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They Say Trouble Always Comes In Threes And For Sisters Lyn, Cat And Gemma Kettle, The Year They Turn Thirty Three Is No Exception Sensible Lyn Is Struggling To Balance Being A Mother, Wife And Businesswoman Without Losing Her Mind Cat, Whose Perfect Marriage Is The Envy Of All Her Friends, Never Suspects That Her Husband Has Been Hiding A Secret That Will Tear Her Life Apart And Directionless Gemma, Who Changes Jobs And Boyfriends Every Few Months, Has Just Met A New Man Who Could Be The One To Unlock Her Hidden Past Through Everything, The Bonds Of The Sisters Are Strong Enough To Withstand Whatever Life Throws At Them That Is Until The Night Of Their Thirty Fourth Birthday Dinner, When Home Truths Are Revealed And Things Are Said That Can T Be Taken Back ACCLAIM FOR THE AUTHOR Funny, And Dramatic, With Vibrant Characters, It S A Delight Sunday Mirror

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    I want to be a Kettle sister Ha But I d do anything for some extra excitement Nuff said This is the author s debut I don t see that she has anything to improve on if I was to be honest I just love her original stories, she s got a flair for it.This one in particular shows me we are of the same era I love when the books I read contain little tid bits of pop culture references that I can relate to and really bond with Teletubies and Bananarama s song Venus being a couple of them The Kettle triplets jumping around to this song with abandoned pleasure made me smile I smiled all the way through with this Aussie story All the characters were quirky and real, the story line funny, and every step of the way was completely engaging He s experiencing empathy for the first time in his life said Cat with a noticeable lack of empathy About time He s just surprised, poor Dad , said Gemma, who had always suffered from excessive empathy Lyn had seen her walking down a street of parked cars, winding each time she saw a parking ticket on a windscreen This is pretty close to me actually, I empathise with Gemma, I really really do Here s another bit of gold Someone did a ladylike fart during Beginners Yoga for Mums to Be It doesn t get better than that Down to earth and a touch self deprecating, AKA real I love a good contemporary read, it s not all about rocket science, and for me it s all about enjoyable bantering fiction I met Liane Moriarty this year and am not at all surprised that I love every book she s written The little stories she told at the event I attended I can relate back to all her work and enjoy knowing that little bit Highly recommended reading if you re like me and enjoy being able to laugh at yourself, it s full of all the non serious funny stuff you could ever imagine It s a treat

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    Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty is a 2016 Penguin publication Originally published in 2003 I had heard so much about Liane Moriarty I put several of her books on hold at the library a little while back I read them as they became available, in no particular order I love, love, love this author s style of writing But, while I cool my heels, still waiting on Truly, Madly, Guilty to become available, at my library, llllooooonnnnnngggg wait ,I reached back deeper into the author s backlisted titles and pulled this one out of the hat Everything I love about Moriarty is evident in this novel, the almost whimsical quality of the story, the dark undertones, and loads of emotions and family drama, but alas, this one fell a little flat for me I suppose it was partly the lopsided way things turned out, with poor Cat getting a raw deal all the way around, and around, and around, while her sisters toy with and flirt with fate and suffer little or no consequences The ending, well, frankly, I thought it sucked While the reader gets a slight glimmer of hope for our poor trod upon Cat, it was not enough to make up for all she went through Sorry, but the HEA must be firmer than that, especially after putting me through an emotional spin cycle The humor that is another trademark of this author was also muted I usually find myself laughing out loud at the sharp wit and humor, even when it has a slightly dark edge to it, but nothing in the dialogue tickled my funny bone, and the sisters often got on my nerves.I suppose I enjoyed the little bit of irony involving the triplets parents the best, although it was not the HEA I was anticipating in the book, I suppose it will just have to do I may have to write the author and beg her to publish an additional epilogue for this one to assure me Cat s life turned to be as full as the rest of her family s For some reason, I really need to know the details Overall, I was a little bummed out over this one, but I m still a big fan and still feel very excited about catching up with all of Ms Moriarty s backlisted titles and about reading the new book 2 stars

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    2.5 starsMy least favorite of the authors books Three 33 year old twin sisters and their dramas with husbands, boyfriends, children, parents, and each other It was like reading a three ring circus Perhaps I would have enjoyed it in my own thirties when I was still drinking cosmopolitans Perhaps a warning on the cover Not for mature audiences reader discretion is advised.

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    A stong 4 out of 5.Another funny, drama filled, soap opera like, juuuuicy novel from Liane Moriarty and it s crept in my favourites from her.The story follows three triplet sisters, in their thirties, who all have very different personalities and outlooks on life and explores how their complex relationships with each other withstand all the dramas that life throws at them Spoiler alert a lot.Despite all their dramas and some dark themes being explored, the author is SO good at still creating humour, and I laughed throughout this entire novel.Reviews can be found at www.booknerdtan.wordpress.comI think what makes me love Liane Moriarty s storytelling is the sheer honesty with which she describes her characters and their inner thoughts I continuously find myself thinking Yes That s exactly what I thought, but never dared say it.Between each chapter, small episodes are featured from onlooking strangers and their views on the sisters interactions from when they were young to present day These offered an important dynamic to the story I feel showing that despite not always being able to see it first hand, they were very close and had strong relationships with each other.I absolutely whizzed through this book it grabbed my attention from the get go A thoroughly entertaining read which I highly recommend.

