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Wow that is pretty much all I could say for hours after finishing this absolutely epic first installment in the Shannara series.This book gave me everything I want in my fantasies a vast landscape, colossal amounts of world building, varied characters, mythical and mystical creatures, a definite good bad binary, a quest to save the world, great character development, legions of backstory, action, adventure and intrigue, and ending on a battle scent to end all battle scenes.The best fantasies are always hefty tomes and this one was no exception This enabled the story to provide everything from the list above and then some , whilst still not overshadowing the epic plot and the journey across this fantastical landscape to conclude the adventures detailed.I did, however, have some minor gripes with this novel Firstly, the omittance of all but one female character made this immediately drop a star rating The one solitary female in the entirety of the 664 pages felt like she was only included to play the damsel in distress and allow for a heroic rescue by one of the main male characters Bleurgh Also, there seemed to be many instances where the baddies were thwarted at the last second without giving a full explanation as to how or why There were plenty of fully explained and chapter long battle scenes but some early incidents see the main characters escape without themselves even realizing how they did so Some moments didn t feel real, for this reason, and would have really benefitted from some padding out.In all, I can forgive this its minor sins as there was SO much to love about this fantastical journey, and I can t wait to join back in with the escapades of this already beloved cast in the next installment. Now this is what I like to see in a fantasy novel This has everything that makes the genre so appealing to me it s got a diverse set of races and cultural systems it s got both great darkness and profound good But, most importantly, it s got history When I read books like this I want to feel like the fantasy universe has existed a thousand years prior and will exist a thousand years after With Shannara it feels like I ve stepped into the middle of a vast, complex and beautiful world that has always been, and always will be The Epic Quest The wonderful adventure begins with two young men, a wise and powerful historian and destiny, the mightiest force of all One of the men is a decedent to the long dead elven King Shannara His name is Shae and he is destined to wield his ancestor s sword, the only weapon capable of destroying the mighty Warlock Lord, and bringing an end to the tension that is about to cause an all out war Does this sound familiar I will address the Tolkien parallels later on in my review So bear with me Shae has no experience in adventure he has spent most of his life in his father s inn, so he has a mighty task ahead of him One in which he is, naturally, reluctant to undertake You see, his life was fairly ordinary till the historian, Allanon, appeared and informed him of his quest Shae and his brother Flick turn to their friend for help Well, I say friend, I mean to say Shae s friend Flick hates Menion Leah he thinks he is a reckless waste of space This makes for a rather awkward and funny group dynamic, one that sees a reluctant hero in the middle of his two greatest friends that don t stop bickering The trio depart, run into a heap of trouble, and get unbelievably lost The situation is amusing and desperate Shae does find his courage though, as he learns to wield the ancient elf stones that the historian gave him They run intodanger, and laterallies, as the historian urges Shae ever closer to his all too important destiny A party of desperation It quickly becomes clear that this is no simple adventure story I was really quite glad of this because it made the last parts of it really intense The group is forced to split up, and rouse the allied forced to stand against the huge incoming invasion It s all tied up with Shae s destiny Evil is striking first with the purpose of preventing him from claiming the only weapon capable of severing the darkness It s one big race of survival with legions of foes marching on the lands of the heroes The sword is the only hope of victoryHerein lies the heart and soul of the nations.Their right to be free men,Their desire to live in peace,Their courage to seek out truth,Herein lies the Sword of Shannara However, there sto it than that Brook s forces of evil are not just some twisted things form the darkness They are races of goblins and trolls, which are like the heroes They have been manipulated into serving a greater power They are not without redemption they do not have black hearts they have simply had their free will stole from them, and then unleashed in a brutal war This, for me, made the entire conflict quite interesting it meant that there could be both great evil and good on both sides This can be seen with the great betrayal and the rock trolls that show reactance when they find Shae It felt like a real war, but in a fantastical setting Is it too Tolkienesque Is such a thing possible Brooks has borrowed heavily from Tolkien, and I mean heavily More so than any other author I ve read Robert Jordan did this too, but with Brooks the entire structure of the novel is like a condensed version of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Not only are there similar characters, uncannily so, but there is also an almost exact replica of the siege of Minas Tirith However, the book is still worth a read Certainly, the crossovers are a little annoying in parts but, as a huge fan of the genre, I cannot simply overlook what Terry Brooks does well This is his first novel, and whist it resembles Tolkien s world, I know that his later books don t entirely I think this book should be approached with a very open mind It s a simple stepping stone that Brooks has used to go on and explore his own world in greater depth in later books It s almost