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From the author of The Hemlock Bay Series comes a new retelling of an old tale Not every Beast is a prince charming at heart and not every Beauty is a maiden just waiting for loveCalia Thorn has lived her entire life in a small town sheltered by the Cold King’s mountain Working day and night to care for her younger siblings complete her unending chores and please her selfish lazy mother has left her with few dreams for her own futureBut then even those meager hopes are taken from her when the Cold King comes down from his mountain to demand a new servant Ungraceful unladylike undesired and unwanted by even her own family Calia is chosen to be sent to the palaceThe Cold King has lived for three hundred years under a curse imposed by his own father With no hope of ever breaking it he settles for keeping his heart frozen against any pain— or hopeWhen his new servant arrives she challenges him in ways no one ever has and sparks fly But not every Beast is a prince charming at heart and not every beauty is a maiden just waiting for loveSometimes happily ever after isn’t so easy

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    I rarely write reviews but this book made me so angry I felt the need to write oneI'll preface my review with the fact that this is the worst book I've ever had the displeasure to read and I've read well over 3000 books in my lifetimeI'll begin by focusing on the failings of the literature aspect of the bookThe characters were generic and vanilla we only ever get to know the background of 2 or 3 of them even though there are perhaps 5 or 6 main ones and the main protagonist Calia is as vapid and willowy as they come Not one of the characters received proper characterization by this clearly subpar and inexperienced author; nothing beyond she was ugly and useless and then became beautiful and useful literally overnight after a year of servitude in the castle Not only was Calia's characterization stunted and rapid but it also did nothing to advance the plot In the beginning right after she became a servant in the castle she was useless and clumsy and cried all the time And then one night she literally just stopped crying and the next day she became near perfect at her duties and changed her mind about the king she had previously believed with all her heart was horrible and cruel She promised herself she'd never be nice to him and then in that same night she became a domestic goddess she suddenly developed an affection for her captor as well and the author offered no reasoning behind it other than she finally came to terms with her predicament which would be fine but we never got to fully understand what the predicament was?? Overall it was a shoddy characterization attempt and it was clear the author just got lazy at the endIn terms of the plot it was clear what the plot was SUPPOSED to be a young woman overcomes adversity in her life and her dislike of the king she previously thought cruel and cold to enhance his life and ingratiate herself into his heart against all odds melting the ice walls he had built up around his heart and liberating the castle from his grip However what came across was a dumb girl from the village lost all her moxy and strength almost immediately upon entering the castle She initially insisted that she would never love the king or even like him believing him cruel and her kidnapper essentially But after spending only a little bit of time with this man she changes her mind because he gives her gifts and a room to sleep in after LITERALLY ingraining in her brain that she is his property and she relies on him for everything What a jokeI won't even BEGIN to talk about the problematic uses of the ugly to pretty girl misunderstood villain and tragic love story tropes that are used because I'll be here all dayInstead I'll move on to the misogynistic victim blaming abuser apologist and stockholm syndrome that is blatantly prevalent throughout this miserable novel SPOILERS AHEAD The final tally for the asshole Cold King is as follows locks Calia up in a cold dungeon TWICE the first time when she initially arrives in order to ease the transition into her new life and to teach her that she must rely on the king for everything essentially breaking down her spirit and building it back up to his liking to satisfy his controlling personality and the second time when he was angry at her for refusing to lock a PREGNANT WOMAN in the cold cellar so he locks her there instead without food a blanket and with the window open in the middle of the winter She almost freezes to death sends her back to her mother's house when he knows it was an abusive loveless place and it makes her uncomfortable once again to assert his power over her I'm assuming constantly berates her and insults her looks and intelligence without offering a comforting word once in a while continually reminds her that she is his property and everything she has is a gift from him and she should be grateful to him always for this and not only does he not believe her when she comes running to him from the village where she's been assaulted and almost raped but sends her away back to her attackers because he was angry she saw him without his mask on he has ugly burns and thinks himself unattractive whoop dee doo That's literally a paragraph of what an abusive and manipulative man he is and yet Calia STILL RETURNS TO HIM EVERY TIME He has nearly KILLED HER in his anger and pride and she keeps coming back for the literal description of someone suffering from Stockholm Syndrome as well as someone trapped in an abusive relationship He never raises a hand to her but the mental and secondary physical abuse she suffers from his ignorance and anger is inexcusable and the only excuse he DOES offer when he finally gets around to apologizing is I'm sorry I'm such a bad man please stay with me and I'll never do it again Are you KIDDING ME? I understand that the whole faux abusive men in power trope is popular these days thanks to the deplorable and disgusting 50 Shades of Grey but there HAS to be a limit to the blatant misogyny present in today's romance novels The Cold King is literally an abusive manipulator and numerous times throughout the novel Calia tries to leave but by her own admission she has nowhere else to go so she inevitably ends up back in his palace YES he takes care of her after she recovered from her near freezing but HE'S the one who did that to her in the first place YES he brings her back after she left for the village when he sent her away and he even forgave her for looking upon him without his mask and saved her from her would be rapists but it was HE who sent her there after he refused to believe she'd been attacked believing selfishly that she only wanted to see him without his maskHe's a narcissistic manipulative unstable and abusive man and yet somehow someway Calia STILL falls in love with him SOMEHOW he is STILL painted as the misunderstood victim because poor him his mom and sister died long ago and he was cursed to finally take responsibility for his actions after unintentionally killing hundreds of people in an irresponsible party This culture of having the woman with no choices no prospects and no self esteem falling in love with her abuser her kidnapper her master is disgusting and only perpetuates the rampant misogyny in our culture Shame on you Amber Jaeger for contributing to this disgusting cultureMy only consolation is that I have Kindle Unlimited and I didn't have to pay money for this piece of literary garbage

