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I read these many years ago as a kid and thought that Pug was the bomb. I was amazed at the magic and the depictions of war as not only blood and guts but an impressive exercise in tactics. Lordy, I hadn't even read LOTR at this point. Perhaps these books will still hold up upon a reread, continuing Feist's worlds where I had left off at the thencurrent 4th book. I loved it then, perhaps I'll still love it now. Absolutely stunning, compelling, enthralling and darn well magical.

A must read for ALL fantasy fans. Raymond E Feist may have earned himself a name but for me his writing is nothing more than mediocre. From the beginning of the first book I could tell the Saga would be fairly dry but, like any devoted reader, I soldiered on. These books aren't all bad mind you, there are some saving graces; though the captivating battles and torture scenes are sparse. Mainly, the book sports a cacophony of pointlessness. Pointlessness chiefly due to vapid, sophomoric writing and the inconsiderate use of cliches. Considering the potential for scale in this saga Feist did a horrific job conveying the magnitude of the events unfolding. The character development was so weak and without any zeal that I was in fact repelled by many of them. I found myself not caring who lived or died. In fact, I would have preferred if the author had started killing people off just to start spicing things up. To Feist's credit a few of the characters were interesting like the thief boy Jimmy, and the dragon rider Tomas who inspired Paolini's Eragon.

In summation these books are worth a brief skim but nothing more. This saga is not endearing in any way. This was the first set of adult books i read as a 14 year old way back in the mid 90's and I have reread them all a dozen times or more. I've now downloaded them onto Kindle so i can relive the story at any time I want. Its very much a good vs evil novel with goblins & elves and magic and swords where the good guy always wins, but its an entertaining & fast moving ride through a world that has had a lot of thought put into its creation making it a comforting book to read and enjoy over and over and over again It was a great pleasure reading the books. Mr Feist is very good in building characters (Pug, Jimmy The Hand, Arutha etc). I loved the plot, the structure, the way the story unfolds. Witchcraft, power, evil and good, friendship, kingdoms; the books do not present something new to the reader. However, when you finally complete the saga, it makes you feel like a really good friend has moved to another city. This is my favorite series of all time. Feist got me back into reading when I couldn't stomach YA and didn't know where to go from there, when so much was changing along with my reading taste that I didn't even know what to look for in a book. The complexity of the plot, the subplots, and the most massive overarching plot I have ever encountered, is astounding and wonderful. I expected at least some of the main characters to be obnoxious, but instead I got three beautiful princes, each with their own brand of kindness and leadership, plus a great magician and his supportive, capable best friend. I love everything about these books, and Feist completely changed my life; I have read many other great books in the last years because of this series. This book, like most others of this genre, is basically about the struggle between good and evil, but I think it presents its argument in a very unique way, especially using science fiction e.g the settings on two different planets as well as time travel. There is also racial tensions between the inhabitants of both planets. A good reflection of the modern world, The Riftwar Saga WikipediaThe Riftwar Saga By Raymond E Feist Goodreads The Riftwar Saga By Raymond E Feistprimary Workstotal Works The First Series In The World Of Feist S Riftwar Cycle From Here, The Reader Has Three Options That Chronicle Events That Happen Parallel To The Original Riftwar Saga The Riftwar Saga The Riftwar Saga, By The Riftwar Saga Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readersbook Set Of The Riftwar Saga The Riftwar Saga The Official Raymond E Feist The Riftwar Saga The Following Titles Are The Books That Comprise This Series Magician Silverthorn A Darkness At Sethanon Titles In Red Or Marked Are Not Yet Released, They May Just Be Working Titles And Subject To Change, Or Titles Of Books Proposed For The Future Being Released, Does Not Mean It Is Available In Your Country, But Has Been Released Somewhere In The World Please CheckMagician The Riftwar Saga, BookeBook De Raymond EMagician The Riftwar Saga, BookeBook De Raymond E FeistRakuten Kobo Lisez Magician The Riftwar Saga, Bookde Raymond E Feist Disponible Chez Rakuten Kobo Magician, Available In Ebook For The First Time, Is A Masterwork Of Magic And Adventure The Whole Of The Riftwar Saga Raymond E Feist Read Online Magician, The First Novel In What Became Known As The Riftwar Saga, Was A Book That Quickly Took On A Life Of Its Own I Hesitate To Admit This Publicly, But The Truth Is That Part Of The Success Of The Book Was My Ignorance Of What Makes A Commercially Successful Novel The Riftwar Saga Betrayal Wiki Fandom The Riftwar Saga An Overview Of Raymond E Feist S Riftwar Books Edit Crydee Lies In The Westernmost Duchy Of The Kingdom Of The Isles Here, An Orphan Kitchen Boy Named Pug Was Made An Apprentice Magician An Indifferent Student Of Magic, He Nevertheless Rose To High Station And Became A Riftwar Saga Book Series In Order Publication Order Of Graphic Novels Raymond E Feist, Author Of The Riftwar Saga , Which Starts Off The Riftwar Cycle Of Books That Is Made Up Of A Total Of Ten Series Of Books With A Total Book Count Of Thirty Books The Books Are Set On Two Planets, Midkemia And Kelewan Riftwar Midkemia Wiki FandomThe Riftwar Cycle Wikipedia Pug L Apprenti I really liked the first two books in the series (essentially the comingofage story of Pug as he becomes a magician), but didn't enjoy the latter two books Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon, which struck me as more typical epic fantasy fare, so overall 3 stars. This series I loved very much so much so I have read the books a good few times as to date just finished reading them again at the end of last month these wonderful books are a must read for adventure lovers all over.