like he has used Tolkien as a crutch to get himself started with his own writing I can t condemn the book for this reason alone Moreover, I like his writing style and his own influence can be seen in later books of fantasy, and even some video games such as The Elder Scrolls franchise and World of Warcraft There are original aspects in here, though they are few in number.Tolkien s story was also that excellent that when a few early fantasy writers regurgitated it, it wasn t completely terrible They could get away with it because they were the first to do it I have no major problems seeing the repetition here this is a great fantasy adventure I urge other readers to try it for themselves before they shun the author because of his copycat label because, in this case, it s not necessarily a bad thing I, for one, will be reading the rest of the trilogy However, I am hoping for improvements in the writing I m willing to enjoy this book in good humour, as it s the author s first book, but if the similarity is constant I may not persist in reading another trilogy The Original Shannara Trilogy 1 The Sword of Shannara Four worthy stars Alright Before anyone goes into a tirade of why I gave this book a five star rating, read on.I was never the novel reader type I was never much of a novelist, either I live in a Third World country, so when I was young, we kids amuse ourselves by learning to climb trees, playing hide and seek and all sorts of outdoorsy games.Until I met Terry Brooks through The Sword of Shannara.A neighbor of ours was moving out, and with the bulk of books and other stuff they have, they decided to sell most of them Ms Susan saw me browsing through the books they were selling one afternoon, and when I was about to leave without buying anything I had no money, since my parents never really gave me money to spend on anything until I was in High School , she beckoned me to come closer and gave me a seemingly old, yellowed page kind of book with the cover ripped off and nofirst few pages For an eleven year old kid, it was kind of cradling a treasure add that to my over active imagination, hahaha.That s when I started reading In earnest.The Sword of Shannara engrossed me In bibliophyllic terms, I was heavily intoxicated, hahaha Sure, it had a very similar plotline with that of the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien which I found out years later when I was in college already , but as you go further into the story, you would see where Brooks originality lies Besides, J.R.R Tolkien is Terry Brook s mentor It would be highly improbable if Tolkien s Middle Earth wouldn t rub off on any of his students DWhen I started working, I made it a point to collect all of Terry Brooks works, from the Sword of Shannara trilogy I bought a brand new hard cover version of The Sword of Shannara to the Genesis of Shannara books I would often end up comparing how beautiful was the first book, the Sword of Shannara, is compared to the rest of the following materials.Where others see repetition, I see consistency Where others see a rip off copycat work, I see one of the many variations in the seeds of literature that Tolkien sowed into the world of reading and writing.Terry Brooks The Sword of Shannara will always hold a special place in my heart, as it awakened me to the world of fantasy, fiction, and magic. I really wanted to like this, but that just wasn t the case This book was just overly boring and it lacked plot It felt like nothing was happening half the time Overall disappointed with this book. A friend who was also into fantasy insisted I read this series, and I got as far as the first three books before I stopped believing him when he told me they were magical and wonderful and would get better and better As far as I can tell, they all have the exact same plot Mysterious Wizard shows up at home of person Tells person he is Chosen for an Important Quest What follows is chapter after chapter of I don t WANNA go on a Quest You MUST go on a Quest Seriously, I know the reluctant hero who doesn t want to feel worthy of is afraid of his Quest is a staple of fantasy literature, but this series takes it to a whole new level the perpetually petulant hero Nothing but whine, whine, whine through the whole damn book And then the book ends, with our hero crabby but triumphant and returning home, and the Mysterious Wizard apparently dead or missing Only to turn up again at the beginning of the next book to browbeat the next whiny member of the Chosen Family to go on HIS Quest Lather, rinse, repeat Oh, and the writing sucks, too. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.The Sword of Shannara was a very popular book back in the 70s right after the huge success of The Lord of the Rings when everyone wanted to readfantasy I wasn t old enough to read it back then, so I came to it much later I read part of the first book and, knowing how popular it had been, and feeling like it was a classic, I was prepared to enjoy it About half way through I gave it to my ten year old son.The weird thing is, it s so like The Lord of the Rings, at the same time that it s not I don t mind a few common fantasy elements especially in works written before they were clich , but Brooks plot and characters come almost straight out of Tolkien This may have been acceptable if the writing had come straight out of Tolkien, too, but Brooks style is clunky, wordy, and awkward Adjectives and adverbs are used without restraint I mean there are constant repetitive superfluous unnecessary redundant profligate excessive numbers of adjectives And did I mention the weirdly placed adverbs which are used unsparingly, unrestrainedly, extravagantly, and immoderately And annoyinglyWhen I couldn t care less whether Shea and Flick they re the hobbits I mean the heroes live or die, then the characterization is weak Actually, I was kind of hoping that they would die If they died, the book would have to end, right Conclusion These are fine for kids at least this one is, I can t say if all of