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Together In One Volume For The First Time, The First Two Novels Of The Hyperion Cantos HYPERIONlt Is The Th Century And The Universe Of The Human Hegemony Is Under Threat Invasion By The Warlike Ousters Looms, And The Mysterious Schemes Of The Secessionist AI TechnoCore Bring Chaos Ever CloserOn The Eve Of Disaster, With The Entire Galaxy At War, Seven Pilgrims Set Fourth On A Final Voyage To The Legendary Time Tombs On Hyperion, Home To The Shrike, A Lethal Creature, Part God And Part Killing Machine, Whose Powers Transcend The Limits Of Time And Space The Pilgrims Have Resolved To Die Before Discovering Anything Less Than The Secrets Of The Universe Itself THE FALL OF HYPERIONThe Mysterious Time Tombs Are Opening And The Shrike That Has Risen From Them May Well Control The Fate Of All Mankind The Ousters Are Laying Siege To The Hegemony Of Man And The AIs We Created Have Turned Against Us To Build The Ultimate Intelligence God The God Of Machines His Genesis Could Mean Annihilation For ManSomething Is Drawing The Hegemony, The Ousters, The Als, The Entire Universe To The ShrikeHere Is A Superb Vision Of Future Technology And Ancient Religions, Of Scientific Revelation And Timeless Mystery, Of Transcendent Joy And Mind Bending Horror Here Is A Hugo Award Winning Landmark In Science Fiction Saturn is fallen, am I too to fall Am I to leave this haven of my rest, This cradle of my glory, this soft clime, This calm luxuriance of blissful light, These crystalline pavilions, and pure fanes, Of all my lucent empire It is left Deserted, void, nor any haunt of mine The blaze, the splendor, and the symmetry, I cannot see but darkness, death and darkness Hyperion, John Keats Since the early 80s, when his first short story was published with Harlan Ellison s help after having survived his critique on their first acquaintance giving him his first success, and a big boost to his literary career, Dan Simmons has been one of the top multi genre writers of our time, foraying over the years into science fiction, mystery, horror, and historical fiction, managing to sweep readers and critics alike, and to be awarded and nominated for his works on numerous occasions.And in The Hyperion Omnibus, the first volume of the Hyperion Cantos collecting the first two novels Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, Simmons drawing inspiration from the life and works of the Romantic poet John Keats creates his own vision of the far future, traveling us in a universe of priests and poets, pilgrims and mythical creatures, and humanoid species and artificial intelligences, but also in a two legged story arc of religion and science, politics and war, and transcendence and horror, in a phenomenal, literary science fiction duology.Hyperion 8.5 10 In the twenty eighth century the universe has changed For four hundred years since the massive exodus of the human race to the stars known as Hegira, and the ultimate destruction of Old Earth, the Hegemony of Man taking the driver s seat of humanity s exploration and colonization in the depths of the unknown has become the new power of the galaxy, joining and uniting its hundreds planets under the ever expanding Worldweb, and creating a politically and militarily powerful interconnected system that has left its superiority unopposed but now, with the mysterious Time Tombs on the planet Hyperion where the mythical Shrike, the Lord of Pain, dwells to have started opening for the first time, causing the Ousters to come out of their shell, an unprecedented interplanetary war looms closer and closer but the Consul, having once been a delegate for the Hegemony, taking on some of the most difficult and sensitive diplomatic assignments across the galaxy, gazes at the wonders of an Outback world.Sensing the coming war to promise a large scale conflict, and a change of power in the galaxy that could threaten both the Hegemony and the Worldweb itself, the Consul will be appointed by the Senate CEO and the Shrike Church to travel along with six other pilgrims in a final pilgrimage on the planet Hyperion, and uncover the secrets of the Time Tombs before it s too late.However, with their voyage to Hyperion having been revealed longer than they originally expected, extending their arrival to the Time Tombs and their encounter with the deadly Shrike even , when they decide to share the stories of their past that brought them to this final pilgrimage, in hope to understand the forces that prompted them, and their deepest secrets come to light, the Consul and the other pilgrims will discover something that will change everything they believed they knew so far, facing an irrevocable reality that could judge their next actions as well as the future of all humanity.Motivated by his agent to write his first long form science fiction novel, in order to take the downpayment that he so much need in his life at the time, Dan Simmons delves into the genre he loved and grew up with, taking us in Hyperion far in the twenty eighth century, into a galaxy where it has been divided into