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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Vampire in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a mortal snackA single drop of blood will free herFed up living under the oppression of monsters Clara kills a vampire to rid the world of at least one of the beasts But when her father’s gambling debts rage out of control and put her sister in harm’s way she offers herself up to pay the debtThrust into a world of darkness and chaos Clara does what she must to survive Alaric her new master who is determined to make her pay for what she didThe two are constantly at each others throats Contract or not Clara is done with this creature of the night and world of darkness She runs but Alaric won’t let her escapeRecognizing things cannot continue as they are Alaric makes a deal with her If she can draw a single drop of blood from Alaric he will consider her debt paid But if she attempts and fails she owes him The price of her failure? A simple kiss One that could change everything as she feels her attraction to him growingUSA Today Best Selling Author Ali Winters delivers a Beauty and the Beast tale with a gothic twist that's sure to leave fans of vampire paranormal romance thirsting for Dracula and Beauty and the Beast meets Pride and Prejudice in THE VAMPIRE DEBT a six book New Adult paranormal romance

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    Ali winters new series The vampire debt was a awesome read It has a great storyline with some very interesting characters as well Our villain vampire Alaric Devereaux is going to make Clara pay for killing Rosalie a vampiress who he was close to and when clara's father owes him money he takes her in exchange for the debt and so starts his revengebut the their together he starts to see a different side to clara and no matter how he fights it the attraction and the need to mark her and make her his is building and soon he makes a bargain with her If she can draw blood he will let her leave and return to her family but if not she will be his prisoner forever and can never leave Everything would be so much easier if clara didn't want alaric's kisses but every time she goes to draw blood it's all she can do not to cave into her desire to be his loverAnd just as things are getting heated up the vampire ueen sends some of her court to see why alaric hasn't marked or killed clara With vampireshigh demons and a loyal bat named cherno this story is only just begun The chemistry between alaric and Clara is sexy and hot with great steamy moments and a good amount of build up Can't wait for from this couple It doesn't so much end on a cliffhangerbut like a continuing of this tale Book 2 The Vampie Curse comes out in July Until next time Luv's💕💋

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    I'm a sucker for h who can kicka with a bow 🏹 Slowly I lift my bow The fletching of my arrow grazes my cheek as I pull it back The bowstring groans halting my movements and my breath I wait several heartbeats making sure the monster in my sights doesn’t notice my presence before it’s too late I pull my arrow back a fraction my muscles straining Then I let go Yup I love it If I had a fraction of the skill portrayed by Katniss Everdeen Princess Merida I'd be a VERY happy camper 😁So when this book started out with our h Clara displaying some killer skill 😜 I knew I had to 1 Click this bad boy and give it a try 😉 The sample and my GR friend's review Kat Valentine left me no choice but to dive in and give it a try And I'm very happy I did 😍 And then I get lost in new worlds I have never begun to imagineI really enjoyed where the author is going with this story If you're like me you L😍VE vampires 🧛‍♂️ Can't get enough Because of a debt owed hence the title The Vampire Debt Clara finds herself as the property? slave? ward? to Alaric Devereaux Our YUMMY YUMMY H with some sharp chompers and a hardon for blood Will she be killed? Will she escape? Will she find love? This book is part of a series and I'm curious to find out what will happen next Only a few 🔥 kisses were shared between out H h and I'm not mad at it They have a long way to go relationship wise if they're ever going to make it as a mixed race? creature? species? couple vampire human He has a MAJOR reason for NEEDING to distance himself from our h and she has a boo from back home Why these weren't bigger issues when the attraction was thick I couldn't tell ya Dracula and Beauty and the Beast meet Pride and Prejudice 🔶 So Dracula vampire theme ✅🔶 Beauty the Beast I'm not too sure about shipping this with that trope Our H isn't really beast like Actually he's a sweetheart and treats our h like a princess If anything our h is the beastterrorhellion 🔶 Pride and Prejudice Hmm He's RICH and she's DIRT poor Not even close to the same social class and lacking the witty banter found in Pride and Prejudice They both dislike each other initially so I guess they've got that going for them This series holds so much potential Could have been fleshed out a little bit Would have enjoyed dialogue and less gaps in between exchanges Some editing here and there wouldn't hurt either but overall it's a trope I ADORE and thus has A LOT of wiggle room in the rating department Overall Rating → 4 STARS ⭐️ I'm struggling between 3 and 4 STARS Will probably go back and forthPrice is Right? → view spoiler I enjoyed it Kindle version 299 RN on hide spoiler