the later Shannara books are probably not But, do you really want to teach them to write like that If not, give them C.S Lewis, J.K Rowling, Susan Cooper, and Lloyd Alexander To be fair This series is wildly popular Perhaps the writing gets better it has been 30 years, after all I have heard that only the first book is too much like Tolkien But I ll never know for sure because I can t make it through the first one ReadTerry Brooks reviews at Fantasy Literature Wow Just wow This is one of those how have I not read this before moments Brooks starts with the standard trope of a fantasy tale and then runs with it He is a visually descriptive author who also leaves room for your imagination to run wild It s the best of both worlds The fantastically vivid world building transported me there I love the way that this world is developed gradually but fully as we visit each area of it The blatant symbolism and foreshadowing heightened the experience for me Brooks writes vividly real action sequences that you don t just read, you feel I was holding my breath, caught up in the story Heck, I even enjoyed the annotations Rather than being annoying as in so many other tales, they truly heightened this for me, giving me extra insight into the world and the characters, forming an extra bond I enjoyed getting to know the different races and this world in general through Shea s eyes It gave a uniquely approachable and vivid perspective to everything And the magic and the mystery behind the elfstones was fantastic I loved unravelling the how and why each aspect works I love Allanon s temper His less than perfect nature made him seemreal and approachable He was a fantastic character I fell in love with the entire cast of characters in this novel Brooks develops each member of the fellowship individually, allowing you to get to know them as people outside of this life altering and earth shattering quest The intertwining storylines of the characters, all heading towards the same basic end goal, was complexly compelling Not only did it keep the plot moving but it also let me get to know everyone in their own manner This is one of the most intricately crafted and incredibly rewarding fantasy worlds that I ve ever been invited into I ve only got one thing left to say READ IT There s nothing I can say to fully convey the true brilliance of this novel. this is perhaps my first experience with a Bad Book young nerds like myself shouldn t have to scorn fantasy literature, but this wet piece of crapola put me off of fantasy for years something this derivative should never have seen the light of day i don t care if folks needed a tolkien fix, there were other, better literary drugs out there they could have turned to Brooks spends a very long time blowing tolkien style, but it is an extremely un relaxing bj and i found myself getting agitated every other page watch those teeth, Terry, you re supposed to be a professional those aren t sighs of relaxation, those are sighs of irritation and disgust and isn t plagiarism against the law this is High Crap of the first order. If The Sword of Shannara was a film, it would go like this Mirkwood Productions proudly presents THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE SWORDDirected by Meriadoc Brandybuck Director of Photography Celeborn Costume Design Arwen Evenstar Visual Effects Saruman the White Sound Design Noldor Unlimited Starring Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Gandalf the Grey, Sauron the Necromancer, Aragorn Arathornsson, Gimli van Gloin, and manySynapsisThe Ohmsford brothers Shea BAGGINS and Flick GAMGEE live a peaceful and simple life in the Vale SHIRE , helping their father HAMFAST GAMGEE run the family inn, when one day a mysterious stranger arrives in the Vale His name is Allanon GANDALF THE WHITE and he has a dark and disturbing tale to tell The Warlock Lord an exceptional performance by the DARK LORD has risen again He knows that the ancient Sword of Shannara, currently being protected by the Druids in Paranor GONDOR , is the only weapon that can permantly destroy him if wielded by a descendant of the House of Shannara Allanon reveals to Shea that he is, in fact, part elf and carries the bloodline of Shannara His life is in danger and he must flee the Vale at once Allanon tells him to meet him the dwarf city of Culhaven RIVENDELL as soon as possible and disappears.Hesitant to believe Allanon s tale at first, the brothers decide to wait and see if part of the stranger s story is true that the servants of the Warlock Lord are looking for Shea They bear a Skull MarkOne night, Shea and Flick witness one of the Skull Bearers NAZGUL in the village and flee instantly They must get to Culhaven somehow and decide to seek the help of their friend Menion Leah HALDIR Their journey takes them through the Black Oaks forest and past the Misty Marsh where they are attacked by and narrowly escape a Mist Wraith our very own WATCHER IN THE WATER has come out of retirement to appear in this film before they finally arrive safe and sound in Culhaven, where they meet Balinor Buckhannah ARAGORN and Hendel the dwarf VAN GLOIN A council of the Races is held under the direction of Allanon, and it is decided that a small party FELLOWSHIP must journey north and rescue the Sword of Shannara from the army of Goblins that has captured it in a raid of Paranor etc, ad naus.I threw this first against the wall and then away There s only so much derivation a woman can take Living In Peaceful Shady Vale, Shea Ohmsford Knew Little Of The Troubles That Plagued The Rest Of The World Then The Giant, Forbidding Allanon Revaled That The Supposedly Dead Warlock Lord Was Plotting To Destroy The World The Sole Weapon Against This Power Of Darkness Was The Sword Of Shannara, Which Could Only Be Used By A True Heir Of Shannara Shea Being The Last Of The Bloodline, Upon Whom All Hope Rested Soon A Skull Bearer, Dread Minion Of Evil, Flew Into The Vale, Seeking To Destroy Shea To Save The Vale, Shea Fled, Drawing The Skull Bearer After Him