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Regency London Where Polite Manners And Spotless Reputations Reign Supreme Yet Behind The Closed Doors Of Three Elegant Town Houses Along Brook Street, Passion And Lust Rule As Gentlemen Dare To Risk Scandal By Falling In Love In Thief, A Lord Intent On His First Decadent Night With A Man Finds Love When He Picks Up A Thief In A Gambling Hall In Fortune Hunter, A Man Determined To Marry An Heiress Instead Falls In Love With A Wealthy Young Gentleman And In Rogues, Two Of London S Most Notorious Rakes Find Out If Their Friendship Can Turn Into Something So Much Stories Also Available For Purchase Separately

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    I started leaving individual reviews for this series before I realized the box set was actually cheaper Thanks again to Andrea for recommending this author to me I m so glad I took a chance on a new author Overall, this was a nice collection of short stories Thief is the story of a man determined to once and for all find out whether or not he prefers men Fortune Hunter is about a man determined to marry an heiress to become financially independent, sidetracked by his feelings for a new friend Rogues tells the story of two rakes who have been best friends with benefits since they were 15 You can find my reviews here my review for Thief 3 starsmy review for Fortune Hunter 4 starsmy review for Rogues 5 stars

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    Ava March does a wonderful job with historical tales The vivid descriptions of England, the terrific characters, and the interesting story keep us captivated LOVED the first one, THIEF Cavin, 21, doing what he needs to do to survive, works the streets, a thief, a burglar, a whore, but that is about to change when he meets Benjamin Benjamin, 25, rich, sweet and caring, has always been under family pressure to marry, but he s not interested in women He wants to know what it would be like to have sex with a man, feel the desire, and experience the act itself, so, he goes to the house he find that experience Cavin and Ben meet, and go upstairs, and to Ben s delight the sex is amazing, and he knows what he wants He wants Cavin Cavin sneaks out in the wee hours, and does not fleece Ben like he was supposed to The events lead to the men getting closer, involved, emotionally connected, and it feels great Cavin wanted out of the life he lead, but has his pride, too Ben is there when he needs him This delightful tale of Ben having his first encounter with Cavin, the deep thinking characters, truly hot loving, and gripping story catches your curiosity.Highly recommend, ENJOY The second story, FORTUNE HUNTER, is about Julian and Oscar Red haired, 5 4 , Oscar is a wealthy man, lonely, but hopeful Spurned by family, he just needs someone to want him Julian, taller, deep brown hair, related to Benjamin, has come to London looking for a rich wife What he finds is a relationship with Oscar, and he doesn t know what to do, because he s broke, confused, and screws up big time These guys didn t connect well for me, and Oscar seemed too alone, too sad See what you think, everyone likes something different I m a hopeless romantic So, I ll never stop reading these tales The third story is ROUGES Linus and Robert, such great friends, with occasional benefits Linus had a crap childhood, and wants Robert to be his friend, forever, so he s afraid to commit to an exclusive relationship Robert is tired of pretending to want a wife, and he only wants Linus He s struck with the prospect of a forever life with his best friend Through talks, conversations with others, Robert does his homework and gets the answers he needs Strong men, caring, successful, and they love each other, but can it work I loved these guys so much Wonderfully hot sex, you find yourself cheering them on Highly recommend ENJOY

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    4.0 StarsA

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    Loved all three stories, loved all the match ups Ben Cavin was the most intense, Oscar Julian the most brave, and Rob Linus the most enlightening.I wished we could have seen of the other match ups the diffferent stories, but I could see why we didn t.Maybe a fourth to just round things off Great historical m m smex.

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    When I started with the first part of the series Thief I was quite pleased The story of the wealthy Lord Benjamin and the thief Cavin and how they overcome all obstacles to get their HEA was heartwarming and an enjoyable read Definitely 4 stars for that one The second book starts somewhat slower and I have to admit that I put it away several times, especially because one of the main characters Julian who comes to London to find a rich heiress to marry is not very likable Working never seems an option for him and even if he acts differently when he meets Oscar, it was not easy for me to forgive his stupidity It takes quite some time before he wakes up and sees the person he became In the end I did like the change and even if I am not as enthusiastic as about the first book I would give it 4 stars The last one Rogues fortunately is only about 100 pages and honestly I think reading it was a waste of time The story is dumb and absolutely predictable which probably is a funny thing to say, because in almost every M M romance the question never is if but how and when the happy end will happen But here the story is so boring that I started flipping through the pages.Linus is gay, while his best friend Robert usually sleeps with women They do share their bed from time to time and have been best friends forever, until Robert decides he might not be as straight as he thought after all and makes a proposal to Linus to become exclusive lovers Linus rejects because well you understand how the story will go on, as you probably read the same thing a dozen times beforeA very disappointing 2,5 stars for this one.I bought the book as a collection 1 3 but if you have a choice I recommend to buy the first one and enjoy it, then you can easily forget the rest

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    Thief 4 starsThis is definitely my favourite in this series A keeper that I will read again and again.Fortune Hunter 4 starsI really enjoyed the characters in this one They were not perfect, but their flaws and insecurities made them realistic and easy to identify with.Rogues 3 starsAlthough not quite as good as the other two, it is still a wonderful ending to a great series.

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    Solid collection of m m historical romance novellas.

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    Three great book about a group of friends who all find their happy ever after Each of these guys are looking for someone to spend their life with Each have fears and obstacles to overcome before they can be happy.

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    I just adore Ava March Regency M M smut.