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Even delightful than the first, I think And also quite bittersweet, as Christopher Robin essentially has to grow up, and his Hundred Acre Wood friends struggle to understand what is happening Reading this aloud, I have to fight not to break down in the final chapter.2018 My kids had just seen both the original animated movie, the newer Winnie the Pooh animated movie, and the new live action Christopher Robin They loved seeing how the stories in this book had been used, directly, for the animated films, and we thought it was cool what a natural follow up Christopher Robin really was. Winnie the Pooh and the Cocktail Party Hi I m Vikki Sorry, what did you say your name was So noisy in here you can t hear a thing Ed Got it Nice to meet you, Ed What Oh, I m a model Glamor Thanks Well, if you ve walked past the men s magazine section this week, then you will have Front cover of Loaded Really Hey, that s sweet No, I mean it You re really nice Oh, alright then Would you believe it, stockings and a honey pot That was it Yes, I do actually Love it Have it for breakfast every morning Guess that s why the shot came out so well Me and a honey pot I didn t even notice the camera I know, it sounds silly Yes, the runny kind, that s my favorite too Get out Really OK, OK, let s hear your honey story Sorry You actually climbed up the tree to get it That s awesome OMG What, how high were you Jesus Christ You didn t break anything You know, you re a lot tougher than you look I love the way you said that Can t stand these macho types Oh, go on, tell me another one OK OK a what trap A Hefner lump Sorry, just too noisy Never mind, what happened next Hey, I do that too I know, once you ve started you just can t stop You re the first person I ve ever met who understands You what You actually got your head stuck in it Ha Oh, you are totally cracking me up, I love this story Ha Ha I m sorry about your friend though, I hope he recovered It s funny, I just feel so relaxed with you It s like I ve known you for ages Since I was a little girl in fact Oh, I see everyone s starting to leave Look, I know this sounds crazy, like we ve only just met and I ll probably regret it in the morning, but come home with me Um, well, yes and no I just I just want to hold you All night You do You really do understand Ed, I can t believe this It feels like fate I m so happy I met you OK, let me get my coat We re outta here If you want to examine the magazine cover which inspired the review, note that, as the review suggests, it s in dubious taste, and features a mostly naked woman If that kind of thing offends you, don t look at it Otherwise, it s at Winnie The Pooh, The Best Bear In All The World, Has Long Been Adored By Readers Young And Old In This Beautiful Full Color Gift Edition Of The House At Pooh Corner, Ernest H Shepard S Classic Illustrations Have Been Painstakingly Hand Colored An Exquisite Volume And The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion, This Book Is As Vivid And Charming As The Beloved Characters From The Hundred Acre Wood As a small child, Winnie the Pooh stories were read to me As an adult, I read them to my kids and took them to see where Christopher Robin and his childhood friends had lived the Milnes country home at Cotchford Farm, Hartfield in East Sussex, England We walked in the Hundred Acre Wood where he had walked In real life it is part of Ashdown Forest We saw the bridge and tumbling creek where sticks had been thrown in on one side and eagerly awaited on the other I wanted to share with my children the magical place that had incited A.A Milne to write the Pooh stories When we made this trip, years ago, there was not a tourist sign to be found For detailed information see here journey with Christopher Robin and Pooh and his pals continued I picked up The Enchanted Places, The Path through the Trees and Hollow On The Hill written by Milne s son, Christopher Milne, the very same Christopher Robin of the stories They are very good My journey continued earlier this year I listened to Winnie the Pooh as an audiobook read by Peter Dennis This is the only audiobook version authorized by A.A Milne s son I fell in love with Pooh, Christopher Robin and his gang all over again Do not choose a different narrator That audiobook led to The House at Pooh Corner and When We Were Very Young, also read by Peter Dennis Milne s first two books, Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner belong together In the first, we are introduced to a magical place and the friends living there In the second, a few adventures are added and then goodbyes are said Why Because, quite simply, life goes on Christopher Robin will soon be off to school Nothing lasts forever, yet who we are now is a product of what has gone before So, the two books are different the first is about saying hello, and the second is about saying goodbye Goodbye to a place Goodbye to friends Goodbye to the early years of childhood The books are different in another way too By the end of the second book, we have come to know each figure so well that who they are comes to the fore Each can, in a subtle way, be seen as people of different personality types I love that although all have become dear to me, each I love in a different way All are special, but each in their own different way Tiger is bouncy, sweet tempered Piglet is instinctively smart and clever but always unobtrusively Eeyore is gloomy and sad, the very opposite of Mr Cheerful Owl is learned but has clear limitations in his abilities he can spell Tuesday so you know at least it isn t Wednesday Rabbit is the self important, officious organizer And Pooh is just sweet, lovable, humble, meditative Pooh who has very little brains and does like this honey These friends epitomize people YOU know The first book is fantastic, the