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An Epic Tale Of Brothers Divided, Family Rivalry, Fortunes Lost And Won, Set Against The Dramatic Background Of The Early Days Of The Oil Industry Two Boys Are Raised As Brothers Alan Is The Son Of The Lord Of The Manor, With All The Privileges Which Come With That Birthright The Other, Tom, Is The Son Of The Gardener Together, They Learn To Argue, Fight And Bond In Friendship Social Difference Divides Their Paths As Adults But Nothing Can Break Their Bond Until A Tragic Misunderstanding Occurs In The Trenches Of World War I Now Instead Of The Closest Of Friends They Will Be The Bitterest Of Rivals In A Burgeoning Industry Oil From The Early Days Of Drilling In Persia, To Wildcatting In Texas, To The Corridors Of Whitehall And Washington, This Is The Story Of Two Remarkable Men And The Very Different Women Who Loved Them

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    Very good commercial novel for those that love to read Jeffrey Archer, Ken Follett, Sidney Sheldon This is the only title by this author translated into Serbian never translated into Croatian If you can get it, find his novel MONEY MAKERS, perfect

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    My favorite of the three Harry Bingham books I ve read to date, this is saga set from early 1900 s about two brother who fall out over a misunderstanding during 1st world war and the subsequent rivalary in business that ensues oil business Great read and storyline Highly recommended.

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    Zwei Buben kommen am gleichen Tag und Ort zur Welt und wachsen wie Br der zusammen in Kameradschaft und Freundschaft auf Kaum das sie erwachsen sind, werden sie im 1 Weltkrieg als Soldaten eingezogen Durch L gen und Mi verst ndnisse w hrend des Kriegsgeschehens werden sie jahrzehntelang jeglichen Kontakt zum jeweils anderen vermeiden Ihren gemeinsamen Jugendtraum wollen sie sich nach Ende des Krieges beide jeweils alleine realisieren Nach l bohren Schlu endlich sind beide in der lbranche u erst erfolgreich und der 2 Weltkrieg bringt sie wieder zusammen.Sehr gut erz hlter und historisch gut aufbereiteter Unterhaltungsroman sehr kurzweilig

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    I found this very interesting, slightly formulaic with the two brothers theme, but nonetheless enjoyable Very informative about its subject, moving along at a lively pace, and overall very well written, which in itself is a bonus in these days of Kindle self publishing.http ebookproofreader.wordpress.com

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    I liked it very much In a way it reminded me of Jeffrey Archer s novel, Kane and Abel A story about two men who were closer than twins and who became rivals in the oil industry Starts in the late 1890s and goes through WWII Good read.

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    A family tale that takes you on an interesting journey.

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    Compared to Talking to the Dead , which I absolutely loved this was disappointing It felt flat, lacking in sparkle, and simplistic Pity.

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    Absolute epic story

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    Amazingly good book, but I felt that the ending was a bit rushed and too over the top when I think about the character and feel of the book up until then Very much recommend to read it though for those who would like a mini saga.

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    Didn t give the oil industry much thought until I read this book Interesting mixture of fact and fiction which I thought worked very well The story is interesting and the characters had me wanting to care about them, strange for me to worry for a driller in Texas I agree with some points made about the storyline being very linear But I m not sure the oil part would have worked any other way The war part of the story didn t play a strong enough part, maybe because of the early presentation and plot hook With thought, maybe the author could have used flash backs to link the emotions to the past, this is what the story is about instead Doing this, the author could build further the emotions driving the two men in detail with out giving out for the ending All in all a fresh read that gets better right up to the end.