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edit, a few years later Please excuse the unrestrained, hysterical ranting below It was late and I was twelve AHHHHHHHH WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE ONLY A TRILOGY DARN DARN DARN DARN DARN 5 OR AT LEAST 4 BOOKS PLEEEAAAAAAAAAZEEEEEE RICK RIORDAN MORE MORE MORE SA SA SASASASASASASA ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH The Kane Chronicles is currently set to be a trilogy, making this the final installment It is currently untitled and is set to release in Spring of 2012 ARGHHHHHHHH FOLLOW UP SERIES NEED ONE BAD May first May first Maaayyyyfiiiirrrrrrst So is anyone Team A A lot of people are Team W, and I admit, that does seem the likelier of the two IT CAME OUT TODAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Oh, please, please, please, please, PLEASE let me read this soon D D D I M READING IT I M READING IT I M READING IT I M ACTUALLY READING IT UPDATE READ So.it s been about a month since I ve read the book Terrible And I have yet to write a review A real review, I mean, not like the gibberish up there cringes Well, I WAS in Seattle with limited internet connection And there would have been no time to sit down and write a review So I guess that s my excuse.But I m back and I don t have an excuse now So here goes.This was the last book of the trilogy, and also the shortest one I was moaning over that to other people mainly my unsympathetic parents as I read it Still, it was reaaallly good It was also probably the darkest of the Kane Chronicles, perhaps even darker than the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books, as it mentioned lots of deaths most of them very minor characters and even some torture, which wasn t graphic in any way it wasn t narrated, just mentioned but which served to give a darker feeling overall.I ve mentioned before somewhere that I never give Rick Riordan books any less than five stars, unless they re really and truly awful, and I haven t come across any like that yet even if they re of a four stars I d give this a 4.5 I liked how certain characters mostly Walt were made 3D Does that make any sense In The Throne of Fire, the book before this, one of the reasons I hated the possibility of Sadie and Walt together was because Walt seemed sonot real Predictable Boring But Uncle Rick apparently worked on making him believable, because I was able to sympathize a lot with him The plot seemed to be mostly the same as other books you know, the enemy threatens Carter and Sadie, they try and find a way to destroy him, which takes most of the book, and then there is a fight at the end that temporarily destroys or wipes out the enemy All of this was the same, except for the battle at the end There was so much focus on other things that happened in the book quite a bit of it was love triangle drama that when the battle to get rid of the enemy finally rolled around, and they defeated the serpent what You knew they would , I felt kind ofcheated I thought, Really It just happened Wait, wasn t there something Because the two books before had a lot tension and drama drama relating to the battle, I mean leading up to the climax, it just seemed a lot less impressive The end of the book made it so obvious that Rick is leaving the door open for a follow up series, like he did with Percy Jackson In fact, it was even obvious in this book than in the last Percy Jackson book The Serpent s Shadow ends on pretty much the same notes as The Red Pyramid, now that I think about it, except with a less obvious threat The love triangle Aargh How I hate those If only Riordan didn t put it in But that d erase, like, fifty pages of the book But, oh well, he did And I must say, I wasn t entirely satisfied with the way it concluded It seemed so predictable I won t say any , because I know if I was reading this, I would be freaking out Oh NO Does that mean that gets Sadie Sadie would probably hate that way of telling it, but really, what other ways are there to describe it Actually, there are several, but that s the one I m going to use Sorry, Sadie So, no But it really wasn t an awful way of dealing with it, just a bitweird And predictable ZIP IT, ME Minor spoiler ahead a sort of easter egg not important to the plot in any way, but I liked discovering it for myself view spoiler SPOILER AHEAD There was this really funny part in the book where Sadie is at a school dance I know school dance It s not as bad as it sounds, really and she runs into an enemy of hers, a classmate at school, named Drew This Drew is a total fashion diva mean girl pretending to be nice girl makeup obsessedperson She s the sort of girl that calls you hon and sweetie after lots of not so subtle insults pretending to be disguised as compliments are hurled your way She also has long curls and pink eyeliner.Does any of that sound familiar If you ve read The Lost Hero, it should be This Drew is the exact same Drew that Piper McLean from TLH disagreed with at Camp Half Blood She doesn t seem to have changed much Or at all Sadie also finds a friend of hers from the same school named Lacey, with blonde pigtails and braces The same Lacey from the Aphrodite cabin I was about halfway through the scene, wondering, is this the same Drew Is it when Lacey mentioned some disagreement with Drew at a summer camp, and I knew it had to be the same ones Hilarious Oh, wait, and did I mention Anubis shows up at the dance I nearly died laughing Again SPOILER OVER hide spoiler As much as this pained me which was a a lot, since I m a big fan of Rick