second follows at a close run It does not however reach up to the excellence of the first The third, When We Were Very Young, you can just skip The first is as good for a young child as for an adult A parent and child reading it together will both have a wonderful time The second will be difficult for a child to fully understand Here, the humor and wisdom of the lines are directed to the adult a deeper meaning is evoked about life stages and personality types that go beyond the comprehension of a young child.A.A Milne seldom speaks plainly He hints He infers He uses innuendos Words are left unsaid One example is in how we are told Pooh , in the name Winnie the Pooh came to be A.A Milne and Christopher Robin often walked down to a pond On that pond there swam a swan That swan they called Pooh Somehow, there are no details, the name of the swan got shifted to Christopher Robin s teddy bear That the teddy bear was from Harrods and was originally named Edward is not said, nor that Edward got changed to Winnie after Christopher Robin had visited London Zoo and seen a real, live black bear from Canada called Winnipeg There is an interesting story about this bear at Wiki my view, if you wish as an adult to reread Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, the audiobook read by Peter Dennis is the format to choose The production is exemplary Each character has his own voice That voice is in perfect synchrony with the character s personality This further enhances one s appreciation of the second book A delightful, melodic, piano trill is repeated between the chapters The music and the lines are sure to bring tears to your eyes One minute you will laugh The next you will cry Milne s stories are to be shared they are not to be put into the hands of a child and told to go and read They will not be properly understood Their magic lies in the shared, side by side reading experience of an adult and a child together Rereading, as an adult, they evoke childhood memories, and one marvels at the word play, the humor and life wisdom woven into the lines.The House at Pooh Corner is about dear friends, friends who are different and each loved for who they are It is about how it feels when such a friend leaves It is a book about growing up Books by A.A Milne Winnie the Pooh 5 stars The House at Pooh Corner 4 stars When We Were Very Young 1 star Each is reviewed under their respective title, even if talk about one must overlap the others.Books by Christopher Milne The Enchanted Places 4 stars The Path through the Trees 4 stars Hollow On The Hill 4 stars Celebrity Death Match ReviewSemi Final Match Winnie the Pooh vs HamletBSI Rep So, the Hundred Acre Wood Corporation has applied for ISO 9000 certification Would you like to present your company, in terms of its aims and target market 100 Acre Wood CEO Yes, indeed Thank you for this opportunity For nearly a century now we have provided children and their parents with one of the most essential tools towards abstract thinking, emotional hygiene, social empathy and creativity Let me bring those wide angle goals into a narrower focus.First, abstract thinking A central idea in education is to enable us to abstract ourselves from the immediate and literal, to form mental models of the world in which we are able to run what if scenarios Our thoughts can be guided by something other than what we experience immediately, for instance by words The imagination is needed to be able to conceive alternatives, and hence to evaluate Children need pretend play, in which a banana held to the ear is also a telephone, they need and enjoy this ability to understand that something can be both one thing and something else This is the basic entry into abstraction, into skills of imagining futures and outcomes, skills of planning Fiction allows them to enter in imagination many situations than a lifetime could contain, and in doing so allows them to make mental enactments This is an essential factor in our development.Second, emotional hygiene Bears are of course part of the real world and can be seen in some Northern American towns at dusk, picking through the dustbins however a toy bear will afford an experience of what is called by psychologists attachment, the experience of cuddling and feeling close to a loved one It is a transitional object that stands in for the for the attachment relationship to a mother or other caregiver Transitional in the sense that it is transitional between the world of nature the real attachment to the caregiver and the world of culture, which includes objects, games, relationships, fiction A teddy bear models not a real bear with teeth and claws but the relationship of attachment, something intimate and abstract Fiction is both real and not real in the same way It is a game that the child can enter, a miniature version of interactions and emotions These emotions can be enjoyed safely, and a model of how to manage and resolve such emotions can be constructed Fear of monsters such as Heffalumps, fear of loss of friendship, fear of being parted from loved ones, all these can become manageable, even enjoyable, in this fictional game context where fear can be explored and resolved.Social empathy As social animals, an ability to read others motivations and intentions is crucial to our ability to function in the world In developmental psychology this is discussed as theory of mind or perspective taking, and mentalizing Before the age of around four, most children are unable to think that what another person knows is any different from what they know Tell children this story Maxi had some chocolate He put the chocolate into a blue cupboard and then went out to play While he was out, his mother used some of it to make a cake Then she put the rest in a different place, in a green cupboard Then ask the children When Maxi comes back from the playground