[ Audiobooks ] The Sanctity of MarriageAuthor Philippa Grey-Gerou – Papercuts.co

Sarah Adams Is Content With Her Lot In Life As A Dependent Spinster When She Meets Wealthy Lumberman Matthew Ingram And His Boorish Friend Jason Sinclair, All That Changes To Her Surprise, Matthew Proposes Marriage, And With No Better Options Available To Her, She Agrees But Marriage To The Handsome, Reserved Matthew Is Not What She Expects, Nor Is Her New HusbandWhen She Discovers Him In The Stables With Jason, She Realizes That His Reserve Disguises Deeper, Darker Passions Than She Can Ever Satisfy But She Has Desires As Well, Desires That Her Growing Intimacy With Both Men Slowly Help Her Explore And Develop Desires That Make Her Willing To Put Aside The Demands And S Of Society To Experience But The World Outside Isn T Done With Them, And It Is Secrets In Their Own Pasts That Finally Drive Them Apart There S No Denying The Feelings The Three Of Them Share, But Is There Any Way For Them To Overcome The Obstacles To Be Together Again Content Scenes Of M M And M M F Interaction As Well As Borderline Nonconsensual Sex This is one of my favorite erotica and I don t like much Probably because both guys are useless while Sarah is the one growing and assuming. Considering the title of the story the fact that it is a MMF menage may come as a surprise What did surprise me was how much I enjoyed the story The heroine Sarah believed herself condemned to spinsterhood until Matthew, a rich lumberman comes along and offers marriage.The physical side of the relationship is a disappointment to Sarah until she finds Matthew has been holding his unseemly passions back and taking his relief with his long term male friend Jason who Sarah initially dislikes.The story follows Sarah s development as a woman and embracing of the sexual side of her marriage with Matthew and Jason The sex scenes are uncomfortably explicit at times and include MM MF MMF and MFM don t I sound educated The relationships and characters however were quite well drawn and kept me absorbed until the ending It didn t feel like a book of erotic scenes held loosely together by a skimpy story line. Although this started out rather slowly, it heated up fast The story itself is rather simplistic, and for a HR it stretches the limits of credibility somethere s a lot of 21st century attitudes and ideas in it.Matthew and Jason are incredibly and amazingly hot When Matthew marries Sarah things really start to get complicated Interestingly, it is Sarah who is a rather cardboard character she s a little TSTL, but it is the relationship between Matthew and Jason that undergoes the most change.Matthew can be a pompous jerk Jason just seems muchinteresting and fun.Glad I read it. My first historical menage, did not disappoint I ve read and re read this one a few times. I loved how unapologetic sarah was in her desires I wanted to slap Matthew and I really came to love Jason Matthew then grew on me, but man, he drove me nuts One of the H s, Jason was too much of a sleaze for me Also the h seemed bland and a self effacing saintly caricature, not really interested in readingof either of them One of my favorite books So completely hot Characters were great Nice love story Loved how the author put these three together I wish it never had to end 2.5 stars The consistencies in character personalities were off.They created a monster Matthew and Jason definitely created a monster in Sarah Here was this supposed, shy unassuming spinster She hooks up with his best friend in a menage After she ask to watch Matthew and Jason together Well that is after she spies on them She then becomes this take charge and don t take shit from anyone person She is married but yet gets mad when her husband boots Jason out of the relationship To much of a personality change She wouldn t say boo to her husband, then leaves him cause he doesn t want Jason in their bed any WHAT This was a quick and ok read I just didn t care about the characters or what really happened to them Each of the three were self serving.