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The original Ender s Game novel is possibly my favorite Sci Fi book of all time Surprisingly, the book also is an excellent guide to leadership The quotes attributed to Ender Wiggins are incredibly deep and thought provoking That being said, the last three books in the quartet are SUPER Sci Fi SUPER Sci Fi Only read if you re into those types of books Ender s Game is a good read for everyone. Ender s Game I watched Ender s Game without reading the book first, which in hindsight, was a good thing By itself, the movie was athan decent popcorn flick Even if it didn t really go into depth since the movie was supposed to be PG friendly , it still dared to examine the morality of child soldiers, remote warfare, violence birthing from xenophobia and intolerance and also schoolyard bullying In a way, Ender s being a victim of schoolyard bullying and his reaction to put a stop to it drew a parallel to the real problem of bullying in school and sometimes the tragic ends Is Ender s reaction excessive or effective Then I read the book and realized that as a movie adaptation, the movie was extremely stripped down and diluted There were many ideas intensively examined in the book Ender s Game , especially through Peter s quest to become world leader and Valentine s personal growth, the morality of using child soldiers and remote warfare, the repercussions of winning the war and Ender s self recriminations after he discovered what he had done It would be too much to fit everything into a single movie it would probably need to be a duology or a trilogy But I also think the complex and very grown up problems presented in the book also made studio producers nervous they are very real So while I m fine with the movie, I prefer reading the book instead On a last note, I really like the idea of a Speaker for the Dead As Card put it, it s different from eulogies given at funerals which can be a lot of whitewashing on a person s life This idea should be a permanent fixture in all funerals, no matter the culture. This Boxed Set Contains Orson Scott Card S Ender S Game, Speaker For The Dead, Xenocide, And Children Of The MindEnder S Game Winner Of The Hugo And Nebula Awards In Order To Develop A Secure Defense Against A Hostile Alien Race S Next Attack, Government Agencies Breed Child Geniuses And Train Them As Soldiers A Brilliant Young Boy, Andrew Ender Wiggin Lives With His Kind But Distant Parents, His Sadistic Brother Peter, And The Person He Loves Than Anyone Else, His Sister Valentine Peter And Valentine Were Candidates For The Soldier Training Program But Didn T Make The Cut Young Ender Is The Wiggin Drafted To The Orbiting Battle School For Rigorous Military TrainingEnder S Skills Make Him A Leader In School And Respected In The Battle Room, Where Children Play At Mock Battles In Zero Gravity Yet Growing Up In An Artificial Community Of Young Soldiers Ender Suffers Greatly From Isolation, Rivalry From His Peers, Pressure From The Adult Teachers, And An Unsettling Fear Of The Alien Invaders His Psychological Battles Include Loneliness, Fear That He Is Becoming Like The Cruel Brother He Remembers, And Fanning The Flames Of Devotion To His Beloved Sister Is Ender The General Earth Needs But Ender Is Not The Only Result Of The Genetic Experiments The War With The Buggers Has Been Raging For A Hundred Years, And The Quest For The Perfect General Has Been Underway For Almost As Long Ender S Two Older Siblings Are Every Bit As Unusual As He Is, But In Very Different Ways Between The Three Of Them Lie The Abilities To Remake A World If, That Is, The World SurvivesSpeaker For The Dead In The Aftermath Of His Terrible War, Ender Wiggin Disappeared, And A Powerful Voice Arose The Speaker For The Dead, Who Told The True Story Of The Bugger WarNow, Long Years Later, A Second Alien Race Has Been Discovered, But Again The Aliens Ways Are Strange And Frighteningagain, Humans Die And It Is Only The Speaker For The Dead, Who Is Also Ender Wiggin The Xenocide, Who Has The Courage To Confront The Mysteryand The TruthXenocide The War For Survival Of The Planet Lusitania Will Be Fought In The Hearts Of A Child Named Gloriously BrightOn Lusitania, Ender Found A World Where Humans And Pequeninos And The Hive Queen Could All Live Together Where Three Very Different Intelligent Species Could Find Common Ground At Last Or So He ThoughtLusitania Also Harbors The Descolada, A Virus That Kills All Humans It Infects, But Which The Pequeninos Require In Order To Become Adults The Starways Congress So Fears The Effects Of The Descolada, Should It Escape From Lusitania, That They Have Ordered The Destruction Of The Entire Planet, And All Who Live There The Fleet Is On Its Way, A Second Xenocide Seems InevitableChildren Of The Mind The Planet Lusitania Is Home To Three Sentient Species The Pequeninos A Large Colony Of Humans And The Hive Queen, Brought There By Ender But Once Against The Human Race Has Grown Fearful The Starways Congress Has Gathered A Fleet To Destroy LusitaniaJane, The Evolved Computer Intelligence, Can Save The Three Sentient Races Of Lusitania She Has Learned How To Move Ships