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Sixteen year old novelist Riley Carney works magic in this high fantasy adventure story brought to life by memorable vibrant characters The Fire Stone the first book in the captivating Reign of the Elements series is rooted in genuine adolescent thought and emotion throughout a journey of danger friendship and courage as a group of teenagers led by fifteen year old Matt attempt to save their world Matt knows how to shovel hay dig trenches and dodge his father s whip but when three terrifying creatures attack Matt and he is rescued by a wizard he kidnaps a baby alorath and is befriended by elves Matt s life transforms overnight from dreary to astonishing When he unwittingly joins a quest to find the Fire Stone one of the elusive Stones of the Elements which have the power to destroy the world Matt is thrust into a string of perilous adventures He soon discovers that magic does exist and that he has extraordinary powers that can change his destiny and determine the fate of Mundaria

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    I gave this book 1 star for many reasons Here are a few1 This book has at least ten different typos and grammatical errors My suggestion is for the author to hire a better editor if they used one in the first place The author seems to enjoy using the thesaurus for almost every sentence which contain adjectives When a single adjective would be fine the author tries to cram in a few 2 In the first few chapters there are at least five actionfighting scenes This does not include the many many major plot twists There are only a few breaks in the action that allow minimal character development This is not a good way to structure a plot3 This book is pretty much a complete rip off of The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini with a few elements from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan By the way Christopher Paolini was 15 when he started writing Eragon In Eragon the main character finds a magical creature which he keeps The dragon grows talks flies increases the main character's magical powers etc Sound familiar? The main character in Eragon meets a mentor who is amazingly similar to Lucian In Percy Jackson The main character has a pensword that returns to his pocket whenever it is lost or dropped Sounds an awful lot like the magical returning feather To end my review this book is pretty much borderline plagiarism It is one of the most mindless and inconceivably shallow books I have ever read