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Following the conquest of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 hundreds of thousands of Polish families were torn from their homes and sent eastwards to the arctic wastes of Siberia Prisoners of war refugees those regarded as 'social criminals' by Stalin's regime and those rounded up by sheer chance were all sent 'to see the Great White Bear' However with Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa just two years later Russia and the Allied powers found themselves on the same side once Turning to those that it had previously deemed 'undesirable' Russia sought to raise a Polish army from the men women and children that it had imprisoned within its labour camps In this remarkable work renowned historian Professor Norman Davies draws from years of meticulous research to recount the compelling story of this unit the Polish II Corps or 'Anders Army' and their exceptional journey from the Gulag of Siberia through Iran the Middle East and North Africa to the battlefields of Italy to fight shoulder to shoulder with Allied forces Complete with previously unpublished photographs and first hand accounts from the men and women who lived through it this is a unique visual and written record of one of the most fascinating episodes of World War II

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    Remarkable history of a rarely covered heroic episode A people betrayed scattered imprisioned overcome odds to fight the good fight that helps to lead the allies to victorythe result further betrayal and neglect The romanticism of FDR that permeates the history books has to be tempered by the revelation of his neglect or lack of care for the Polish people that bore the brunt of both Soviet and Nazi atrocities This historical book full of anecdotes strikes at the core the notion that America saved Europe like a white knight in a joust It helped save a part of Europeand threw aside the other part Balticseven restricted resettlement efforts