Outside The Universe, And Then Instantly Back To A Different World, Abolishing The Light Speed Limit But It Takes All The Processing Power Available To Her, And The Starways Congress Is Shutting Down The Net, World By WorldSoon Jane Will Not Be Able To Move The Ships Ender S Children Must Save Her If They Are To Save Themselves Ender s Game was recommended to me, and so for Christmas, someone went overboard and got me the entire quartet I have a hard time putting a book down I will give a book 100 pages to keep my interest , so it was equally difficult to consider not reading the whole quartet Ender s Game everyone knows Boy trained to be hope for mankind against alien invasion Plot twist Plot twist Lesson on good and evil Etc It s a fun read.What intrigued me about Speaker For The Dead was the preface, wherein Card said that SFTD was the book he wanted to write, and EG was written to provide sufficient backstory It s like when a composer performer claims in the liner notes that they put their heart and soul into that record I will pretty much always check that out SFTD, in my opinion, is the best of the quartet It s part murder mystery, part reconciling your past, part understanding your future, part morality lesson and philosophy on what defines Life and equal treatment ok, so I guess it s one long story about empathy Whatever.Then there was Xenocide which expands the story evenAnd, truth be told, X was also interesting, though overall not as strong as the previous two Not that the plot is lacking, or even that the physics and metaphysics aren t great devices much like the colonization of worlds by culture , but the issues I had with the quartet started to show.The last book, Children Of The Mind is a good enough conclusion, but it focused on what I liked the least character development I get the notion of aiuas or auias, or however you spell it and questioning the ties of the body to the mind, but the characters felt thin Quara and Miro felt thinner in this book than in the previous one, where even Grego and Olhado showed depth The tragedy of Novinha carried on through her children is also a fine plot line, but Quara and Miro particularly and even Val and Jane, eventually felt like caricatures It felt, after a few chapters, like I was reading an Ayn Rand story I still enjoyed the book, and appreciate where it leaves off with the descoladadores and all that, but it felt a bit like in wrapping things up, it settled for some tropes destined love, the machine that learns humanity, everyone is damaged, everyone needs love, all life must move on, etc The Wang Mu Peter plot line was the weakest, even though their encounter with Malu should have been and maybe it was, in its way the most transcendent.Still worth reading, and I d give the stars out in order EG 4, SFTD 5, X 3.5, COTM 3. I first read the Ender s series as a kid, perhaps some of the most influential sci fi books I read at the time, perhaps because it is about super intelligent children who themselves become alien other in their attempts at understanding what it means to be human After taking a class on science fiction I thought it would be worthwhile to go back and reread them ah, light summer reading, I read Ender s Game in its entirety last night , particularly because these books present the concept of the Hierarchy of Otherness other as self, other as enemy, other as wholly other, which I found useful over the semester as examples or characterizations of the human response to amounts of novelty applied to intergalactic situations. One of the best series I have EVER read They don t have these listed on here separately so here is my individual reviews Ender s Game Excellent plot, character development everything As woman not into violence and not really into science fiction, I was amazed at how much I could relate to a little boy being trained as a soldier in space.Speaker for the Dead you can begin this book without having read Ender s Game It is a brilliant commentary on enthnocentrism and colonialism.Xenocide if you liked the first two books, you have to keep reading This books gets muchheavily into philosophy, so be prepared to take your time reading it Children of the Mind muchintrospective, I loved it It concludes Ender s story perfectly. Such great books Orson Scott Card really outdid himself I know a lot of people who really liked Ender s Game, but couldn t get into the rest of the series I can understand that because the rest of the series is very very philosophical Not really philosophical but they get a lot deeper and areof a let me think about what just happened, what I can learn, and how I can apply it to my life genre of book I loved all of them, but in different ways If someone was interested and they asked me about them I would not hesitate to suggest them I picked up Ender s Game after having heard amazing things about it It was a bit hard to get through at first, as I had found it to be a bit too technical at first Card described in so much detail about the program and the game , but once I got a hang of the game and the characters, I immediately got sucked in In fact, I ended up blowing through the entire series one after