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Orphaned Kit Tyler Knows, As She Gazes For The First Time At The Cold, Bleak Shores Of Connecticut Colony, That Her New Home Will Never Be Like The Shimmering Caribbean Island She Left Behind In Her Relatives Stern Puritan Community, She Feels Like A Tropical Bird That Has Flown To The Wrong Part Of The World, A Bird That Is Now Caged And Lonely The Only Place Where Kit Feels Completely Free Is In The Meadows, Where She Enjoys The Company Of The Old Quaker Woman Known As The Witch Of Blackbird Pond, And On Occasion, Her Young Sailor Friend Nat But When Kit S Friendship With The Witch Is Discovered, Kit Is Faced With Suspicion, Fear, And Anger She Herself Is Accused Of Witchcraft What a pity every child couldn t learn to read under a willow tree Elizabeth George Speare, The Witch of Blackbird PondA book from my childhood and one of the best pieces of Historical of the best BOOKS..I have ever read.PLEASE do not go into this..if you have not read it..thinking it is only for children or young adults Do you know how many people I know who read this in adulthood So have I although my first reading of it was in my childhood.So Kit is a newcomer to the United States She has come here from Barbados She knows nobody She knows nothing of the Puritan culture Her grandfather has died and her only family left is her Aunt Rachel She has come in the hopes of living with Rachel and her family as she is bereft and is leaving little behind.Kit is used to the free spirited way of living that she has always embraced in Barbados She knows nothing of the customs that guide New England She knows nothing about how the village people regard women She does not know that women here don t know how to read, do not know how to swim and most of all she does not know about witch trials and about the rules governing the lands.It isn t long before Kit befriends two people One of them is Prudence, a scared little child whose family thinks she is dumb and as a result she does not go to school The other is Hannah Regarded with deep suspicion and mistrust Hanna is a widow and a Quaker who lives alone Nobody in the village will speak to her There is a deep certainty amongst the villagers that Hannah must be a witch.So this is a bit of what the book is about but I have not even scratched the surface It is considered a classic and I reread every few years especially when I want to go back in time and touch my childhood I cannot think of a piece of writing better in the Historical Fiction genre and if you missed it as a kid or an adult, it is one that will stay with you.Now I have some SPOILERS..just about the if you have not read it, stop here.The last scene is among the most romantic and satisfying I have ever read Likewise the trial and the testimony of Prudence are also written so flawlessly I often think of Kit and Nat and Mercy and Judith and John Holbrook and Aunt Rachel and Mathew and Prudence and Hanna They all stepped off the pages and became my friends Sometimes the smell of New England will bring me back to the book as will apple pie, kittens, boats and the sound of the ocean Please read this book. I really liked this book, and have therefore come to the conclusion that books written for children can be higher quality writing than books written for adults because there isn t this pressure to impress with heavy metaphor and poignant statements about life When adults write for adults there is too much pressure, adults writing for children understand that it is the story and the characters that matter most, and if those two are well written then I think you have a deep, satisfying book. Buy the truth, and do not sell it,also wisdom and instruction and understanding Psalm 23 23A wholly satisfying read and respectable look at Puritan life I m a 23 yr old in college guy, and Who knew I d get so emotionally invested I certainly didn t There were several parts when I was legitimately frustrated, angry, and a little teary eyed to level with you My favorite scenes were quite easily John s return home the teary eyes c mon I m just trying to give you an honest review as well as the final pages of the book Sidenote With a character named Thankful Peabody , how could you possibly go wrong Sidenote sidenote Goodwife Cruff was completely and impressively unlikeable If I m lucky enough to have a daughter or two, this one ll most definitely have a space their bookshelf. A good witch is hard to find.I should know I ve been searching for one my entire life.So, I went into this read thinking maybe this is her the witch of blackbird pond Maybe she will finally be the tatter haired witch that Karla Kuskin decribes, or the magical prognosticator, chanting, canting, calculator that Felice Holman makes me want to meet.I wasn t looking for a Bellatrix LeStrange, I just wanted the witch I ve been waiting for And I didn t find her here.Nope No real witches here Just a bunch of those Arthur Miller type witches from The Crucible Meaning, no delightful cleavage or cackle, no orgies by the river no incantation, no levitation, no black tresses or long black gowns.Just a sad, partially demented Quaker woman who has been ostracized from the town for her religious beliefs.Oh, and a town with a pillory, a whipping post and stocks All of the proper accoutrements for provoking public humiliation in the village square in Connecticut in the 17th century.God, I hate Puritans.I hate em, and so does Kit, our protagonist, who is forced to leave wealth and the paradise that is Barbados for the bleak, never ending Puritans and snow.I think this is known as hell, or purgatory, at the very least.Poor Kit.And poor me But once I let go of my attachment to the perfect witch, I allowed this Newberry winner from 1958 and Kit Tyler to capture my attention, and I found an old school appealing story and a winning protagonist.This is good, clean story telling, and it s a surprisingly romantic coming of age story as well And, God as my witness, as I finished up the story today, my 9 year old daughter arrived home carrying a giant, black cauldron from a thrift store I retreat to my lair with magical thoughts.