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    Finallyi finished this bookit was so bad and boringThe first day i read this book I thought this book was interesting but i wronged so so wronged because the story was badreally really badWhat I didn't likeThe CharactersCalia oh my godshe annoyed me so much i know Calia's life was hard but could she stop crying and be a strong girl???I was so frustrated reading from her POV because she kept crying and cryingUgh I really hated her┛❍ᴥ❍┛彡┻━┻The Cold King the first day i read this book i thought he was interesting and made me curious but as long as i read the book i found out that he was an asshole and he bored meI'm serious he was not interesting at alland he has a namehe's name isisugh I even forget his name but it's ok I don't even like him _ ノAnd the story was so cliché and I didn't like the story tooThis book was so boringI don't want to recommend this book to anyone but if you want to try it then it's ok because this is just my opinion and everyone has different opinion about books✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

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    This book is another retelling of the age old beauty and the beast tale a theme I keep reading but can't seem to get enough ofI love how every author uses their creativity and incorporates their own elements and tries to make something uniue out of this same theme So the uestion remainsWas it done right? Well yes The cold king definitely deliversThe cold king as he is known to his subjects is a powerful immortal king who has been ruling for centuries His subjects are utterly terrified of him It all begins when the king makes a summons for a new personal servant and Callie being the town outcast is forced to fill in for the position despite her fearDespairing her loss of freedom and terrified of her fate Callie loathes the king But life inside the castle walls turns out to be completely unexpected Her feelings of loathing begin to fade as she realises that the castle is filled with other servants who have all been town rejects but their lives have turned out for the better ever since they have come to the castle She finds a new found acceptance among this band of misfits She also begins to harbour tender feelings as she slowly discovers the man beneath the terrible maskI tried to keep guessing in vain till the very end about what will ultimately break the curse and I have to say I was very satisfied with the way things turned out Yes there were things that the king did that were wrong a few times but being a monarch his arrogance is to be expectedOverall a 45 rating But I'll round it off to 5 stars as I liked a book a lot

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    I have to say I LOVED this book I got this book as a free kindle purchase and I wasn't expecting it to be that great In fact I was just hoping I would be able to read it through without any annoying frustrations I've been feeling towards YA books lately I mean they all seem to be leaning towards the MC being a self depreciating mary sue who ends up being in a insta love andor love triangle type of situation The plots are usually strench way behind their means to fit multiple books and there always seem to be a snarky ueenbee type antagonist in thereThis book had none of that With the exception of the MC being a little self depreciating But at least I understood where she was coming from She wasn't this beautiful girl who thought she was ugly She had an unhealthy look based on her life and it didn't help the way she was treated The MC grew into her own person the romance actually DEVELOPED and the story developed It didn't just happen over night This was an amazing retelling of Beauty the Beast and I'm glad that I actually give it chance