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    Things I generally try to avoid in my reading aka why I generally don t read adult fiction Very Serious Literature Pregnancy Infidelity Infertility DivorceThings this book prominently contains Pregnancy Infidelity Infertility DivorceAnd yet, a five star rating Nuff said.

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    This is the story of the Kettle sisters, Gemma, Lyn and Cat, 33 years old triplets two are identical twins and a look at their lives at a pivotal moment in time It s told in each of their voices, transitioning from past to present as they each face a critical issue The dynamics of how they interact with each other is also an important aspect of their story I very much enjoyed this story as the character development was outstanding I felt I truly knew each sister and how they would behave at every juncture The transitions to the past were timely as they aptly provided context for the three women s present characterizations The twists in their stories, especially Gemma s, were stunning, catching me off guard The men in their lives created even texture to the story as they represented choices that deeply impacted their individual and collective destinies Lastly, there were passages provided intermittently throughout the book that were observations by strangers That was a unique device that gave additional insights about the family interactions and it really worked for me I really liked the story and the audio performance though it was sometimes difficult to initially identify when the story was transitioning Otherwise, I thought the narrator perfectly captured the characters and I could always distinguish the three women Though not a new story, it was one that kept my interest and attention until the end.

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    This is a really enjoyable and totally engaging book written in the author s customary style Chapters are preceded by little anecdotes from strangers who view the main characters antics as outsiders And then we get to meet all those lovely characters and, whether we love them or dislike them, discovering what happens to them becomes compulsive reading If you enjoyed Big Little Lies then you will enjoy this too I guess it does fall into the genre of Chick Lit but it is very good quality Chick Lit

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    I really like Liane Moriarty The ex advertising copywriter delivers Sydney based tales featuring gritty women who have loud, forthright conversations and live complex, secret ridden lives I ve heard her output described as chic lit, but but this feels like a diminishment of what are uniformly snappy, funny and often hard hitting stories My advice is grab one and judge for yourselves if you re not already a convert, that is.In this book her first we are introduced to triplets, the Kettle sisters They re enjoying a birthday meal in a busy restaurant and raucously celebrating their shared milestone Then it all kicks off It s typical of the author s style that we re then taken back in time to a date some twelve months or so earlier and walked through events leading up to that night I wouldn t call it a mystery novel but we do discover a few hidden facts along the way It s really a story built on excellent character development and superb dialogue It s funny and snappy and sharp It s also sad and thought provoking, with some dark issues lurking in the background All in all, It s just fantastically entertaining.Moriarty uses some brilliant tricks to keep the whole thing fresh She regularly slips in short vignettes of people who have observed the triplets at various times in their lives And she switches perspective regularly, so we see the story from different angles The result is a tale that kept me on my toes I know from experience that she s likely to spring a surprise or two and, in truth, I had no idea what events would unfold in order to bring me to the fateful night.I listened to this on audio, as I have all of her books, read by the wonderful Caroline Lee She brings the whole thing alive with huge energy and aplomb, the only minor slip up being the imposition of a Geordie accent on a Mancunian A minor issue, for which I forgive her.This book is probably a 4.5 stopped from a top mark simply by the lack of a killer twist But I did love it I ve listed below my ratings for the stand alone books I ve read from this author she s also dashed off a three volume series I ve yet to check out But I m gobbling up her books up at some rate and am thankful she has a new book coming out this year.The Last Anniversary 3 What Alice Forgot 4 The Husband s Secret 4 Big Little Lies 5 The Hypnotists Love Story not read yet but already loaded and just waiting its turn

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    Definitely not my favorite Liane Moriarty.This book follows a similar format as her other books with the book opening with a dramatic and very public argument in a restaurant as they celebrate their 33rd birthday together The book then goes back to the events leading up to the big blowout to provide some context.Having read quite a few Liane Moriarty the twists and turns in this book were predictable, and I felt like this is one of my least favorite of her books due to the ending Moriarty is usually great at tying up all the loose ends at the end, but this one is left open ended which I didn t enjoy as much I like that she makes everything look so bleak and then ends on a happy note, and while this one did sort of end on a happy note, it wasn t as happy as it could have been I suppose, which is partially why I read her books.They are an escape from the usual dark books I read, and unfortunately this one wasn t much of an escape.

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    The story about the Kettle triplets over the course of their thirty third year Cat, Gemma and Lyn Kettle are a strange sight when they are together and their lives take turns over the next year that no one could foresee Right from the beginning I was hooked as the book opens to the sisters celebrating their Thirty fourth birthday The story then jumps back to the previous year and all that has happened in the fascinating triplets lives The story is told from multiple perspectives I found it relatively easy to follow along with the point of view at each point in the story I found the interaction between the three girls and the other characters in the story very entertaining The characters are well developed and very believable I loved each of the sisters and their individual personalities They have a very lovable and dysfunctional family dynamic that really did have me laughing out loud quite a few times Great summer reading Recommended