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A spellbinding beautifully written novel that moves between contemporary times and one of the most fascinating and disturbing periods in American history the Salem witch trialsHarvard graduate student Connie Goodwin needs to spend her summer doing research for her doctoral dissertation But when her mother asks her to handle the sale of Connie's grandmother's abandoned home near Salem she can't refuse As she is drawn deeper into the mysteries of the family house Connie discovers an ancient key within a seventeenth century Bible The key contains a yellowing fragment of parchment with a name written upon it Deliverance Dane This discovery launches Connie on a uest to find out who this woman was and to unearth a rare artifact of singular power a physick book its pages a secret repository for lost knowledgeAs the pieces of Deliverance's harrowing story begin to fall into place Connie is haunted by visions of the long ago witch trials and she begins to fear that she is tied to Salem's dark past then she could have ever imaginedWritten with astonishing conviction and grace The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane travels seamlessly between the witch trials of the 1690s and a modern woman's story of mystery intrigue and revelationkatherinehowecom

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    I'VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH THIS BOOK ALREADYOnly a few chapters into the book I am shocked at the following glaring error and I hope there aren't any of this magnitude before I'm doneOn page 35 when Liz asks Connie Did you ever meet her Granna? Connie answers that her mother told her that she met her grandmother when she came to visit them in Concord When Liz asks Do you remember any of this? Connie says Not really I think maybe I remember her dyingI must have been about three or fourThen on page 44 it describes the only Christmas with Granna that Connie could remember when her grandmother brought hand knit sweaters that didn't fit right and Connie chuckled with affection at the memory Besides the fact that Connie already said she didn't remember her Granna I also don't think a 3 or 4 year old child would comprehend the situation well enough to chuckle at the memory 20 years laterSeriously this is a real problem for me Even if the author was this careless in the continuity of the story its hard to believe that it was never caught in editing UPDATE than half way through the bookConnie is flat out dumb She supposedly has a masters degree in Colonial History yet she didn't know that receipt means recipe in that time period She acts as though she never heard names like Patience and Prudence which were common in the time period that she has supposedly studied for years The moment when she figures out that Mercy and Marcy are the same name just add the Brahmin accent and spell it like it sounds is nothing short of DUHHHHH She reads Prudence's journal which talks about going to deliver the neighbors' babies A few hours later she has a eureka moment when she realizes that hey Prudence was a midwife Puzzling over directions to put something in a witch bottel Connie scratches her head in bewilderment until she figures out that bottel must be the phonetic spelling of bottle therefore it must be witch bottle Good thing the author spelled it out for those of us who might not have made that connection These are just a few examples of what a dim bulb Connie is although she is supposedly a PhD candidate It is difficult to warm up to a main character who is such a poseur in this case as an intellectualUPDATE finishedI wanted to like it if only because of the subject matter and the great cover art This is a book I might have read when I was 14 and loved it But I take a huge exception with the review excerpt that compares this book to The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova This book is written on a 7th grade reading level compared to Kostova's rich layered deeply woven tapestry of vampire lore It is like comparing a Harlequin Romance to Gone With the Wind because they both take place in the South The best parts of the book were the finely detailed scenes of daily life in the flashback chapters The author has done a great job illustrating the speech patterns behaviors beliefs and habits of 18th century New Englanders The book would have been so much better if she had focused on that part of the story where she really shines The modern day story was so trite and repetitious how many times does Connie say Mom in an exasperated tone of voice? that it diluted the impact of the riveting historical narrativeThe over the top ending did nothing to redeem the story It had a cartoonish quality that again would have been much suitable in a book for young readers than a novel that aspires to be taken the least bit seriously