he would like some of his chocolate Where will he look for it Children under about four will usually answer In the green cupboard They know that is where the chocolate is, and they assume that Maxi will look there But children of four and over are able to hold in their mind Maxi s perspective, and see that he will look in the blue cupboard, where he left it There is a strong correlation between narrative skills and theory of mind ability Stories are ideal tools to develop the ability to represent perspective, to accommodate differing perspectives With increasing maturity we develop the skill not only of making mental models of what we and others know, both now and over longer periods, but also the ability to make models of other people s models, an embedded structure of what people think, feel and believe Take for example the story of the deception that was carried out on Kanga where Piglet is substituted for Roo This involves first strategic planning that consists mainly of mentalizing Kanga s reaction to Roo s disappearance, and then in a truly magnificent double bluff, in which Kanga pretends not to notice the difference between the two small animals The child understands that Kanga knows than Piglet thinks she knows There are differing layers of mental models that can and must be accommodated and realised.Lastly creativity By this I mean than just the common idea of the ability to come up with a new idea or artefact I mean a form of agency in the world, the opposite of compliance to external imposition, rather the sense of being engaged entirely with what we are doing, where the self and the activity become one, where we feel fully alive and absorbed in what we are doing This has also been called flow creative living, total involvement in what you are doing This is what happens when we engage with a work of fiction In order to do so we need to engage emotionally with the characters, and this is where the Hundred Acre Wood Corporation really shines Our employees all have distinct issues for example Pooh is not particularly quick witted, Piglet struggles with a lack of pluck, Tigger needs aplomb, Wol could do with a little humility and of course poor Eeyore, well, anyway all the characters are struggling in such a way that a child can swiftly feel sympathy for them They become friends A further requirement for this kind of creative engagement with fiction is that it should not force you to comply with just one view of the world, but should leave gaps and a certain openness, or unexpectedness, space that the imagination has to fill In which a house is built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore can give us a taste of what I mean here the reader soon realises that Pooh and Piglet have not, in fact, built a new house for Eeyore, but only moved his to the other side of the wood dramatic irony, the reader knows than the characters involved Inevitably, knowing Eeyore s gloomy world view, we feel that disaster and recriminations must ensue But no, an explanation is found that everyone can live with BSI inspector Yes, I can see that you have achieved your targets admirably But what about your management practices Can you give me a report on human resource management 100 AW CEO Well, I admit that we have had issues in the past with in groups and out groups, and that these have not been entirely resolved Efforts were made to integrate Tigger and Kanga and Roo into the in group around CR, but it must be admitted that there are still some privileges afforded Pooh and Piglet only However I must say that we are proud of our record on certain aspects of team building, such as the expotition to find the North Pole, or the management of Owl s house being blown over.BSI inspector Are you an Equal Opportunity Employer 100 AW CEO We certainly have a multi ethnic employee base, with animals from nigh on every continent.BSI inspector But what about women 100 AW CEO You must see that the original staff have been with us since a time when it was, let us say, unusual to employ women Naturally we have considered this question closely But it is beyond our capacity to engage further staff, so that the only alternative would be to perform a sex change on a proportion of the characters, something that I think would contravene their rights And after a thorough survey of our clientele, we found that little girls have no qualms about identifying with male characters, whereas the opposite case, of boys identifying with female characters, is almost unheard of Thus we feel that this issue is less important than might be imagined.BSI inspector Right, well thank you very much You ll be hearing from us I still have to visit Hamlet Inc on this tour.The inspector calls on Hamlet and asks him about terms and definitions of his enterprise H Well, yeah, it s a revenge play innit BSI inspector What H Yeah, y know, revenge Hamlet s dad was poisoned by Claudius so now Hamlet has to avenge the old man s death Lots of blood and gore, a ghost, a bit of pretend madness, the audience just lapped it up They loved all that stuff BSI inspector Yes, but what about your present day customers H It still has a lot to say to kids on the street today Get out there Don t stand for no shit You gotta earn that respect man No one s gonna do it for you They shoot your best boy, you shoot theirs.BSI inspector turning pale around the nose Aha But isn t the language a little, um, difficult for the modern audience Do you think that something like Up, sword and know thou a horrid hent is going to get through to a modern viewer H Shit, that s their shit isn t it I can t go explaining every little thing to them, can I That s the job of the secondary industry around ours, but you have to inspect them separately, that s not got nuffink to do with me.BSI inspector What about your employment practices Do you offer equal opportunities