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Soldiers From Varying Eras And Vastly Different Backgrounds, Including The IX Legion Of Rome, Are Snatched Away From Earth At The Moment Of Their Passing, And Transported To The Far Side Of The Galaxy Thinking They Have Been Granted A Reprieve, Their Relief Turns To Horror When They Discover They Face A Stark Ultimatum Fight Or Die There has been much debate about the fate of the Ninth Roman Legion the IX which disappeared from historical records around the year 108 In his excellent new novel, author Andrew Weston gives us his take on what befell the legionnaires and what use they made of their specialized knowledge in the time following their mysterious disappearance.An entire civilized world faces destruction at the hands of a seemingly unstoppable enemy An enemy that spends the lives of its forces so extravagantly there seems to be no intelligence behind it To combat this ravening force the Ninth, along with Native Americans, ancient Caledonians, American civil war fighters and 21st century armaments experts are snatched from Earth and transported to this beleaguered world to help find the key to understanding and destroying the enemy.As a premise it s exciting enough, and the writing certainly doesn t disappoint There s tension, confusion, action and suspense aplenty Yet the strength of this novel, in my view, rests in the characters Weston has created It s impossible not to get involved with them from the events prior to their being snatched from the familiar and dumped into chaos, to their struggles to understand, through to their determination to use what skills they possess to aid the strange civilization that saved them The IX is a tour de force and Weston s skills as a writer and plotter are plain for all to see I d definitely recommend this book for all lovers of great and exciting fiction, regardless of genre.Disclaimer I received a complimentary advance copy of this novel and am happy to give it an honest and unbiased review I truly believe it deserves the highest rating I can give. For centuries, military historians and Roman scholars alike have argued about why and how the Ninth Roman Legion disappeared Weston gives us one possible answer they were spirited away at the moment of death, along with other hand picked warriors from Civil War times and the 21st century, to fight for an advanced human civilization in the future against an enemy intent on destroying all humanity Fight or die is the only choice for warriors from the past, present, and future in a novel sure to please you if you like a mix of high adventure, military history, hard science fiction, and metaphysics A tour de force Highly recommended. First, let s get this out of the way I was given a review copy of this book for a fair and honest review Anyone who reads my reviews, know I usually only post the ones where I can give a 5 or 4 star Anything else I contact the author and attempt to explain why I can t do better That said, this is not just another 5 star review I would give this one at least an 8 if it were possible I stayed up way too late to finish the book It not only had me on the edge of my seat, it twisted me into knots at the end Whoa This is a science fiction story to get and hold on to It is an amazing work with a mind boggling conclusion Frankly, I m still processing it Excellent, fantastic story The author s imagination leaves me gasping.Warriors snatched at the moment of death from Earth, find themselves in a struggle on another planet The enemy is one that does not mind dying to obtain their ends But what is the goal How did they get to this point in time This 9th group of warriors holds the fate of the entire world in their hands They are the last the world can bring to bear on the enemy Wow What a tale. Wow I ll say it again Wow I feel as if I have just been to a wide screen cinema and been right there in the movie What an impressive story It s a mix of historic fiction and fact, supernatural, sci fi, drama, intrigue, espionage, and plots within plots and scenarios I could never imagine and I could keep going.Suffice to say this story gripped me and held me right through to the end Compelling read An accomplished work by an accomplished author.I was gifted a copy of this work for my honest review That was it This book contains it all military history, science fiction, heros, warriors, adventure The IX is deep, thought provoking and insightful Weston is a gifted story teller and has a fabulous career ahead of him The world he created was described in such as way it felt real and like I was right there in it Bravo. Synopsis Soldiers from varying eras and vastly different backgrounds, including the IX Legion of Rome, are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing, and transported to the far side of the galaxy Thinking they have been granted a reprieve, their relief turns to horror when they discover they face a stark ultimatum Fight or die.Romans, Native Americans, fierce Celtic warriors, Special Ops, American Civil War fighters not a huge amount in common one would think Wrong Death is what they expect but not necessarily what they get at least not where and when they think From differing backgrounds they are thrown into a war and a world far removed from Earth The Horde have decimated the galaxy and the Ardenese for decades and now all that remains is myth and the hidden remnants of a once mighty civilisation The 9th intake is the last best hope for the salvation of Arden, if they can put aside their differences Technology far beyond ours brought expansion, then it brought war.Action takes the fore in this adventure which encompasses military, historical, science fiction and fantasy The characters are varied, at once both complex and simplistic, and often surprising Death stalks the pages, but his companions are loyalty, courage and dignity Well written with twists and turns, and a rather unexpected ending Great for fans of sci fi, time travel fiction and historical. Weston s mix of history, metaphysics and real science ventures into territory not often explored in science fiction Past, Present and Future are masterfully blended in an epic novel that takes classic elements to new heights Weston has a true gift for superb storytelling and memorable characters This one is not to be missed Yes, that s my quote on the back cover of THE IX, the new science fiction novel by Andrew Paul Weston, published by Perseid Press And it s a great story, too military science fiction in the grand tradition of Robert A Heinlein, Poul Anderson, Gordon R