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Kids Vs Parents An Epic Treehouse Sleepover An Awesome Group Of Friends An Exciting New Book From National Book Award Finalist Lisa GraffWinnie S Last Day Of Fourth Grade Ended With A Pretty Life Changing Surprise That Was The Day Winnie S Parents Got Divorced, The Day They Decided That Winnie Would Live Three Days A Week With Each Of Them And Spend Wednesdays By Herself In A Treehouse Smack Between Their Houses, To Divide Her Time Perfectly Evenly Between Them It Was The Day Winnie S Seed Of Frustration With Her Parents Was Planted, A Seed That Grew And Grew Until It Felt Like It Was As Big As A Tree ItselfBy The End Of Fifth Grade, Winnie Decides That The Only Way To Change Things Is To Barricade Herself In Her Treehouse Until Her Parents Come To Their Senses And Her Friends Decide To Join Her It S Kids Versus Grown Ups, And No One Wants To Back Down First But With Ten Kids In One Treehouse, All With Their Own Demands, Winnie Discovers That Things Can Get Pretty Complicated Pretty Fast Even If They Are Having The Most Epic Slumber Party EverIn The Newest Novel By Beloved National Book Award Finalist Lisa Graff, Kids Have Turned The Tables On Their Parents, And All The Rules Have Been Tossed Out The Window But Does Winnie Have What It Takes To Hold Her Ground And Keep Everyone Happy This Story, With A Pitch Perfect Middle Grade Voice And Zany Yet Poignant Situation, Is Perfect For Fans Of Sharon Creech, Louis Sachar, And Jack Gantos

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    First things first, let me just say that The Great Treehouse War was a lot of fun to read I started reading it and before I knew it I was near the ending Despite being way over the intended age group for this book, I still found myself able to read and appreciate it a lot.The Great Treehouse War is about a young girl named Winnie Winnie is your normal 10ish year old girl she is in the fifth grade She has friends, likes art, and has the worlds most amazing cat She also has parents that decided that they were better off no longer married to each other.When Winnie s parents decided to divorce, they split everything up so it would be equal for both of them One parent had Winnie 3 days of the week and the other had her for the other 3 days This only equals up to 6 days, however, they couldn t let one parent have 4 days and the other only get 3, so they came up with a plan Between the two properties they had found a place that they could live there was a treehouse So for that odd day of the week, which happened to be Wednesdays, Winnie would be in the treehouse, not with either parent.That way everything would remain totally equal and fair.Of course, that was too hard for the parents They started celebrated all the crazy holidays that happen They each kept trying to one up the other This was causing Winnie to fail the fifth grade But neither parent was listening As long as everything was fair that was all that mattered.A lot of things went on that ended up with Winnie in the treehouse with her friendsand the great treehouse war began.See It really is quite the book Throughout the book there are tons of illustrations and little side notes from her classmates about the things that happened in the story Each kid has their own little quirk, and the quirks pop up over and over again It lightens up the seriousness of the book and makes it a lot fun to read At first I thought they took away a little bit from the story, but once I got used to them I enjoyed them.Also, as you can tell, there is a serious note to this book I am an adult, not a kid in the age range that this book is intended for.so to me it was quite obvious The way the parents were behaving was really affecting Winnie How this translates to a kid with the way this story was written I am not 100% sure Maybe they will relate to Winnie, maybe they wont I can t tell you Did I think it was fun Yes Do I think Winnie should have had to go to such an extreme measure to try to get her parents to listen to her No But this story wasn t meant for me the adult It was meant for the kids.And I will definitely let a kid read this book I think they will enjoy it and I hope that if they find themselves in a similar situation, that they will find a character that they can relate to And that they can find some help from this book on how to speak up and be heard if they need to be.This review is based on a copy provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone Find of my reviews here

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    The Great Treehouse War appeals to every kid s desire to have their voices heard and to be able to make their own decisions Even as an adult, I can remember feeling this way when I was younger and wishing that I would hurry up and grow already And who wouldn t love to have a treehouse like Winnie s Especially one with a zipline to your favorite uncle s house Needless to say, I enjoyed this fun and whimsical story, and I thought the overall message was a positive one for children and adults alike This is already a favorite of my 4th 5th grade Mock Newbery book club members

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    Woohoo Ok, so I have to say I didn t appreciate the fact that the kids were so disobedient and so disrespectful, and the way parents were portrayed as dump, stupid adults That s not what we want kids reading and learning.The plot was actually rather enjoyable I didn t love the unfinished part, where none of the kids got what they asked for and none of them got punished for what they did It was really frayed at the end.As for Winnie, it was interesting to see what she saw when she used her Artist Vision Something I should probably do DThe characters were all unique and fun I liked the way they all had their own quirks and funny things Lyle, come on, a teeth collection I mean really XDAnd the design of the book itself was really fun The stick notes that each kid used to comment It was really well done All in all, I liked reading it, but I m not putting it on my bookshelf It s not the wholesome type that I would want my kids to read.