Riordan I rated The Serpent s Shadow with a very HIGH 3.5 stars Why What went wrong Allow me to start off with an obvious fact about my regards to The Kane Chronicles in general Like many other people, I preferred the Percy Jackson and the Olympians over The Kane Chronicles With that said, I also have to admit I consist of knowledge on Greek mythology than Egyptian mythology However, I loved studying both types before reading both series, and if I do say so myself, I was and still am a bit of an expert in both categories Here s the thing I knew Egyptian mythology was much complex than Greek mythology and that s why I applauded Rick on the success of creating The Red Pyramid, the first book in The Kane Chronicles, to be a refreshing and informative, fun read I got the Percy Jackson thrill after reading The Red Pyramid happy, in suspense, and wanting Yes, I still adored dear ol Percy over Carter and Sadie but their story and the magic of the Ancient Egyptian magicians oh, lookie A rhyme intrigued me so much that I couldn t wait for the second book The dash of innocent romance also increased my interest for the book.So my bro got the second book, The Throne of Fire And I instantly nagged him to allow me to borrow it from him when he was done After he finished, and after reading five Wicked Lovely books later on my part, I rapidly read through the sequel, engrossed with it However, when I finished and gasped for some air, I instantly noted that the second book seemed to be lacking when compared to the first book Don t get me wrong I enjoyed the sequel I couldn t deny I thought the first book was better though, and that the sequel dragged on at some points What I think really put me off was the love triangle Rick inserted into the second book for Anubis, Sadie, and Walt I shouldn t have been surprised Rick Riordan loves his love triangles I also honestly don t mind love triangles as long as they re sensible and NOT irritating.Yes, I fell for Anubis in the first book And even in the second book, I cheered for him to end up with Sadie BUT, I couldn t help feeling that one of the reasons I actually liked Anubis a lot than Walt was because I felt he was developed and complex I didn t exactly mind the pitying background story Walt had to make him likeable I am Team Jem from The Infernal Devices, who is in a similar situation and choosing him over Will is saying something since I love both equally , but Walt just fell flat to me No, I didn t want him to die But I just couldn t bring myself to swoon at the thought of him Besides, I thought the forbidden love between Anubis and Sadie would ve been enough to cause a hassle in The Red Pyramid and throughout the trilogy why would you want to add a love triangle at all This is where my thoughts on the final book of The Kane Chronicles,The Serpent s Shadow, come in.My first thoughts when I finished reading the book EW, and a bunch of incoherent rants and speeches running out of my mouth on how creeped out I was.I stayed up all night long basically starting and finishing the book In no doubt, it was addicting with numerous humorous comments here and there Also, the pure genius factors where Rick entwined Egyptian mythology with his story and new ideas to make a unique book was still there and working its magic The format he also used to write the trilogy was creative it had the two Kane siblings the main characters recording their adventures via voice recorder in their POVs Rick even took the liberty of crossing over Drew and Lacy from The Lost Hero, which gave me joy and made me smile silly for the sheer heck of it Yet, there were some problems in the book that I had to address These negative comments I ve typed up caused me great pain, and made my heart heavy with sadness I m so sorry Rick Riordan Problemo number 1 The Predictable Plot What made me love Rick Riordan s books so much was the way he threw a small, expected twist along the storyline, to only drop a HUGE bomb of a twist right in our face that we never saw coming An example of that bomb of a twist in this series was in the first book Rick made us, the audience, believe that Set was the big bad guy the Kane siblings had to defeat to restore order in the world And when they managed capturing Set, like most people believed they would, Rick drops the biggest bomb on who the real antagonist was, and how he beat the God of Evil by being the Lord of ChaosI actually didn t see Apophis coming, and I admit I never even heard of him beforehand So my interest was deepened further into the Kanes and their adventures Yet, in this book the third book I found everything remotely predictable, and was rushing through the book not to see what happened, but to confirm what I suspected The hints, I thought, were too obvious While reading, I also felt like I was re reading The Red Pyramid andThe Throne of Fire The events seemed to go through the same cycle as the previous books the Kane siblings destroyed bombed a museum, snatched some artifact from the museum, argued, focused on their love lives, then focused back on an important mission to save the world They d then split up for mini missions along the way, where they and their friends would rescue each other when in danger, join forces again, have love problems, as well as a god gods help them out or get in their way Carter and Sadie would then bicker before going back to thinking about their relationship problems The final battle would arrive and the famous Kane siblings would miraculously manage to barely save the world After that, a romantic moment sparks between the Kane