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    By the end of this story I was so disappointed and angry that I couldn't form words Before I enumerate what happened to make me so unhappy let me discuss the few things I likedI enjoyed reading about Calia at first She doesn't let herself break down under her mother's indifference or the calculated cruelty she cares about others without being obnoxious and she's not annoying Which is important to say now because this changes Meanwhile the Cold King Valenka isn't all that bad at first He isn't cruel doesn't abuse his servants or demand much of anything beyond 'Do what I say' and loyalty Tossing his servants into a cold dungeon room until he feels they aren't going to run away is perhaps a tad bit much but he has his own insecurities and paranoia so its not that bad at first I liked watching the friendship grow between Calia and Valenka While I thought her stubborn refusal to understand that her stubbornness was really what was holding her back from what she wanted freedom to do as she pleases pretty much was grating on the nerves it didn't detract from the fact the two had a warm bond The secondary characters were all very interesting as well They had distinct personalities for the most part Cato and Jos the cook and house maid sometimes felt similar though and gave a good counterpoise to Calia's previous life Things were moving along nicely if predictably given the fairy tale this is based on I was in a warm happy place when it all rocketed downhill faster then I could blink In short order Valenka goes from fairly Princely with some minor anger problems to a Grade A Creep he locks her in a dungeon cell in the dead of winter without a blanket water or food The window is open and she nearly dies All because she told him a pregnant woman shouldn't be locked up like that he accuses her of lying about being nearly raped by two guys of injuring herself and making it all up to trap him into revealing his secretsCalia meanwhile forgives him after some harsh words and bitchy comments that he should have believed her then keeps tossing a snit because he's afraid to walk around without his mask on Thereby proving she hasn't learned a thing about why he acts the way he does And then true love saves the day because god help us if it didn'tHonestly by the end I didn't think either of them deserved love His servants all deserved happiness which they all got because they were all STAND UP fellows even Jos by the end but Calia and Valenka didn't grow as a couple After what Valenka did I just could not buy the romance any He shouldn't have needed his entire staff telling him that Calia wasn't lying in order to believe her Nor should he have let his rage get to the point where he ignored the fact he tossed her into a life threatening situationCalia for all the backbone she grew facing off against her mother finally should have stood up for herself She shouldn't have relented I think its problematic whenever a heroine says to her supposed love interest 'be the man I want you to be' to be specific she says the man I thought you were His acceptance of what he was her expectations of him and them growing as a couple shouldn't been jammed into the last few chapters It never felt as if Valenka accepted himself it felt like he was doing it to please Calia

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    How did this book get so many good reviews? It's AWFUL like something you jot out in junior high or Creative Writing class for the amusement of your friends It's patently obvious the author hasn't an inkling about how things are done in a castle something that anyone should know after one episode of Downton Abbey or three old romance novels First personal assistants to men are never women it JUST WASN'T DONE But there seems to be a lot of gender role nonconformity going on in this castle which would have been nice to have been shown in the beginning Since this wasn't done I really had to struggle with the concept of a female valet to a king for a long timeAlso you can have a magic castle with almost no servants or a real one with tons of servants or you can have an unholy mess What you can NOT have is a non magical castle run by less than ten servants There are reasons why your personal attendant isn't the one who cleans your fireplacehell even the regular maid didn't generally clean out the fireplace because that girl was usually black from head to toe It was considered one of the lowest entry positions and you would work your way up to being a regular maid Having her do the fireplace in the middle of the afternoonhas this author ever cleaned out a fireplace? Why is the king doing so much physical labor? What's the point of even having servants if you are doing so much of the work? Why is he carrying trays andor buckets? I get not trying to make things hard on one's servants but the reason servants exist is so that kings can get on with ruling Making judgements defending the borders settling disputes between their lord's suabbles etc I don't vacuum for my maid and the CEO doesn't make his secretary coffee KINGS DON'T CARRY STUFF especially not trays and buckets I don't care if they do happen to be going that way If they are they make a servant carry the tray andor bucket while following themWhy did they go down to the town for a new stablemaster rather than promoting someone already in the stable the answer being that apparently the royal stable only has one person running it In real life they get a new stable hand and then promote one of the grooms This book makes it seem that you only need one of every job one maid for a whole castle a stable run by one stable master master of what? one cook in the kitchen guess you don't need scullery maids if you are only cooking for ten or less and a butler to overseemeh? I guess the butler just opens the door because there don't seem to be any footmen underfoot let alone the rest of the staffWho uses the title my king? That's borders on the profoundly intimate Someone watched Coming to America too many times and thinks yes my prince is an acceptable form of address Depending on where you are a king might be your Highness your Excellency and possibly Supremacy or Exalted but in at least one instance in the book the main character actually switches and says my lord instead facepalm IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A LORD AND A KING PLEASE WRITE CONTEMPORARY STUFF THAT IS DEVOID OF NOBILITY The dialogue was wooden and a bit too expository again shades of beginner or at least first draft writing the romance meh he's a douche he remains a douche but oh how I love him and not that well shown All sizzle is lacking The characters are totally flat and there is no character development The good characters stay good the bad characters are totally bad and that's it The writing style itself is simply okay but doesn't make up for all the fatal flaws in the setup of the story