three factions the Hegemony of Man, which with humanity having migrated long ago to the stars has built over the centuries a great interplanetary system, connecting its hundreds planets of the Worldweb through fatlines and farcaster portals instantaneous communication and transportation technologies respectively that has allowed them to have direct social, political and military influence with any of its worlds at speeds faster than light the Ousters who, set apart from their human ancestors, evolving genetically in something muchalien, have explored far beyond the known worlds, creating their own, strange cultural society in the Outback the back worlds far from the control of the Hegemony that has made them their only and greatest threat and the TechnoCore, a conglomerate of artificial intelligences and seemingly allies of the Hegemony which, seceded from the human race ever since the Hegira, taking in their hands the will of their actions and their freedom have become an autonomous force, building a big organization of social and racial sentient entities.As well as to the planet Hyperion, where, with the Time Tombs and the Shrike a killing machine of indescribable appearance and strength having drawn the galaxy s attention since their discovery centuries ago, has given rise to a new cult the Church of the Shrike, which has taken upon it to send the proselytizers and the naive to the embrace of its steel thorns to seek their atonement, and the granting of a wish, creating over time nightmarish fables of horror.A first installment in which, written in the same frame narrative as Geoffrey Chaucer s The Canterbury Tales, weaving multiple interconnected stories within the main one, Simmons creates a vast cultural, political, social and theological universe of various races and factions, traveling us in a story of priests, poets, soldiers, detectives, artificial intelligences and mythical creatures, that combines religion with science, passion with soul searching, and love with betrayal, building a phenomenal novel of many levels of storytelling and imagination a literary achievement in science fiction which, showing the power of his writing and ideas, marked the genre as only a few have done before.The Fall of Hyperion 9.5 10 Few hours have passed since the invasion in the Hyperion System, and the end of their long peace and now, with the Hegemony of Man being ready to officially declare an all out war against the Ousters, wanting to unleash upon them the full power of the Worldweb to end them once and for all, the fate of the whole human race hangs in the balance, leaving the future of its survivaluncertain than ever but Joseph Severn, having been alive and aware just these last ten months, assuming the persona of a nineteenth century artist to hide his true identity, has been attending to a party invitation.Farcasting from the planet Esperance to the busy world of Tau Ceti Center and capital of the Hegemony arriving at the appointed time for the appointment with the most powerful woman on the Web Meina Gladstone, Severn will be asked by the CEO personally to spend the next few days with them in the military councils, impersonating his artistic persona before brass and politicians alike, and to watch and observe the events of the war.Yet, with his arrival on the CEO s staff to have caught the eyes of many, leaving unanswered questions about his real purpose there, when he falls victim to a royalists group in their attempt to abstract him classified informations, and Meina Gladstone as a reparation for his troubles gives him the opportunity to travel to the planet Hyperion, and to better understand his connection with the pilgrims of the Final Pilgrimage, Severn will find himself lost between his dreams and the war for dominance of the galaxy, seeking for answers that will only raise evenquestions.Meanwhile, far away in the Valley of the Time Tombs, beyond the high desert of Keep Chronos on Hyperion, the Consul and the other pilgrims, having finally arrived at their destination after their long journey, traveling for a week through the wonders and the dangers of this strange world only to reach the kingdom of the mythical Shrike, have been spending their last moments together, awaiting for the fulfillment of their deepest hopes and desires that will put an end to their suffering.But, with the collapse of the anti entropic fields and the opening of the Tombs to have intensified the time tides all the , causing raging weather anomalies in the Valley, when the judgment of Death personified finds them, and one after another fall into inexplicable events, the pilgrims will soon find themselves separated and stranded, facing their very survival.While Meina Gladstone, having made the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity from total annihilation, opening the door to a threat that she thought she could control, will be faced with her own great challenge, and an unprecedented large scale war that will put in danger everything they knew.However, with the war against the Ousters to have taken a sudden, unexpected turn, revealing