Dickson, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Janet Morris, and Joe Haldeman Old school science fiction with a 21st century sensibility THE IX deals with The Ninth Roman legion, which according to history, vanished in the mists of Caledonia around 120 AD In Weston s novel, the legionnaires of the Ninth Legion are snatched from earth at the very moment of death and taken to the planet of Arden, where they join with a US Cavalry company on a special mission for Presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln, American Plains Indians from the 1860s, and a Special Forces unit from the 21st century They are all given the choice fight or die to help save the Ardenese race from a relentless, unstoppable alien foe known only as the Horde That s the premise, and it works beautifully This is a story of courage under fire, of warriors who live by codes of honor, loyalty and brotherhood that have not changed down through the centuries This is a story of men and women saved from imminent death on earth and given a chance to fight for a cause greater than themselves, to save another race from destruction and extinction, and to build new lives on another world While there is no main character per se in THE IX, we are given a cast of great characters, such as the memorable Marcus Brutus of The Ninth Roman Legion, Captain James Houston of the U.S Cavalry, and Lieutenant Alan Mac McDonald of a UK anti terrorist unit from 2052 We also come to know Small Robe and her uncle, Stained With Blood of the Blackfoot tribe of Native Americans, as well as scientists, technicians and medical personnel such as Mohammed, Saul, Ephraim Miller, Ayria and many , including the Ardenese avatar known as the Architect What happens to some of these characters during the course of the novel is both surprising and emotionally powerful At first, the Horde start out as nothing than another faceless army of bizarre xenomorphs and mindless automatons they are energy sucking vampires, virtually unstoppable In this respect, they reminded me of the giant robot from the classic sci fi film of the 1950s, Kronos sent to earth to devour and deplete us of our energy resources Hi tech weapons cannot stop the Horde, for they absorb almost everything that is thrown at them What are these creatures and where do they come from This was a concern of mine when I started reading THE IX I wanted than just a pack of ravenous, extraterrestrial zombies or hive mind creatures like the big bugs in the film version of Heinlein s Starship Troopers And Weston did not disappoint me, for as the story rolls on like a juggernaut, the scientists and technicians, and even the warriors themselves risking their lives to save Ardenese civilization, stumble upon a very simple weapon, and the means to fight back and destroy the Horde And we start to learn that they are far than what they at first appear to be You get no spoiler here from me While new strategies are devised, while warriors from three different eras on earth forge bonds of friendship and unite against a common foe, it becomes a chess game, this battle against the Horde Each time some new weapon or tactic is brought into the play, the Horde quickly learn and adapt, and are prepared for the next assault against them Weston then throws in surprises as the true nature of the Horde is slowly revealed to us the who and what they are that I wanted to know The final revelation of this, along with the self sacrifice of so many warriors both human and otherwise is quite satisfying and makes for a perfect conclusion to this novel THE IX is a fast paced novel, a truly ripping yarn, with plenty of action and some good characterization Weston picks you up and sets you down on the very believable world of Arden, just as the Ardenese do with the three bands of brothers and sisters from earth And Weston threw me a nice curve, too, one that totally caught me off guard with the character of the most unlikeable James Houston what he is when the story opens, what happens to him as the novel progresses, and what is finally revealed about him in the end makes for classic storytelling And in the intense finale, where the already heroic Mac rises to an even greater act of heroism and glory, is the most powerful and moving moment in this wonderful novel It s the pay off that sells the story In THE IX, you will learn what legionnaires of the lost Ninth Roman Legion bring to the table, what their presence means to the Ardenese race, and that the Ix has a second meaning, as well So Walk the Ix and get lost inside this wonderful story that is sure to become a modern classic of heroic and military science fiction THE IX is published by Perseid Press, and is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. Amazing This is one of those rare books that pull you in right from the start, place you squarely within the narrative, and won t let go I was there, I was in the story.and what a Unique and entertaining story it is.Other reviews have covered the basic storyline, no spoilers here Suffice it to say that the premise is unique, well thought out and implemented, and most of all engaging I add my wholehearted endorsement get this book and experience it.Must read, if you are a fan of History meshed with Science Fiction this book is for you, if you just like Science Fiction or a damn good read, this book is for you..I would be very surprised if this was not made into a movie or better yet, a well planned out mini series. As a child and teen, one of my favorite things to read about were the Romans I loved the history, the mythology, the tales and legends It all fascinated me Picking up The IX, I anticipated having a ride much like that I was pleasantly surprised to experience not only nostalgia, but a beautiful blend of history and science fiction like I ve never read.Initially, it was not the tale but the writing style that blew me away I connected immediately with the author as I was pulled into the story The characters brought a sense of urgency with them everything seemed to threaten them and their safety The suspense of the story was second to none and left me flipping through the pages with my own urgency I just had to know what happened next I loved the descriptions of settings, the flow of the tale, and the unique direction the author took with the work The fight or die adage turned into read or die for me.If you enjoy novels with your heroes and villains firmly set, with a bit of historical flair, loads of action, and just the right amount of sci fi to keep things interesting, this is the book for you Highly recommended