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    5 Stars for a wonderful novelI admit that my rating may be a bit biased since I'm a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast spin offs but Amber Jaeger truly did a fantastic job creating her own uniue twist on Beauty and the Beast While I haven't read every single spin off of this fairy tale that's been published to this day I have read many and I can say that there are very few that I have enjoyed as much as this While I do love Disney fairytales I like that this story doesn't hold back on the cruelty and violence aspect The Cold King is by far the most cruel version of the Beast that I've ever read and Calia is certainly not your typical BelleI felt a lot of sympathy for Calia as her family rings true to the synopsis of this story they don't care about her In fact no one cares about her to the point that they volunteered her to be the King's personal slave servant I absolutely hated her mother as well since she was pretty much the epitome of the typical evil mother that you oh so desperately hateIf you break down the structure of the story into it's simplest form it's basically your average Beauty and the Beast story ie a girl trapped in a castle by an evil guy there's a curse etc However once you add in Amber Jaeger's characters and plot twists it's a wonderful story that stands on its own The romance is there that's not strictly a fairytale love but once that does show the truly complex side of it There's also a tiny bit of comedy here and there which I thoroughly enjoyed I also liked that the ending wasn't the flawless happy ending Overall I'd say whether or not you're a Beauty and the Beast fan you should definitely check this book out It's worth the read if you love struggling heroines the raw gritty aspects of reality and a classic love story that's been reshaped into something new

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    One of the best reselling I've ever read

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    This was a fun twist on the Beauty and the Beast retelling It almost like a Cinderella Beauty and the Beast mash upI liked how there is this kingdom and with is comes the cursed kingbeast they are aware of their king and are terrified of him When the king is in need of a servant or whatever to work with him in his castle he comes down to the town and makes the town pick who they want to send to him very rarely does someone volunteer His face is constantly covered with a mask made with precious jewels The town is terrified of him but they also love him because they keep them safe from war and famine This story starts out with a Cinderella feel to it as Calia our main character is her own mother's slave she does everything but she's told she is ugly and unwanted As a mother myself I was angry on Calia's behalf But Calia loves her mother and her sisters and does everything she is askedWhen the king comes to town demanding a new personal servant Calia is thrown to the wolves because she is told she is ugly unloved unwanted and will never get married because nobody wants herWhen Calia arrives she is immediately thrown into the dungeon to help ease her into her new life as she is to never see her family again For days she is kept there until the king feels that she is ready to begin her new life with him as his personal servant I enjoyed story and the character development of Calia as she goes from ragged peasant to polished servant I enjoyed the other characters found at the castleThe biggest complaint I have with this story is when two very serious events happen against Calia she runs back and in a matter of hours is able to forgive and forget duuuude I'm likewhat????? oh nay nay I say Other than that I loved it and it was wonderfulSexual Content moderateLanguage mildDrugsAlcohol mildViolence moderate

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    Love love love this book It was so captivating and wonderfully writtenThe main character Calia Thorn has lived a hard life Growing up in a small town sheltered by the Cold King’s mountain without the affection of her own family Calia doesn't know of love All she does day in and day out is clean up after her horrid mother and sisters But all that changes when the Cold King the King that ensures her towns safety comes to announce he was looking for a new personal assistant Calia is curious about the Cold King but never in her wildest dreams did she think that the people in her town would pick her to work for the king Even her own mother votes for her to go saying that she has no future and nobody would want to marry her The Cold King has lived hundreds of years cursed by his own father no less Seeing no hope or happiness in the future for his life he has keep himself aloof remote and most importantly cold But then Calia appears into his life as his new servant testing him in ways he never was before Can the Cold King learn to love? Will Calia finally find somewhere where she is wanted cherishedand loved? Can Calia and The Cold King find their happily ever after together? What I loved about this story was it was not like any other books you ever read It was captivating entertaining and brilliant I read this book in about 6 hours You know that a book is good when you can't stop reading it It was definitely a page turner Also how cool is it that this book is a retelling for the classic fairytale of Beauty and the Beast? I absolutely love Beauty and the Beast I had high expectations for this book and I wasn't let down The characters were beautifully written and I love the Cold King and Calia's character's I will admit that I cried a lot throughout this book The raw emotions portrayed in this book were powerful I love when a book can make me feel all kinds of emotions I adore this book and will definitely reread this book in the future I recommend this book to everyone Love this book