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I Guess We Should Start At The Beginning I Was Born On November The Doctors In The Hospital Took One Look At My Genitals And Slapped An F On My Birth Certificate F For Female, Not Fail Though That Would Actually Have Been Kind Of Appropriate Given Present CircumstancesWhen I Was , I Realised I Was A Transgender Man That Makes It Sound Like I Suddenly Had Some Kind Of Lightbulb Moment In Reality, Coming To Grips With My Identity Has Taken A Long Time Over The Last Six Years, I Ve Come Out To My Family And Friends, Changed My Name, Battled The Healthcare System, Started Taking Male Hormones And Have Had Surgery On My Chest My Quest To A Beard Is Almost Complete This Is My Story

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    Premetto che seguo Alex su YouTube da anni e ho quindi seguito la sua storia dall inizio Tuttavia penso che questo libro a tematica transgender soprattutto per i ragazzi ftm female to male, da donna a uomo sia un ottima fonte da cui poter trarre ispirazione, consigli e anche ritrovare s stessi Lo consiglio in tutto e per tutto, anche se non si conosce l autore, in quanto spiega davvero tutto ci che serve sapere sulla transizione e poi ovviamente riporta gli esempi, le difficolt e le vittorie che hanno caratterizzato il suo percorso nello specifico Dentro troverete anche delle foto interessanti, molte illustrazioni divertenti e anche tante battute che alleggeriscono e rendono ulteriormente piacevole il tutto.

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    Fans of Bertie s YouTube channel will not be surprised that his memoir of transitioning from female to male is open, honest, at turns funny and deadly serious An excellent view, for those of us who are not trans but want to understand, of what one person s transgender experience has been like And to his credit, Bertie does not claim to speak for all transpeople worldwide he doesn t even claim to be able to speak for every white FTM transperson.

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    Alex, I ve been watching your you tube channel for years and watching you grow and change into the person you are today I was so excited to read this book, and to my joy it was as honest, friendly, informative and refreshing as your videos To top it all off, I thought it was lovely and so important to have your mum s words and thoughts too This is a brilliant book for trans people, and anyone wanting to understand trans people, covering all aspects of being trans, emotionally and physically, including health and important issues Seriosuly loved it Well done mate

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    I found it well written and that he was very straight forward with how things went and are going After following him on You Tube the book fills in with information that he could or would not say on his channel Very good reading.

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    I am a psychologist and loved this book Honest and real.

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    Great companion to the YouTube page