to women, or to ethnic or other minorities H Don t make me laugh All white men, that s what we want No wops As for women, well Get thee to a nunnery was the best line ever Women are no use to anyone Cept for one thing, but I don t get none of that in this piece, which is a shame The inspector retreats swiftly ISO 9000 certificate awarded to Winnie the Pooh and friends No animals were harmed in the making of this review Lovely.I was shocked by how melancholy the book allowed itself to become at the end And how much that melancholy affected me, but as far as I m concerned A little boy and his bear will always be playing Might be the most hopeful line to end a book in the English language. This is the second adorable instalment that details the antics of Winnie the Pooh and his friends Much like in the first book, this was sectioned into a handful of shorter stories, each a self contained adventure Also, like the first book, this retained a humours tone throughout and involved Christopher Robin as eventual hero to the stories, saving his animal friends from the fearsome creatures who roam the woods and returning them home when their venturing goes awry This book opened up the cast of characters and I especially appreciated the appearance of Tiger, whose energy livens the tone and mood of the whole book. I love the purity of this story It has this child like wonder about the world We see through the eyes of Pooh who has little attachments in this world besides honey He is usually the one to come up with solutions to problems and he doesn t overthink things He lives by his gut Each character has such a strong and distinct voice It s a classic for a reason You can just hear A A Milne telling Christopher Robin these bedtime stories and the boy being delighted We are just lucky that A A decided to write down the wonderful stories and share them with the world.It makes me want to write a children s book I just love the tone and the voice used here and how things happen, and characters do have minor issues with themselves, but there is overwhelming kindness and compassion in the story and for the community I read this as an audio book and it was a whole lot of fun to let this story wash over me It s a quick and easy story to read There are many many great lines in this book.I need to read the other 3 books of this one It is simply so special I m glad I own this boxset I got on sale and I hope that my niece is going to decide to read this I never read them as a kid and what a shame Still, it s a story that I really enjoyed as an adult Listening, I really felt like the story was similar to a golden light that filters through the leaves of a forest on a happy day and all the world seems to sparkle There is so much wonder in this book Pooh Sticks came out of this book We like to play Pooh sticks on our walks in this area It s such a Zen kind of game and fun What a feat this work is and how lucky the world is to have these stories. Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind Pooh he whispered Yes, Piglet Nothing, said Piglet, taking Pooh s paw I just wanted to be sure of you I will forever be in love with these books The sweetness and melancholy get me every single time I don t know where Milne takes all the beautiful words, the laughing out loud humor and the ideas from I am in awe.Find of my books on Instagram So beautifully and so simply written deceptively so by A.A Milne and exquisitely illustrated by E.H Shepard initially black white line drawings and later colour washed by Shepard himself These are the stories of a boy and his bear, his world and all the wonderful characters that inhabit that world 100 Acre Wood, his childhood and ultimately the passing of that childhood What could have been especially considering the era in which they were written a particularly twee, sickly sweet and very dated collection of stories of childhood, is as about as far from that as it could possibly be Both collections have certainly stood the test of time extremely well At the heart of A.A Milne s wonderful collections Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner is of course Pooh, who is such a wonderfully created character a bear of very little brain , but a bear who is undeniably wise, funny, loyal, paradoxically clever, who does many brave and wonderful things a bear who makes mistakes and gets things wrong, but is always forgiven a bear who is both selfish and greedy see Honey and yet kind and thoughtful a bear who above all else and clich d though it may be lovable Let us not forget though the lovely cast of supporting characters, including the timid and excitable Piglet, wise although not Owl, morose and self pitying Eeyore, Kango, Roo, Rabbit and friends and relations and many others In these characters, we see ourselves, we all know and Eeyore, the same as we all know a Rabbit we are all in there somewhere, in some shape or form.A.A Milnes Winnie the Pooh stories are just so simply and so well written, both collections are timeless classics from the opening lines to the closing ones from the profoundly moving last chapter So, they went off together But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing There is so much I could write about these books, but it doesn t feel that I am really conveying quite how wonderful these stories are, I am not doing them justice what A.A Milne along with E.H Shepard have given us is something very special Both of these collections are classics in every sense of the word Not to mention the funny, moving and sometime life affirming quotes from Winnie the Pooh Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart Rivers know this there is no hurry We shall get there some day If the person you are talking to doesn t appear to be listening, be patient It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear In summation just read them.