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This was one of the best of the love inspired read romance suspense read mystery novels so far, and I ve read dozens Set in the military, the author grew up a military brat, and knows what she is talking about In addition, it has a plot factor at the end not seen in any other so far. There is a lot of action in this novel that is centered around an investigation of a soldier s death by what was presumed to be friendly fire The author writes well and managed to tie all the plot strands together at the end. Miniseries Military Investigations I enjoyed this book as I always love a good mystery I thought there was enough suspense and action, but it did feel like it ended pretty quickly And while there was some romance they rushed it a bit at the end that just felt off It went from an attraction to a marriage proposal pretty quickly Also for being a Christian fiction book, there wasn t much faith content with the characters I would have appreciated of a faith journey They both realized they needed God, but it seemed like only in times of trouble. The Captain s Mission by Debby GiustiLove Inspired SuspensePublished by HarlequinSweet and mild romanceU.S Army Captain Jean Philippe Thibodeaux is running a live fire demonstration after a four day field exercise His men are tired, but the Captain s schedule is demanding the most of them Did fatigue play a part in the death of one of his men Why was one of the men, wearing a bullet proof vest, fatally shot during the demonstration Special Agent Kelly McQueen has been assigned to the case, to determine if it was an accident, or if it was the Captain s fault She is a stunning blonde, the top marksman on the post, and all business Together they start to put together the pieces and clues to find out why this serviceman died.The author does a good job of capturing a military personality in both characters The Captain is strong, serious, concerned about his men first and foremost, but also friendly and kind Both of them come from the South and have Southern manners drilled into them by their families They both have fears of becoming like their dysfunctional parents, preventing them from opening their hearts too quickly to each other They must both learn to heal and forgive if they want to move ahead with their lives.The book has a good plot, with enough energy to keep the reader turning the pages The clues are presented in a logical way and add up to a believable ending.Be sure and read my book review column at This was a very interesting book to read I enjoyed reading the book. Kelly McQueen, an army CID, criminal investigation division, agent, not only battles urrent investigations, she battles unresolved issues regarding her deceased father, who before he died was a wayward, no good Cajun So when Army Captain, John Philip Thibedeaux how much Cajun can we get here, enters her life, with a wayward with the ladies reputation of his own, well we can see whyKelly might have a few reservations regarding captain Phil And Phil isn t without his own demons his past boasts a less than reputable father and a mother who put work before Phil, therefore he s careful to guard his heart when it comes to Kelly a woman who putsWork before everything else.But when a live fire exercise turns Fatal for one of Phil s soldiers, he and Kelly are forced to work together to find out what happened Debby has a way of writing suspense that leaves you on the edge plot wise and emotionally.I always enjoy Debby s books, so I was excited to read this one Once again, Debby delivers a strong novel filled with mystery, intrigue and emotional turns that keep you turning the pages even though your bathwater is really no longer hot any. What a gripping read Once I cracked the book open I pretty much read it right through in one sitting I just couldn t put it down Giusti knows how to build tension, strategically divulging clues one at a time while she gradually cranks up the action until an explosion of suspense sent me reeling at the end Brilliantly done.Phil and Kelly s slow burn romantic development added its own unique blend of toe curling suspense as well Definitely a winning combination and one you don t want to miss This is Love Inspired Suspense at its best. While I liked learning about Kelly s background, I still felt like her relationship with Phil was forced into a condensed timeline This was especially true given their personal problems in the past. When One Of His Soldiers Is Killed By Live Ammunition During What Was Supposed To Be A Simple Training Exercise, Captain Phil Thibodeaux Wants Answers Even If It Means Working With The Criminal Investigation Division That Seems Certain To Pin The Blame On Him But After CID Agent Kelly McQueen Defends His Conduct, Phil Realizes That There S To The Dedicated Agent Than Meets The Eye Maybe She S Someone He Can Trust, After All And He Ll Need Someone To Rely On As Investigations Lead Him To Doubt Everyone Else Even His Own Soldiers