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Laura Shovan’s engaging big hearted debut is a time capsule of one class’s poems during a transformative school year Families change and new friendships form as these terrific kids grow up and move on in this whimsical novel in verse about finding your voice and making sure others hear it Eighteen kidsone year of poemsone school set to closeTwo yellow bulldozerscrouched outsideready to eat the buildingin one greedy gulp But look out bulldozersMs Hill’s fifth grade classhas plans for youThey’re going to speak up and work togetherto save their school AwardsArnold Adoff Poetry Award for New Voices Honor BookCybils Award in PoetryAn NCTE Notable Verse NovelBank Street Best Children's Book of the YearILA CBC Choices Reading Lists Children’s ChoicesSCBWI Crystal Kite Finalist Midatlantic RegionLectio Book Award FinalistNominated forMassachusetts Children's Book AwardNew Hampshire Great Stone Face Book AwardPennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice AwardsRhode Island Children’s Book AwardWisconsin State Reading Association Children's Book Awards

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThere comes a time in every reader's life when they must getA certain novel which by definition does not fitInside their comfy world of what they typically do readBut manages somehow to turn into a book they needI will not lie the rhyming style of novels put in verseWas something I tried to avoid They frightened me at firstMy introduction to this world just so happened to be The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson ElementaryRight as I started reading this my fears were soon abatedI could not stop absorbing all what Shovan had createdEach page a child each child a voice so different from the restAnd every single one had thoughts they needed to expressTheir fears and dreams and thoughts on how their school is being takenAway from every one of them; the school board has forsakenAll hopes of saving their fifth grade but this class won't concedeBecause they aim to show their town their school is still in needI will not spoil the ending that would simply lack all prudenceBut rest assured my heart is full of pride for these great studentsAnd also for the author and the way she has convinced meThat books in verse are such a gorgeous way to tell a story

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    Deep glorious sigh I have such a book hangover from this beautiful middle grade debut Shovan wrote her entire book in a series of poems all brimming with uniue characters humor determination and pride I smiled fully at the richness of personality in verses likeSome morningsmy words are clumsyThey bump into each otherSmoosh boosh BAMThey've got as much rhythm as an octopusdoing the chicken danceThe book explored so many amazing historical events and people The March on Washington and the tranuil introspection of Ralph Waldo Emerson being examples Then there was the history the students made in the now Together The impact of their advocacyIf I don't helpwrite that petitionwill it be something I'm sorry forwhen you'refuture me?This book asked the reader to think about each action each reaction and the impact that our choices have on our collective future and our individual legacies Will we be sorry if we don't work to protect what is fragile? These are all big uestions for kids for sure But Shovan's poetry makes these huge concepts accessible for the middle grade reader For me this was so much than a class trying to save their school This book was about saving art in schools treasuring the uniueness in every learner's voice and valuing each person's participation in community But also it is fun So fun Hilarious in places Okay I'm off to read it again

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    This was such an amazing elementary school book I wish I had read it years ago with my mom So endearing Check out my full review on my booktube channel at

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    I love novels in verse and this one offered such a wide array of poetic form that it was truly impressive The reader can't help but follow each student's story with interest as they face the dilemma that their school may shut down forever a truly frightening prospect for students of any age Perfect for readers who'd like to explore verse with a heartfelt story Shovan's debut will grab students' attention and hold it as they wait to find out if this will be THE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY

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    What a wonderful book As others have said all eighteen characters are phenomenal and it's pretty much impossible to choose a favorite Ms Hill's class is extremely diverse in every sense of the word; there are students who speak different languages who follow different religions who come from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds In other words it's totally representative of a typical classroom in our world I love that so many students will be able to see themselves and their friends reflected in the pages of this book In addition to getting a great story readers of THE LAST FIFTH GRADE will have access to a ton of awesome poetry resources at the end of the book Shovan provides prompts ideas and definitions that will turn anyone into a poetry pro I think students are going to be extremely inspired after reading this book to write to work together to have their voices heard This is definitely one not to be missed

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    I had the opportunity to read an early copy of THE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY and I am so glad I didOh my goodness this book was absolutely wonderful and I was so sad when it ended I actually paused in my reading after the third uarter of the year because I didn't want their 5th grade year to end Laura Shovan is a masterful poet Through her poetry in the voices of 18 different wonderfully uniue kids she has made their world and their journeys come alive Every single student was easily recognizable and the classroom of students was diverse So many kids are going to be able to find themselves in this book I previously taught 5th grade and this is absolutely a book I would buy a class set of to use with my students There is so much great discussion that can come from this book so many wonderful threads to explore I also love the tips and suggestions for reading and writing poetry in the back This book is going to inspire so many future poets and activists THE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY is a really special book I can't wait to read what Shovan dreams up next

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    So my new favorite first line ever is in Laura Shovan's THE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY voice and character and rhythm all in two words which words? you have to read to find out And the rest of the book did not disappoint I was teary eyed at page two but giggling again soon after and OMG MS HILL It was a true joy getting to know each student through their poems and you feel for all of them as the larger story unfolds Some poems stand out in my memory as my absolute favorites Where They Live broke my heart Four Suare is a masterpiece But on every page was some new gem Pay attention to the last lines on both page 52 and 53 solid gold and both in totally different ways and Sydney's poem on November 17th The ending of INSUBORDINATE was incredible and Mark's poem about the Stargrams made my heart soar When I finished THE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY i was filled with hope and touched with sorrow just like growing up Also I may have lost my heart to Jason ChenThe ARC which I received for review included an amazing guide to poetry in the back matter Great for discussions

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    This book How I wish it had existed when I was in grade schoolShovan's ability to bring 18 5th graders to life through various styles of poetry is magnificent That we're journeying with them through the normal trials and tribulations of growing up with pressures and losses uniue for some and universal nonetheless loss change fears while the entire group is saying goodbye to elementary school and the school building itself is remarkableThis is a uniue book with plenty to smile at cheer for and yes cry over My goodness toward the end I had to be in arm's reach of the tissue boxAwesome bonus end sections with poem definitionshow tos and promptsThis book deserves its many accolades I highly recommend it

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    I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewFrom start to finish The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary is completely delightful in every way Through the voices of 18 very real and very lovable fifth graders we experience their individual stories as well as the collective story of their class during a very momentous year in the history of their school in verseThe students' poems are fun and entertaining insightful and sad and always full of heart Each one is a window into the character's life hopes and fears Together the poems create a rich charming story that will stay with me for a long time I'm rooting for every single one of these kidsHighly recommended for all middle grade readers

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    I love love loved this book So did my son who turned down the latest chapter in THE GOBLET OF FIRE so we could finish this book How could you not love a novel in verse from the point of view of fifth graders? Such a lovely book that isn't afraid to introduce difficult subjects to young kids divorce homelessness and race Shovan does an excellent job with voice each student comes alive individual and distinct This would be a wonderful book to bring to a classroom as a way to get students writing their own poems and to introduce them to poetry