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    Stupid No part of the situation was plausible, none of the characters felt real or were than cardboard icons Bonus star for diverse races and family situations, and for the concept, I guess I might have liked it a little bit when I was a kid but I never would have felt any heart for it I hope Umbrella Summer isn t Graff s only good book I do want to try others by her.Btw, heavily illustrated in a style that reminds me a lot of Lois Lenski.

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    I m tagging this cats because Winnie s Buttons is truly the world s greatest cat I m tagging this coming of age because it is a rare middle grade not middle school book that explores the end of 5th grade going to middle school phase, rather than being about 12 year olds who already are in middle school I m tagging this empathy because that is Winnie s super power she calls it artist s vision and what helps her to solve the problem that the epic sleepover turns into I m tagging this hybrid because there are fun sketches, maps, and sticky note comments from Winnie s friends I m tagging this memoir because that s what the character is writing.

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    I love Lisa Graff s books They re so fun and generally really sweet, but there s also an undercurrent of real emotion.It sounds pretty fun to have parents who are literally competing over who can show you the best time, right But it s not as great as you d think Winnie s parents have spent so much time trying to curate the best experiences for their time with Winnie that they forget to do things like make sure she s having a good time Or that she s doing her homework, which she isn t Similarly, you may think that it would be a great time hanging out with your friends constantly And at first, you d be right But then a treehouse starts to feel cramped and a lot less fun than before.I love Lisa Graff s books so much and this is an excellent one to start with if you haven t read her before It s also a great gift for any middlegrade fans in your life.Highly recommended.

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    I have very mixed feelings about this one I love the concept but there were some parts of the delivery that were a real miss I m trying to read my notes that I scrawl as I pull into my school parking lot after listening to the audiobooks on my commute Looking at the cover students may think it s juvenile than it is I think this is targeted to 4th and 5th graders as well as some 6th 6th might be stretching a bit far though Overall there were many parts of this book that were just sad I m not sure that was the intention because they came off a bit as if they were meant to be funny all the holiday celebrations but I was slightly uncomfortable I even wrote that I felt yucky listening to the back and forth that comes with this poor divorce I m listening and thinking to myself this poor girl is being pulled between these parents that are acting like children The vehemence that is shared towards one another and the preposterousness of their equal sharing is almost unbearable I m sure that the crazy celebration holiday is to highlight their infantileness Unfortunately, this bad behavior is probably very commonplace in divorces which is part of what was making me so sad So on to a happier note I LOVE the basic idea a young girl gets to live on her own in a treehouse So fun, every kid s dream Also interesting is the reoccurring theme of artistic vision, to look with different eyes It s fun and fast paced with plenty of plot to keep the reader happy and engaged I think it does have a wide audience appeal and could make a great read aloud The adults in general act like children Even in the end they attempt to get along but are still pretty juvenile I m not sure they ve learned any great lessons I suppose it can make for good talking points for students about conflict resolution and compromise being a reasonable human Diverse cast At least one character has 2 moms It s not highlighted, it s just part of the story, the way it should be.

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    If Winnie s parents weren t acting so obsessively strange, and so hung up on spending exactly the same amount of time with her, the great treehouse war, as it was being called by the media, probably would not have happened When Winnie Malladi Maradi s parents divorce and decide to share time with her equally, they also decide that since there are uneven days in the week she will spend Wednesday s by herself in the treehouse located between both their houses With both parents trying to outdo each other by finding obscure holidays to celebrate with her, Winnie doesn t even have time to do her homework, and it looks like she might flunk fifth grade She finally gives her parents an ultimatum she will not come down from the treehouse until her parents talk to her together When Winnie s friends find out about it, they want in on the action since they too have problems with their parents, and so the great treehouse war begins I love Lisa Graff s books and this one is no exception This enjoyable tween novel is interspersed with instructions for making things like friendship bracelets and even how to make a stuffed lizard out of toe socks, as well as post it notes with comments on Winnie s narrations by her friends This fun book was highly recommended to me by a young boy in the library and I highly recommend it to you as well. Sharyn H Marathon County Public LibraryFind this book in our library catalog.

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    Caleb age 6 This book was my favorite book that I ever read I highly recommend it It s about a girl named Winifred Her parents were acting like wankos Her dad got Thanksgiving because he got Thursdays with Winifred because of the divorce system She really wanted to study for the exam for her grades Her parents had agreed that Winifred would get Wednesdays to herself, but then her mom was going to take 32 of them, but on the Wednesday before the first, she stayed in the treehouse That s how the war started, her war with her parents Her friends were in the treehouse with her Eventually they all came down from the treehouse Read to find out why they came down.

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    A cute story concerning a protagonist who tries to protest her caught in the middle role in the bitter custody fight between her divorced, bickering parents The Great Treehouse War teaches children the significance of activism in a very small context but children will be enthralled by a story of a brave girl who stands up to adults Further, the fact that the main character is hinted to be of another cultural background really throws in something different in the mix Plus, young readers will appreciate the fact that the book uses post it notes, newspaper clippings, and even letters to make the story even relatable A wonderful read that you should pick up.