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There S Nothing Unusual About The Brockets Normal, Respectable, And Proud Of It, They Turn Up Their Noses At Anyone Strange Or Different But From The Moment Barnaby Brocket Comes Into The World, It S Clear He S Anything But Ordinary To His Parents Horror, Barnaby Defies The Laws Of Gravity And FloatsDesperate To Please His Parents, Barnaby Does His Best To Keep Both Feet On The Ground But He Just Can T Do It One Fateful Day, The Brockets Decide Enough Is Enough They Never Asked For A Weird, Abnormal, Floating Child Barnaby Has To GoBetrayed, Frightened And Alone, Barnaby Floats Into The Path Of A Very Special Hot Air Balloon And So Begins A Magical Journey Around The World, With A Cast Of Extraordinary New Friends

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    Estou aqui, abra ada com esse livro S sei dizer que foi uma experi ncia maravilhosa A hist ria e as mensagens me tocaram muito e fiquei super emocionada Um livro que tem a premissa de um menino que diferente, ele flutua J come ou genial E os desafios que ele passa e as pessoas que ele conhece, ensinam coisas pra ele e pra gente Livro que depois que acaba fica com a gente no cora o Obrigada pelo presente, Vitor Esse livro precisa mesmo ser espalhado para o mundo

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    I got this book through a goodreads giveaway and hoped that it might spark a renewed interest in reading in my maths science obsessed daughter After reading the blurb and flicking through it she asked if we could read it together so we spent the weekend doing just that Barnaby Brocket is a boy who can float and goes on some adventures all around the world It s a typical kids book, however it also has a hidden depth to it that perhaps not all younger readers will appreciate It makes you question what is normal and different Barnaby s parents appear to be normal but in reality are the most intolerant of people and don t like anyone who is different to them including their own child who they eventually abandon Barnaby meets a variety of characters on his travels who in some way or another have been abandoned by their loved ones for being different but who have been helped by someone with compassion and understanding and so Barnaby does what he can to help others too Despite what his parents did to him he still wants to get back home to them.The book is fast paced and at times a little sad but it s a lovely story and sharing this with my daughter made the reading experience even better

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    S porque a tua vers o de normal n o a mesma da vers o de outra pessoa, isso n o significa que se passa algo de errado contigo Opini o no blog

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    Foi o primeiro livro deste autor que li e que melhor forma de come ar daqueles livros que d vontade de sair para a rua e destribui lo a todas as pessoas Toda a gente deveria ler esta historia e nunca esquecer que temos que aceitar as nossas diferen as, porque s o elas que nos tornam especiais.

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    Eu realmente n o esperava que eu fosse gostar TANTO desse livro 3Uma hist ria muito linda, que fala sobre todo tipo de diferen a e que passa uma mensagem linda de que tudo bem ser diferente Teoricamente um livro infantil, mas eu recomendo pra todo mundo Um daqueles livros que aquece o cora o e deixa a gente com um sorriso no rosto nas ltimas p ginas Adorei

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    Tohle bylo neuv iteln mil ten sm vn a z rove pou n , pro d ti i hrav dosp l ky, dopln n o ilustrace.

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    No recuerdo haberme re do y frustrado tanto a la vez con un libro Ha sido genial Tiene un toque c mico que se agracede, e incluso me recordaba a Matilda en ciertas ocasiones una cucada de libro Muy recomendable para pasar el rato ech ndote unas risas Algunas personas simplemente no pueden aceptar algo que se escape a su experiencia

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    This book was definitely interesting meant for children but highly packed with valuable morals people of all ages need to be reminded of The main moral its perfectly fine to be different.I ve read Boyne s Noah Barleywater Runs Away, so I wasn t surprised with certain fantasy and illogical elements being written about Being very used to YA and adult books though, I had to keep reminding myself that it s a children s book so its perfectly okay to read about a boy who can float and travels around the world when the terrible thing happened to him.The writing definitely had character and style, and having lived in Australia before it was nice to be able to understand certain references Like Boyne s other book that i read, the ending left me feeling warm and satisfied with the deep lessons being shown I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs a reminder that it s fine if they are different from everyone else, or who would enjoy a nice and decent children s middle grade book It isn t exactly fantastic, but it was very nice also, the illustrations are so cute

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    A minha opini o em v deo

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    This review first appeared on The Book Zone For Boys blogIs there no end to the talent of John Boyne The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas incredible Noah Barleywater Runs Away amazing If you have read either of Boyne s previous books for younger readers then you will know what to expect from Barnaby Brocket a heart warming and uplifting tale that will tug mercilessly at your heartstrings, with some pretty heavy themes that are woven into the story with humour and deftness of touch that make the book suitable for the both younger audience at which it is aimed, and every age group onwards You would also know to expect the unexpected.If Alistair and Eleanor Brocket have on goal in life it is to be normal To have normal jobs, live in a normal house and have normal children They certainly do not want to do anything that makes them stand out from the crowd They are mightily happy as the first two children born into the family prove to be normal to the core, but it is when the third comes along, the titular Barnaby, that the foundations of their world of normality are well and truly shaken Unlike that of his siblings, Barnaby s birth is not an easy one for his mother, and then when he is born the doctor and nurses step back in amazement as he floats up to the ceiling From this moment on we begin to see just how terrifyingly ghastly his parents can be in pursuit of their goal, as they try to deal with having a child who is as far from normal as can be And their comes their ultimate act of betrayal as parents abandonment At this point, Barnaby embarks on a journey that sees him travelling around the world, encountering a host of other different people along the way.Although the premise of a boy who somehow defies the law of gravity seems somewhat fantastical, at the root of the story is the concept of being normal, and what happens to those who don t necessarily conform to society s ideals of exactly what constitutes normality Barnaby s difference is that he floats, but for many others it could be a disability, a desire to follow an unusual dream, or simply wanting to do something different from the wishes of a parent As Barnaby meets person after person who at some point have dared to be different, and are proud of the decisions they have made in life, his own feelings regarding his affliction are shaped, even though all he really wants is to get back to his parents back in Australia Yes, the thoroughly nasty parents who abandoned him.To describe Barnaby Brocket as Dahl esqe is I feel very appropriate John Boyne has again created a protagonist and host of supporting characters, both good and bad, that will enthral readers, young and old alike As this book is written for younger readers then the bad characters are very obviously very bad, just as the good characters that Barnaby encounters are obviously very good There is also a very strong moral running through the story, that may possibly seen exaggerated to the older and cynical reader, but are an essential part of this as a story for kids does anybody criticise the morals behind the likes of Matilda or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I think not.This is a perfect story for 8 children, although it will be enjoyed just as much by those younger if read to them by an adult as a bedtime story I wouldn t be surprised if, in thirty years time, people talk about this book as fondly as they do now about Roald Dahl s various masterpieces of children s fiction The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket is destined to be a classic.