why Tango doesn't respond to the commands given Tango is not a western horse but an English horse Natalie's mom is a vet and her dad runs the ranch everyone helps with the rescue animals Natalie takes on Tango as her personal project The story has a sweet family feeling to it I thought it was cute informative and I loved it I can't wait to give it to my granddaughter

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    This was a Goodreads giveaway win Two to Tango is a great story for that typical girl who loves horses That was not me as a child Natalie lives at Second Chance Ranch with her parents and three sisters They have horses dogs cats and pretty much anything you'd expect to see at a farm Natalie makes a new friend and gets a new horse but Darcy is nothing like her old best friend Sophia and Tango is nothing like her old horse Natalie learns a lesson about learning about others and liking people and animals for who they are and not trying to change them to be who you want them to be

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    When Natalie’s best friend moves away at the same time that a new horse arrives at her family’s rescue ranch she uickly gets a life lesson in the importance of accepting people and things for who and what they are and not trying to change them This is a perfect book for 8 10 year old girls who like books about animals particularly horses

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    Two to Tango is a cute story My daughter loved it It has a great lesson to learn 5 stars

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    Two to Tango is a sweet story full of sisters friends and animals with good lessons as well It is a good reads for early chapter readers