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I wanted to like it Owen was a great hero, gruff and cranky, but a big ole softy for his daughter Daisy was too stupid for me to like though She got smarter towards the end of the book, but she was already ruined for me Elodie didn t seem age appropriate by that I mean she seemed like 6 or 7 than 10, but admittedly I haven t spent that much time with kids other than my younger siblings It wasn t bad enough to turn me off the author altogether though, so I ll give her another shot. It was a great book about A women named Daisy who writes a book about cooking and sewing all the things that she knew about to be a good wife mother She gets involved with her manager one time and it results in him treating her wrong She makes it to see her brother and that is really where her life begins, she falls for the man name Owen who won the cooking lessons, who gives it to his daughter so she can learn to cook, sew, ect And Owen and Daisy end up falling for each other and spending there live together A very Good book. I can tell that this is a story that may hit readers as black or white, which means I see people either loving it or hating it.Daisy Walsh is a book smart, street stupid woman of her time, this all goes down in June 1883 in Arizona Territory She is on a national book tour to promote her housekeeping novel and her tour manager has all to easily preyed on her naivete and took her virginity early on in the tour Daisy has all the obvious signs of pregnancy, but of course she never thinks of it because she has no experience or friends family around to notice the changes and nausea.It is a stranger meeting her for the first time that calls her on her denial about the pregnancy Owen Cooper is a good man that has done bad things in his past, but for the past ten years he has raised his daughter lodie by himself since he was widowed by his beloved French wife I have a hard time believing that he hasn t been with a women in all those years, but then again he has been raising a small impressionable daughter with out a wife or family so he doesn t have anyone to watch her at night.The meeting of Owen and Daisy is cute and filled with hot tasty chemistry Although they are in the same bedroom with Daisy s brother, Owen s daughter and a bunch of respectable town ladies I can just imagine him bursting in shirtless and sweaty to find a beautiful stranger woman resting in his bed that is really romantic.Daisy is a breath of fresh air in this tiny town and Owen s stagnant life I liked how the sexy scenes were handled without any detailed descriptions, but the fact that they happen and then the H h are closer, but that doesn t prove their love and it takes then just sleeping together to solve the problems that surround them.283 pages in this historical western romance novel.2 and half stars Just imagine getting into town on the train, and looks like someone special must be expected Seems like most the town is out to meet the train Looking around can t imagine who it could be, and realize it s you You have been entered as a raffle prize unknowing The winner as surprised as you, he didn t enter Some little busy bodies in the town had put his name in the drawing, and even his 10 year old daughter Not too excited, but knew he needed help with his daughter, with cooking sewing taking care of house So agreed for you to stay, and the prize could be given to his daughter instead of him.Although thought this a little odd for a story to take place in 1883 I had read books about Mail Order Brides and knew that happened, but with mail order brides the lady knew what coming into and a marriage before moving in together With this one Daisy will be staying at their place giving lessons to his daughter about taking care of a home, cooking, sewing, etc This is what the raffle was for lessons These all things Daisy knows about since was in the middle of a book tour promoting her book she wrote on these subjects So looks like her visit with her brother not turning out like Daisy expected.But was curious by this time, so continued with the book Turned out better than expected Would read books by the author. Ms Plumley s books are always full of humor and romance and this one is no exception I have always loved her contemporary stories and her historicals are just as good The inhabitants of Morrow Creek are unique and so very real they almost walk off the page Owen and Daisy are complex characters with some very real difficulties The resolution of these problems is the focus of a gripping plot that really held my interest.MauraReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreFull Review This story ended being a little bit different than I expected but still it was an okay story I did like both Daisy and Owen They both had self esteem problems but began to bring out of the best in each other That I did like then there was a whopper of a misunderstanding Owen s little girl was sweet with a mischievous side as well So made a really good co conspirator with a few of the women of the town She wanted her father happier and she really took quite a shine to Daisy.The town also held other interesting people to add to the story. I enjoyed this story This was the first book I read by Lisa Plumley and I will definitely be looking into her other works The plot was sweet, even if I had a little trouble with some of the romance It didn t quite fit was was normal in the 1880s, Daisy and Owen living in the same house with his 10 year old daughter, without being married That just wasn t done then Overall, the story was great and I would recommened it to others I won this book in a goodreads contest Date I was finished with the book I could not finish It was not because it was full of errors, typos, poor grammar But it was silly The plot was silly And very far fetched, IMHO I got about 35% through the book before I just scrolled to the end and backed up three pages Still silly and I quit.I did like the character of the little girl In fact I like the characters if the plot had not been so Sorry Famous Home Keeping Expert Daisy Walsh Is Overwhelmed By The Warm Welcome She Receives In Morrow Creek, And Then She Realizes She S The Star Prize In The Town Raffle She Can Bet The Lucky Winner S Not Expecting A Pregnant Woman Who Needs A Place To StaySingle Father Owen Cooper Suspects He S Been Set Up Because His Daughter Is Thrilled To Have A Woman Around The House He Could Get Used To The Smell Of Home Baking Tempting His Taste Buds, But The Sight Of Daisy S Stockings Is One Temptation Too Far 3.5 Simple, pretty yet with many misunderstandings.I loved Eloide really really loved her and her talk of her baby brother I loved that Owen stood up to the heroine since the beginning till the end.