sibling s love interests and them would spark up and Carter and Sadie would go to a gathering party at the gods joint to be praised shouted at Wash, rinse, and repeat I totally had d j vu reading the third book Problemo number 2 The Sorta Lack of Suspense in the Final Battle Rick has a gift in writing memorable last battles he really does BUT I m using a plethora of BUTs today, huh the last battle where Apophis and the Kane siblings faced off Not a total letdown, but not as finger gripping knuckles going white heart beating suspenseful as I d expected from Rick Riordan I won t spoil anything, but the final battle wasn t exactly as epic as I thought it d be due to the lack of emotion and perhaps vague descriptions of what was going on in the battle I m not saying Rick did telling than showing I just didn t exactly feel moved or at the edge of my seat during the battle like I did in Percy Jackson s The Last Olympian s final battle Problemo number 3 The Romance SPOILERS I knew that the romance was just something to add to the story it wasn t a major theme or anything That was my point exactly Carter and Zia s relationship was quite fine I liked the little puppy love and adorable, cute moments they had together in the second and third book Yes, I felt Carter never really got to know Zia as well as her shabati sad, but true , and I couldn t help feeling like it was a bit like insta love when he finally did get to talk to her Not totally something I anticipated would come from Rick Riordan, considering how long it took Percy and Annabeth to develop feelings for each other which was one reason I adored the couple their relationship was realistic and they got to KNOW each other Despite that, though, I really did enjoy Carter and Zia s dose of romance in the end especially the CPR scene in The Throne of Fire P Now, the REAL thing that just didn t work well with me and totally gave me mixed feelings which wasn t a compliment was the Anubis Sadie Walt love triangle.YES, I found out why there had to be a love triangle YES, I saw the solution to the love triangle coming.YES, I was still shocked when I confirmed my suspicions were spot on NO, I was NOT happy with the solution This was only my opinion, so yours might ve differed Nonetheless, I have to say I m disappointed how Rick solved this love triangle The worst way, I thought, to allow the girl guy to choose the right guy girl was to kill off one of the guys girls, and let the living guy girl get the girl guy by default I knew Rick would NOT allow Walt to die Yet, when I found out what I suspected what he d do with Walt and Anubis, I realized there WAS really something worse than taking the easy road and killing off a point in the love triangle to end it the solution Rick proposed was the icing on the cake when it came to ending a love triangle in an easy way that made me feel cheated throughout the book YES, it was clever.BUT, I did feel like it was a cheap way to end the triangle It gave me the creeps, and I just felt like there could ve been a better solution to a couple of things that could ve led the decision in a different direction one way or the other i.e couldn t Walt come back to life by the shadow ritual being performed on him.I know Rick s not the only author who has done this, but I can t help feeling THAT a majority of authors tend to rid himself herself of his her love triangles by making one point of the triangle unavailable in the last book, as opposed to making the main cause of the triangle CHOOSE who she he truly loves without the other dude losing his her patience with her him Here are two examples these were actual scenarios in some books with love triangles, and how they were solved, SO READ IN CAUTION One point couldn t date a boy she liked because she became an oracle, and thus can t date marry anyone One dies in a hospital during an invasion in an attempt to fix his shattered brain for the sake of his ungrateful girlfriend Almost cried at that point in the book Ugh For once, I d like to SEE the girl guy make a decision with a genuine reason why they loved this person over the other Agh END OF SPOILERS I know people may say I have no right to compare Percy Jacksonto The Kane Chronicles, since they re both different books That s true However, Percy s adventures were written BEFORE the Kanes , and when I know that, I would only assume the author would know what his strong points are, what to work on, and how to improve the new series to surpass the old one I loved the spin off series, The Heroes of Olympus, much than I did with the original five Percy books which I was OBSESSED with And I do sometimes miss looking through the clueless eyes of Perseus Jackson, but in the new series, I can see how Rick Riordan grew in his writing and created new characters I adored that weren t Percy, Thalia, Nico, Annabeth, Clarisse, Silena Apollo sheepish smile , etc I loved The Lost Hero trio Jason, Piper, and Leo were awesome I dunno about the Kanes , but I just couldn t get around loving them over dear ol Percy and friends.YES, I ll keep reading Rick Riordan s books cause I have faith in him and am a mega fan of his YES, I ll read the Norse mythology series he s planning to write MAYBE I ll read another Kane book if Rick decides to do a spin off series but I won t be necessarily dying if I don t have it in my hands the day it comes out. can t believe this is the last puts an Imperius curse on Riordan Imperio don t end the Kane Chronicles serieshahaha well that sounded really lame. For what it s worth trust your feelings I can t promise that you ll