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    I feel I should preface this review by saying that SOMEHOW I honestly had no idea that this was yet another Beauty and the Beast retelling Not sure how I managed to completely miss that but I did and I would not have bought it if I’d known I mean I like vampires and the concept of ‘Beauty the Beast with vampires’ does sound cool but I just feel like BtB retellings have been done to death already there’s nothing new left to do there If that’s your thing then go for it But I thought I was starting a new urban fantasy series and now I have no idea why I though that? But anyway I just wasn’t into this book Speaking of ‘nothing new’ it might actually be accurate to say that this is an A Court of Thorns and Roses retelling just replace the word ‘faerie’ with ‘vampire’ Soo many of the details are the same it surely can’t be a coincidence Additionally I didn’t like either of the main characters and I didn’t really believe that they liked each other either The relationship felt forced to me and it did not seem to evolve naturally But my biggest issue with this book is the editing Or importantly the lack thereof I’m not sure if this book actually had an editor or not but I’m inclined to think that it didn’t It was in serious need of one For example at the beginning of the book there are several references to how they used to be rich but lost everything funnily enough so did the family in ACOTAR and then the author seemingly just completely forgets about this never mentions it again and talks as though they’ve always been poor?? Some uotes from page one and two ”I lift my favourite book from my chest It’s the only one I have left from before life went to hell” and “A far cry from the luxury we used to have” And here are some uotes from a bit further into the book ”I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fighting just to survive” and “All my life I’ve only had the one book” I actually just did a search for “all my life” and she mentioned THREE times that she’s only ever had one book despite making it perfectly clear on literally PAGE ONE that she used to have I can’t tell you how much this annoyed me and I can’t believe that an actual editor or even just a beta reader wouldn’t have picked up on this Then there are things like this uote “I have lost my apatite” That’s not how you spell appetite?? It is however how you spell the mineral apatite so it wouldn’t have been picked up on if the only editor was SpellCheck There’s potential here but it really just needed some work I won’t be reading the next one

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    THE VAMPIRE DEBT is a Beauty and the Beast meets Pride and Prejudice story that completely sucked me in until I was heady and gasping for I couldn't drink in the pages fast enough This dark seductive tale follows a woman with an angry vendetta against vampires for killing a loved one And a vampire with an angry score to settle after he too loses a loved one to a human weapon Their grief swirls around each other in a push pull macabre dance of justice mercy attraction and revulsion And I loved every second of it LOVEDThe world is hauntingly familiar but with fresh touches and nuances the author masterfully carves from the enthralled hearts of her readers And I would happily be Alaric's vampire thrall He is preternaturally delicious and guaranteed to make your pulse drip with moonlight Clara is strong and fierce and refuses to be bullied or dismissed for her gender I enjoyed every second of her tenacitySink your teeth into this blood pumping story of love loss and redemption You won't be disappointedeagerly waits for book two

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    Objectively I know that this book is not extraordinary the world building is very basic and we have almost no details and the characters are good but not great Still I just love good Beauty and the Beast retellings and I really liked this one The writing is nicely done and I finished this book before I could realize itThe plot is similar to A Court of Thorns and Roses but not as good and there is not as many details actions and character development and it also reminded me of Captured but the romance was way better than what I read in Captured I can't really explain why I liked this book so much let's just say it is a guilty pleasure and it's really easy to lose track of time while reading The Vampire Debt

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    Dracula and Beauty and the Beast meets Pride and Prejudice in THE VAMPIRE DEBTI AM IN

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    I managed to get myself an early ARC copy of TVD and I was blown away Clara is such a strong main character whose only mission is to protect her sister and avenge her family She is determined and sweet plus she likes to add hidden pockets into her dresses WHO DOESN'T LOVE POCKETS ON DRESSES? Alaric is handsome cocky and the type of character you can't help but to have a lovehate relationship with The interactions between Clara and Alaric are forking hilarious with various amounts of demon shits Just wait until you get to this point in the story I'm crying from laughing so hardBut what I am dying to knowARE WE GOING TO SEE MORE OF OLI? I NEEEEEEEEED HIM IN MY LIFEI loved everything about this book and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second novel

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    What do you get when you cross Dracula Beauty and the Beast and Pride and Prejudice The Vampire Debt and boy was i a happy girl three of my favorite things in one book Clara and Alaric will make you sigh at all the protectiveness and feeling that they bring to this book When you finish Vampire Debt you will be sad because the second one isnt released yet but dont worry these characters will continue soon

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    this cover gives me acotar vibes but with vampires

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    This one sucked me in and I definitely am desperately waiting for book two I’ve already pre orderedAnyway review to come