a massive opposition that could bring to the Worldweb itself a terrible and devastating impact, when the schemes of the secessionist artificial intelligences of the TechnoCore come to their finalization, and a power struggle between gods breaks out across time and space, Severn, Gladstone, and the Consul and the rest of the pilgrims will have to leave behind their personal desires, and do their part in order to give humankind some hope of survival, because if they do not, a darkness like no other will shallow entire galaxies.With Hyperion to have worked both practically and essentially as the prologue of this duology, setting up the way even if somewhat unconventional for the publishing standards for a much larger story arc between both books, Dan Simmons takes us in The Fall of Hyperion to Tau Ceti Center or simply TC the capital and administrative planet of the Hegemony, whereby the Government House and by extension each Hegemony CEO controls the hundreds worlds of the Web, making it the base of operations for political and military actions, and the center of human space, as he she imposes his her will upon billions of lives but also into the datumplane, a dataspace virtual reality, that interconnects each planetary system s farcaster portals and fatline transmitters and receivers through the dataspheres singularity containment spheres with the Web itself, in a place where time and space do not fall under the laws of physics.As well as to the Time Tombs, beyond the abandoned Keep Chronos and the ruins of the City of Poets the Dead City where once Sad King Billy sought to build unsuccessfully a refugee for artists, poets and other misfits of the society, where its mysterious structures lies the Sphinx, the Obelisk, the Crystal Monolith, the Jade and Cave Tombs, and the Shrike Palace, which have become the attraction and the death sentence of many scientists, pilgrims and tourists since their appearance on Hyperion centuries ago, keeping their secrets hidden, and the terrible Shrike imprisoned from the rest of the world, that have made it and inaccessible and uninhabitable place.A second installment in which, switching this time in aconventional narrative, but keeping the quality of his writing at the same level as before, Simmons builds an intricate, multi tiered story of true awe, uniting the threads of the two novels into a common plot, and traveling us in a thrilling and profound adventure of pilgrims, politicians, high priests, Templars, cybrids, humanoid species and godlike entities, that combines politics with war, sacrifice with survival, and transcendence with horror a second installment which, concluding this first journey, culminating it in the best possible way imaginable, proves oncethe well earned reputation and success of the Hyperion duology.All in all, The Hyperion Omnibus is a marvelous duology of science fiction and literary achievement, with Dan Simmons bringing a high level imagination and writing traveling us to the far future, into a universe of priests, poets and mythically creatures, but also in a two part story of religion, politics, war and transcendence, that creates an incredibly unique and superbly profound reading experience of true, and powerful storytelling 1 2 view spoiler 80, Harlan Ellison , , Dan Simmons , , , , ,The Hyperion Omnibus, Hyperion Cantos Hyperion The Fall of Hyperion, Simmons John Keats , , , , , , , , .HyperionHegira, , , , , Hyperion Shrike, , , Ousters , , , , Outback , , Shrike Hyperion,, Hyperion , Shrike , , , , ,, , Dan Simmons , Hyperion , , , fatlines farcasters , Ousters , , , , , Outback TechnoCore, , Hegira, ,Hyperion, , Shrike , Shrike, , ,, The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer, , Simmons , , , , , , , , , , , , ,,hide spoiler Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion are best read as a very long novel.Gollanz s superb edition makes that possible.Literary brilliance and sense of wonder of this wonderful tale will left you dizzy long after you finish reading this masterwork.In best of all worlds Simmons would get Nobel Prize for literature long time ago.Unfortunately,we live in a world where hacks tend to win highest honors.Yes,you know who you are. Whaaaat This was my reaction to the reveal of Moneta s identity I guess when you have both time and space continuum at your disposal, you can create all kinds of crazy twists I am at awe how Simmons can step across genre boundaries and dazzle in multiple literary planes I have known him as a master horror storyteller, and now he is up there with Herbert and Asimov in the field of mind blowing sci fi Hyperion and its sequel arelike two parts of one book, so I would definitely recommend reading them both in quick succession to appreciate the entire story in all its glory.The first part is structured similarly to The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer There is a group of pilgrims on a journey to mysterious planet of Hyperion to meet the fabled entity called The Shrike Each character tells a story of their past that has led them to this journey, therefore revealingof