never get hurt again, but I can promise you the risk is worth it. Am much simo esta trilog a Dioses del OliDuat Termin de leer este libro hace d as, pero a n sigo pensando en Carter, Sadie, Zia, Anubis y Walt Me encant leer c mo empez todo en La Pir mide Roja, con ellos d ndose cuenta de que descend an de poderosos faraones egipcios, y c mo termin todo en La Sombra de la Serpiente, con ellos enfrent ndose a las fuerzas m s oscuras del caos de la mitolog a egipcia mientras, adem s, intentaban descifrar c mo sobrevivir al encuentro con Apofis y c mo salvar a Walt de su maldici n inminente No saben lo que sufr a con cada una de las misiones en las que Carter y Sadie ten an que separarse Estaban preparando todo para esa batalla final, pero ninguno de los dos sab a si su energ a ser a suficiente para detener a Apofis y lanzar el hechizo final que lo despojar a de su sombra Y mueren personajes Hace mucho tiempo no sufr a con una muerte en un libro de Rick Riordan Bueno no desde Beckendorf Ay Creo que, como siempre, lo que m s disfrut de todo el libro fueron los problemas amorosos de Sadie con Anubis y Walt Todo es tan absurdo en medio del apocalipsis que est n intentando evitar, pero a n as me encantaba verla confundida porque le gustaba much simo Walt, pero se estaban quedando sin tiempo antes de que la maldici n se lo llevara Y luego est Anubis, a quien los dioses le han prohibido acercarse a Sadie, pero l sigue busc ndola y apareci ndose en los lugares m s absurdos como un baile de secundaria LO AMO Y nada, NUNCA, me hubiera preparado para la resoluci n de este peque o tri ngulo amoroso ES TODO TAN DISPARATADO QUE HASTA TIENE SENTIDO AL FINAL view spoiler Para qu escoger entre walt y Anubis CUANDO PUEDEN FUSIONARSE Y CONVERTIRSE EN UNO Lo mejor de dos mundos Gracias, Hannah Montana, jajajaja hide spoiler An amazing finale to a series I ve come to love Although I will miss Sadie and Carter so bad, I know they belong to characters I certainly will not forget I wouldn t mind reading the series all over again to be reminded. Ok, now I have to wait for this too Still waiting till the The Son of Neptune comes out Well, not that too many months away I guess I wonder if there will be any hints about the Manhattan side of the river..My brother thinks it would be pretty cool if the Kanes met Percy.WOW Just saw the COVER BEST ONE YET CANNOT WAIT AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME Rick Riordan has done it again Really wraps up this trilgoywith hints to a possible follow up. AMAZING as usual Not as much split your side humor in this one, but the chapter titles are still hilarious and there are some awesome one liners in here Oh, and don t even forget the Sadie Walt Anubis triangle Can you say PLOT TWIST Definitely didn t see that coming, but I loved it There are several twists that will make you devour the book, and it s totally worth it.5 stars, no doubt. He S B A A Ack Despite Their Best Efforts, Carter And Sadie Kane Can T Seem To Keep Apophis, The Chaos Snake, Down Now Apophis Is Threatening To Plunge The World Into Eternal Darkness, And The Kanes Are Faced With The Impossible Task Of Having To Destroy Him Once And For All Unfortunately, The Magicians Of The House Of Life Are On The Brink Of Civil War, The Gods Are Divided, And The Young Initiates Of Brooklyn House Stand Almost Alone Against The Forces Of Chaos The Kanes Only Hope Is An Ancient Spell That Might Turn The Serpent S Own Shadow Into A Weapon, But The Magic Has Been Lost For A Millennia To Find The Answer They Need, The Kanes Must Rely On The Murderous Ghost Of A Powerful Magician Who Might Be Able To Lead Them To The Serpent S Shadow Or Might Lead Them To Their Deaths In The Depths Of The Underworld Nothing Less Than The Mortal World Is At Stake When The Kane Family Fulfills Its Destiny In This Thrilling Conclusion To The Kane Chronicles More like 2.5 stars Good, but not great I was underwhelmed by the ending and thus don t really have much to say.I will comment on the final relationship between Sadie, Walt, and Anubis Sadie being torn between the two was a pretty big conflict since the last book, but her just taking BOTH felt like no resolution at all Does it count as polyandry if Walt Anubis are like 1.5 people than 2 people The one and only issue with the book is that we know from the very beginning that we win It basically starts saying sorry, but at least we stopped doomsday Even that, because of the tone of the books, really isn t that big of a deal The series is fun and entertaining It is chalked with brother sister relationship fun.And best of all they hint at the End that there are other gods out there that they might encounter As in the series, they already hinted that this is the same exact world Percy is a part of, Book one had a comment about other Gods residing across the bridge in Manhattan, and Cater swearing he saw a flying horse near the Empire State building , it makes for what might happen in the future One could only hope that the two or is it now three with rome groups will unite for awesomeness to come I have a feeling it will have to do with Aristotle, the first Greek Pharaoh Somehow I hope that if they are in another series, that there unique perspective can remain It is entertaining to have comments from the peanut gallery while the book moves on.I should add because I didn t catch this but Sophie and the rest of the Kids at Brooklyn house go to a private school were the popular clique seems to be kids from the Aphrodite cabin and Sophie also tries to set up carter with another girl from camp half blood.