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Helena Hollister Was A New York City Gold Digger Who Latched Onto Her Father In Law S Fortune By Seducing A Hobbs Creek Yr Old Who Suffered From Motor Slowness Helena Got Away With Murder And The Money, While Two Backwoods Lawmen Failed To Unravel The Mystery Of Who Killed Elmer Kane The Case Went Unsolved From Until Early In The Cyberspace Age, When Helena Hollister Surfaced In Right Bank, Paris As Anna Ward

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    Good all round, fast paced detective story This book started as it meant to carry on No pre amble straight to the nitty gritty of the story and into the heart of the scenes Keyes is very good at writing conversation and observations on the minutiae of life, both in a great, entertaining way I could totally imagine this book being read out aloud, narrated with a New Jersey or Bronx accent The story concerns an international police case, flitting between late 1950s and early 2000s, involving murder, subterfuge and hidden identity The story is mainly written from the point of view of the main murder suspect, but don t be sucked in by her, she isn t necessarily as much of a reliable narrator as she might appear

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    The Pandarus File of the title refers to a murder investigation spanning decades Pandarus is not however a character in this novel, but a clever literary reference to a renowned archer from Greek mythology So there is a murder, a murder weapon and a suspect but things are complex than that Kyle Keyes takes readers on a journey, keeping essential details just out of reach for long enough to create intrigue and mistrust of characters There are red herrings in the case that readers as treated to the inside knowledge of, as well as those we aren t immediately privy to The essential plot of the story takes place in the USA in the fifties, however the story reaches its denouement in France in the noughties Secrets can be carried for a very long time

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    I found The Pandarus File to be a quirky book that demanded my attention The characters seem to jump out and shout from the pages, all jostling to tell their sides of the story some persuasively than others By far the loudest character is Helena Hollister, who we learn the intentions of right at the very beginning of the story This story has a lot going on murder, motives, blackmail, clandestine liaisons, cover ups, secret identity, time period shifts, multiple perspectives and an absconding criminal A rich mix of characters that don t hold back on conversation, darting off into all manner of tangents and covering all manner of details, sets a very naturalistic and believable setting for this crime thriller.

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    Kyle Keyes has created a wholly immersive world as a backdrop for this book We are transported back to 50s America, populated by wise cracking, larger than life characters with shady intentions, then just as we get used to that, we are whisked to a current timeline described as post 9 11 and find ourselves in France This is a murder mystery detective case that goes unresolved for generations We see snippets of what happened at the time of the crime, but all is not what it at first seems, as we gather from and piece together multiple character s viewpoints Kyle Keyes pays great attention to detail and his use of dialogue is superb This could very well be made into a screenplay, with little adaptation required.