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That joyous recognition which seems to obey the tradition of classical tragedy should be the crown of this story leaving happiness assured or at least than possible for the three persons of the tale—the true mother the apocryphal and obliging son and the conspirator repaid for the providential apotheosis of his industry But Fate for such is the name that we give the infinite and unceasing operation of thousands of intertwined causes would not have itFrom A Universal History of Iniquity by Jorge Luis Borges Raphus Press proudly presents The Conspirators A Borgean Tribute to Jorge Luis Borges a collection of short stories in honor of Borges Here we have complex reconstructions and ferocious reconfigurations of the usual mazes daggers and conspirators of that Argentine authorJorge Luis Borges 1899 1986 was an author who not only represented the best of Argentine and Latin American fiction in the twentieth century but followed the fate of some of his inspirers and became​ perhaps against his will a national hero of his country occupying a mythical zone Curiously this mythical status extrapolated the borders of Argentina and the name Borges became universally associated with fantastic literature labyrinths mirrors erudition books But Becoming a myth has its drawbacks the loss of depth when it comes to details Borges a man of conservative thinking in political terms appreciated the revolutionary Louis Auguste Blanqui the grandfather of Leninism Indeed in his fictions and poetry there are innumerable heretics counterfeiters villainous conspirators indicating a very complex notion of reality outside the conventional axes of conservative morality Reactivate such paradoxes this is the quest of our collectionFor this purpose we have an extraordinary myriad of authors whose unbridled imagination can conjure up infinite new labyrinths to the liking of Borges Mark Valentine and John Howard Thomas Philips Jonathan Wood Rhys Hughes Justin Isis Stephan Friedman and some few surprises Some of them in their first collaboration with the Raphus Press also embarking on the search for a kind of imaginary author who is perhaps the savage Argentine God who imagined the hallucinatory reality that surrounds us as a perpetual maze

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    Nice collection of short stories by various authors inspired by the work of Jorge Luis Borges Very cool little book beautiful illustrations Loved the Jonathan Wood story