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Rescue From An Unlikely Source Abducted And Taken Aboard A Merchant Ship Bound For India, Charlotte Gilpin Desperately Searches For Ways To Escape The Heiress Certainly Doesn T Expect Rescue From The Most Unlikely Of Sources Captain Alexander Carstairs, A Man With Whom She Has Crossed Swords In The PastAlex Isn T Sure What To Make Of Charlotte S Claim To Have Been Kidnapped He Wouldn T Put It Past This Spirited Woman To Have Cooked Up The Whole Thing To Avoid Her Father S Matchmaking But In The Confines Of The Ship This Confirmed Bachelor Unexpectedly Finds Charlotte Getting Under His Skin Again

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    What a rollicking good read Well plotted, with many twists and turns, and characters with whom it is easy to identify this is romance with adventure Faultless writing and historical background, too, this book has it all.

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    Meh Picked it up for my Summer Reading Bingo game but it was so unmemorable I kept forgetting about it.

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    Best selling author Mary Nichols continues her captivating series about The Piccadilly Gentleman s Club with The Captain s Kidnapped Beauty, a beguiling romantic adventure set in Georgian England.There is absolutely nothing that Miss Charlotte Gilpin does not know about coach making The only daughter of one of England s richest tradesmen, Charlotte has grown up in her father s yard, surrounded by all the hustle and bustle of his prosperous business However, Charlotte s father has got ambitions for her ambitions that do not involve his daughter spending the rest of her life getting her hands dirty Charlotte s father is determined to get his daughter married off to a titled gentleman and he is not willing to compromise Charlotte would much rather be adding up figures in her father s ledger than at yet another tedious society gathering She s got her plate full with juggling the incessant demands of the business with looking after her father s household she s certainly got neither the time nor the inclination for a romantic attachment Although she s well aware of her father s quest to find an eligible and titled gentleman for her, Charlotte is perfectly happy with her lot in life She d rather die than end up saddled with someone as infuriating and aggravating as Captain Alexander Carstairs for the rest of her life However, little does Charlotte realise that she will soon end up having to rely on the sly cunning of the resourceful Captain When Charlotte is kidnapped and held hostage aboard a merchant ship bound for India, the wealthy coach making heiress is beside herself Fearful of her life and virtue, Charlotte cannot help but wonder whether she will ever see her father or England again When help comes in the unexpected form of Alexander Carstairs, Charlotte doesn t know whether she should be relieved that there is somebody in her corner or dismayed that the only person who can help her is somebody whom she s always treated with disdain in the past With danger round every corner and nobody else to trust, Charlotte puts her fate in the Captain s hands But when resentment gives way to an attraction that simply cannot be denied, Charlotte and Alex soon begin to wonder whether they will ever manage to vanquish the enemy that seems hell bent on destroying their burgeoning happiness Will Charlotte and Alex find a way to triumph over all the obstacles that are standing in their way Or will they be condemned to spending the rest of their life apart Mary Nichols is one of the most accomplished writers of historical romance writing today and The Captain s Kidnapped Beauty is a spellbinding tale that will delight, enchant and entrall Richly atmospheric, deliciously thrilling and wonderfully romantic, this absorbing Georgian historical has got it all from peril on the high seas to heart pounding emotional intensity and gripping romantic drama.Charlotte is a wonderful heroine who was strong, intrepid and intelligent and than a match for the brooding and saturnine Alexander Both characters were superbly written and I defy anyone not to fall in love with them from the moment they leap off the pages Written with plenty of flair and finesse, The Captain s Kidnapped Beauty is a splendid historical romance that will hold readers in thrall from beginning to end This review was originally published on Cataromance.

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    DNF.I d set this one aside so that I could finish reading Highland Surrender which was started on audio, but the narrator was atrocious, so I gave up and checked it out from the library to read instead When I finished HS and it was time to go back to this one after renewing the checkout on this one for an additional three weeks , I just couldn t bring myself to open it up again So this one goes on the DNF list and I m moving on to something else.Aside from the author s penchant for antiquated language, I was very turned off in the beginning of the book by the first chapter, which name drops at least a dozen characters I don t know or care anything about Once again, I managed to pick up a book that s part of a series without realizing it The story of this book actually starts in the second chapter And while it seemed interesting, shortly after the hero and heroine meet, he goes off to the country and she gets kidnapped I have no reason at this point to care for either of them or to be concerned that they re now separated.He, being our hero, of course goes after her And that s where the story really lost me The setup is so implausible that I just couldn t bring myself to go to the extreme effort that suspending disbelief was going to take for me to get back into the story.So I gave up on it at the 39% mark.

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    A lovely historical romance novel It had suspense, tension and conflict of emotions and intentions A fast read of young adult content, if you know what I mean, but still a pleasure to flip through I will have to keep Mary Nichols on the list of to read authors.

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    Simple romance involving a captain and a modern lady Some romance wont hurt.

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    Miniseries The Piccadilly Gentlemen s ClubCategory Historical Romance

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    Miniseries The Piccadilly Gentlemen s ClubCategory Historical Romance