the other because the characters and the dynamics between them were so incredible I read through both the Ender and Shadow series and enjoyed both thoroughly The Ender series is a classic that sucks me in even as I reread these booksthan a decade after high school The later books in this series fills me with a curiosity and sends my mind racing about the implications of the concepts and moral dilemmas posed Before rereading this series I had almost completely been reading non fiction business software engineering books this year The Ender series gave me a much needed break from the monotony of non fiction books. It was honestly hard to give this series a 4 out of 5 First of all, in truth, Ender s Game is a prequel, a book only written so that the other three would not have to take as much time being set up It s purely lore That doesn t make it a bad book, just a bad first book as overall it s largest contribution is giving a basis for why certain characters act or feel certain ways in certain scenarios.Continuing, the other three books are a different story all together, no pun intended The cast of characters are extremely in depth and life like, not always acting in a way that seems rational or befitting of their current situations They explore each other and themselves in truly beautiful ways, and even when they make mistake after mistake you can t help but want the very best for them At least I feel this way about Speaker for the Dead, and I wish to God that Card had ended it there But no We have Xenocide.Xenocide continues where we left off in the last book, brings up similar topics, ideas, behaviors, and feelings, all of which were explored in some way with the first book and the series prequel and then drags them out.You get hints of this before in SFTD but you bear through it only to open up Xenocide and realize My God It s full ofof this nonsense Don t get me wrong I m sure the super fans will say that I just don t get it but trust me, I do The last three books are a lotphilosophical than EG, they re meant to make you think, and do so a hell of a lotthen what EG hoped for, but it does all of this by jumping straight into the deep end in every sense of the word Now, I may be at fault In my haste and love of the world crafted by Card, the very thing which is the only reason I ve scored this box set as high as I have, I brashly burned through the first two books and asked for , expecting a generous mix of action, psychological thrills, and philosophical questions only to end up with a mouthful of the latter two I crawled through the third but antagonizing slow, hoping that it would just end already Where character inability to be reasonable during times of stress, shock, depression, or anger seemed, well, reasonable before, now it just seem stupid These character that I had once loved now seemed like examples of some of the worse sins in literature Plot Pushers, people or events that are beyond common sense or reason but are there instead only to push the plot You know what I mean, lots of movies and books have them The guy who is impossible prejudice or stupid, or scared, or clumsy and thus who cause everything that happens later on Yes, real life has these same kind of people but my God, my God, when it feels like the important characters are treading on this same line It took me over a year to come back to the final book It did not win back any favor with me.You see those two sentences up there How emotionless they are That how I can sum up how I felt reading the last book it felt likea chore, and THAT was truly heart breaking This world that I loved, these characters that I had struggled with and cared about they had all been reduced to a chore.I feel like Card spenttime developing a children s book in Ender s Game and a philosophy lesson in the Xenocide Trilogy Granted, Ender s Games has great character development but it moves along like any other Science Fiction book I ve read The Xenocide Trilogy will take your children s book and crank it up several notches I won t lie For all of my complaing I was invested in the last two books But instead of the deep sense of understanding and enjoyment I felt with the first two books I spenttime being angry with characters and bored by plot pushing I thought about the questions Card brought in all the books equally but spenttime enraged by how he set these questions up rather than enjoying the questions themselves with the last two Sure, my mind is as perceptive as others due to the four books as everyone else but that doesn t mean I ll thank Card for it If anything I feel that me being able to ask those insanely hard questions now allows me to see the books not just as a fan but as an equal thinker, and I think that Card could have done better He s a great writer but I won t excuse him for writing a bad book just because it s a great story I m sure that won t make sense to some of you but those who understand will, well, understand.I think of the rest of the Ender Quartet the Xenocide Trilogy because that s how I picture it Ender s Game is a standalone book And now, after finishing Xenocide and Ender s Children, I wish Speaker for the Dead was too.