the novel s universe and history The majority of the second book is told from the perspective of cybrid John Keats a clone of the famous poet equipped with an AI intellect, and his dreams of the pilgrims As you might already guess, Hyperion Cantos is full of literary allusions and direct references Among many others I noted Shakespeare, The Wizard of Oz, Charlie Chaplin, and Greek mythology How fun is that The novels themselves are incredibly multi layered and imaginative There are conspiracies, prophecies, the man vs machine arguement, philosophical discussions of theology and identity, the looming end of humanity, ecological footprints and colonialism, death and rebirth, and of course poetry Is it weird that my favourite character is Ummon, who speaks mostly in koans Quiere saber m s de estos dos libros, sin spoilers Visite Be warned there are some spoilers hereI really enjoyed many aspects of the Hyperion Omnibus and would certainly recommend it to anyone, however isn t there always one of those , it was a bit of an up and down experience for me The Priest s Tale was excellent, with its cruciform parasites and how the horror of them for a catholic drove Father Dure to do what he did, and I quite enjoyed how that plot thread was woven in later on But balanced against that, what later seemed the proselytising of the C S Lewis kind, with a bit of L Ron Hubbard thrown in for good measure, had me gagging Apparently love is a fundamental basis of the universe, whilst god, being woven in at the Planc level, transcends time and is the triune entity of the Christians and lo the messiah is to be born The Soldier s Tale with its violence, military technology, mysterious woman and with Kassad s yet to be explained encounter with the shrike as the mysterious woman I much enjoyed too, though later on this was a plot thread that tended to fizzle The Poet s Tale, whilst still enjoyable, suffered from a problem I felt was endemic throughout the books too much in the way of literary allusions and pretensions How often I found myself skipping the obsessing about Keats and pointless quotations of poetry There s much about the power and wonder of poetry and poets, and the implication that isn t the pen mightier than the sword Yeah, well, take your Parker to your next sword fight and see how you get on The Consul s and The Detective s Tales were great too, but by then I was starting to get anxious about the proliferation of ideas and plot threads and the possibility of this not completing.The setting of Hyperion was excellent, with this whole story taking place under a sky lit by interstellar war, as was the interplay between the shrike pilgrims The tree of thorns is a horrifying image that sticks, and the time tombs were the kind of idea just about any science fiction writer would be jealous of.The shrike itself was good whilst only glimpsed, but suffered under close inspection My feeling was that it started out as a monster from Dr Who and was not cured of the rubber mask syndrome by the later add ons from Alien And, now I m reading Endymion, by its Terminator II transformation into a good guy There were lots of ideas and threads needing to be tied together in these books, and so they were, sometimes very well and sometimes in a kind of soapish babble Simmons did manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat, but it had lost one ear and most of its fur during its stay Still, don t get me wrong, there are hours and hours of science fictional reading pleasure here I in fact loved the whole massive chaotic canvas of this story which, really, wouldn t have been possible without that mass of ideas and interweaving plot threads. HyperionSeven hundred years in the future mankind is dispersed throughout the galaxy Old Earth is long gone, the victim of an unfortunate incident involving a miniature black hole The core of the Hegemony, the government of most of humanity, consists of the WorldWeb planets that are connected by instantaneous transportation devices called farcasters Planets that are not yet connected by farcaster must be reached by starship Although most starships are equipped with faster than light Hawking drives, travel between the stars still requires a significant amount of time.The story centers around the colonial planet of Hyperion a backwater world outside of the WorldWeb The planet is well known for the mysterious Time Tombs that are surrounded by an anti entropic force field which actually causes the Time Tombs to move backward through time and the creature known as the Shrike The Shrike is a horrifying four armed monstrosity that has glowing crystalline eyes and is covered in metallic blades and thorns The Shrike has been limited to the area immediately around the Time Tombs for centuries but has recently begun to range farther and farther from them The creature is worshiped by the powerful Church of the Shrike, which believes that the Shrike will be instrumental in the end of mankind Until recently the Church had sponsored pilgrimages to the Time Tombs Many of these pilgrimages ended without any survivors With the Shrike s newfound mobility indicating that it may finally begin the Apocalypse, the pilgrimage that comprises most of the book may very well be the last.Unlike prior pilgrimages, none of the current group of seven pilgrims is a member of the Shrike Church, although all have some connection to Hyperion or to the Shrike Like the pilgrims in Chaucer s Canterbury Tales, each pilgrim tells his or her story The stories are what make Hyperion really interesting Some are told in the first person while others are told in the third person One is told as a series of journal entries while another is told according to a person s stream of consciousness Some of the stories are filled with action, a couple arehorrific, and a couple are heartbreaking The motive and character of each pilgrim is exposed as his or her story is told The stories build on each other, gradually revealingandabout the nature of the Hegemony and about the role of Hyperion and the Shrike in the fate of humanity Also revealed is the basic relationship that humanity has with the highly evolved artificial intelligences AIs that form the TechnoCore Once slaves to humanity, the AIs of the Core declared independence centuries before the opening of Hyperion, declaring themselves as allies and friends to the Hegemony of Man instead At least that s what the AIs claim There are factions within the Core that see humanity as a parasite and a distraction from their goal of developing an Ultimate Intelligence effectively a deus ex machina.In addition to the Shrike, the Hegemony now finds itself threatened by the Ousters a lost branch of mankind As humanity left the doomed Earth for other inhabitable worlds, the Ousters refused to be dependent on the Core s technology, choosing to cut their ties with the rest of mankind and to dwell between the stars in vast fleets The Ousters particularly abhor the Core controlled farcaster system The story is grand in its scope and Simmons worldbuilding is some of the best I ve encountered To top it off, Simmons doesn t forget to give the reader a cast of interesting, fully fleshed out people I ve read too many science fiction novels written by authors that were so fascinated by the fictional worlds they created that they forgot to give us a plot or characters that we ll care about The Fall of Hyperion The Fall of Hyperion is narrated very differently and has a broader focus than Hyperion The viewpoint character is a cybrid a being whose body is fully human but whose intelligence is an AI that is shared between its body and the Core This particular cybrid, a replica of the 19th century poet John Keats, has the ability to dream events happening elsewhere It is through these dreams that we find out what s happening to the pilgrims featured in the first novel Although the pilgrims experiences continue to be an important part of the story, much of the novel s focus is on the organization of Hegemony itself, the conflict between the factions within the Core, and the invasion by the Ousters.Many of the mysteries and apparent contradictions introduced in the first novel are explained in this book After the buildup that the Shrike received in Hyperion I had been certain that it would be impossible for Dan Simmons to reveal its origin and purpose without disappointing the reader Not only was I not disappointed, but the truth behind the creature turned out to be eveninteresting than I thought it could be Even after we know what the Shrike is, the creature loses none of its menace The Fall of Hyperion is evenepic in its scope than Hyperion The story is about nothing less than the destruction of worlds, the clash of gods, and the fate of humanity Despite this, Simmons gives us a great cast of complex, believable characters I love a story with a noble protagonist and Simmons books gives us several I have a soft spot for characters who choose to face certain death because of loyalty and friendship Hyperion Cantos illustrates Dan Simmons talent for prose His writing is perfectly balanced between the bare bones simplicity of an Orson Scott Card and the over abundant descriptiveness of a Greg Bear While I enjoy Card s writing, I feel that Bear s approach meanders too much from the plot and the characters Although the worlds that Simmons has created, Hyperion s Valley of the Time Tombs, and the Shrike are all lovingly detailed, it s never to the point of distraction Thanks to the grand scale of his stories and his writing style, I will definitely be seeking outof Simmons novels, especially the final two books of the Hyperion saga Endymion and The Rise of Endymion. The best syfy series I have ever read in my life Bar none There is absolutely NO ONE out there that can do what Simmons does There are no words that are adequate to describe these four books I am not even going to try I read all four and tried to write semi competent reviews about them when I read them and feel I did a terrible injustice to these books If you read the first one, you will read all four and NOT be disappointed There is nothingto say 4.5 StarsHyperion 4.5 StarsThe Fall of Hyperion 4 Stars