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The Long Journey Across The West Ended In Sorrow For One Hopeful Mail Order Bride Dani Baxter Stepped Off The Train In Colorado, Only To Learn That Her Intended Had Died Suddenly, Leaving Three Young Daughters Behind And Suddenly She Knew Why God Had Sent Her Here To Make This Family Whole AgainBut Her Late Fianc S Brother, Beau Morgan, A Bounty Hunter Obsessed With Vengeance, Believed That Was His Duty He Proposed They Marry In Name Only For The Children S Sake But As She Came To Know Him, She Realized She Wanted , Much And She Wondered If Even This Lost Man Could Somehow Find Peace In A Woman S Loving Arms

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    The Bounty Hunter s Bride by Victoria BylinDaniela Baxter has left Wisconsin and come to Castle Rock, Colorado to marry Patrick Morgan and become a mother for his three young girls, Emma, Ellie and Esther She arrives to be greeted by a scruffy dirty man who tells her Patrick is dead She still wants to be a mother to the girls but it seems this scruffy man is Beau Morgan, Patrick s older brother He is the one named in the will as the girls guardian The girls instantly take to Dani and she loves them but will it be enough to prove she can raise the girls and run a dairy farm Beau Morgan stopped to see his brother as he was chasing down Clay Johnson, only Patrick is dead and he is now the caretaker of three girls and a small dairy farm When Dani comes knocking on the door and stirring up his plans, he almost wishes he could be a different man But he s a man with one mission vengeance Clay Johsnon killed his wife Lucy five years ago and Beau cannot have peace until Clay is dead Will Beau choose his hate for Clay over a possible love for Dani and his three nieces Victoria also gives us Clay s view of things which adds a great point of view We also meet Pastor Joshua Blue and his wife Adie In a later series, Swan s Nest, we see their story in book 1, The Maverick Preacher This book is fiction and yet so many truths are in it.

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    I woke up one morning to see that Harlequin had mailed me free books, in the hopes that I d answer some questions about them I may not read Christian fic often, but I totally will for free I really, really enjoyed, it, too Lousy title which they heard a lot about , but strong characters, solid writing and a really interesting story, low on cliches Possibly my favorite romance I ve read this year, even The characters religious convictions were woven in subtly and were part of them and the storyline without calling undue attention I think Rylin has written another in this line that I intend to track down.Originally Lady K, want me to send it on your way when I finish I think you d like it a lot, too Haven t started the second one yet also historical Christian , but it looks promising.

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    I just couldn t get into this book It started with arguing and there are kids involved and the kids are the topic of the disagreement So not my personal preference in a romance novel.

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    Leaving the Christian angle out of it, this book was so simplistic in style as compared to other Harlequins I read where the prose did NOT insult my intelligence All throughout, I had to wonder if Bylin is a genuine Christian and such a simple style is common in this sub subgenre, or if this book was written by someone figuring it s what Christians like to read It had a phony, pablum feel to it, as if it was calculatedly written to appeal to what some focus group decided Christians like A puzzlement, and I don t think I ll stop mulling over the authenticity anytime soon.2 stars because I like the mail order bride concept and the difficulties and disappointments inherent within, but so much of the book was the same thoughts of revenge faith or lack thereof repeated over and over and over in short, non sequitur sentences I can t count how many times the heroine mulled over a perceived injustice and punctuates her thoughts with Where was God Really, Dani That s as deep as you go in your crisis of faith The characters were flat and limited to only a few characteristics hair color, eyes that were also repeated ad nauseum The characters were adjectives, not people.

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    I loved the hero in this book my kind of guy

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    Although I ve read four of Victoria Bylin s contemporary romance novels and loved them all, I instantly fell in love with this recently re released historical romance The Bounty Hunter s Bride had me at three young, orphaned sisters As a mother of three daughters, I plunged right into the plot and plight of the little girls in the story The girls are left in the care of their rough around the edges uncle, widower Beau Morgan, a bounty hunter bent on revenge, consumed with hatred and determined to find the man who murdered his wife When Dani Baxter, a single woman ready for love and family, comes on the scene, the girls are immediately drawn to her and would like her to be their new mother While Dani and Beau clash over who should care for the girls, something much than a mutual interest in the children s well being begins to develop between them The twists and turns in the plot kept me captivated right down to the final page

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    The Bounty Hunter s Bride by Victoria Bylin Dani Baxter goes to Colorado to meet her husband to be and his three daughters When she gets there she learns he has died two days ago His brother, bounty hunger Beau Morgan and the girls are at the house when she gets there The girls had read all her letters and run to her, happy to see her They are afraid of their uncle Beau He is not a happy man Five years ago a man killed his wife and now he is looking for the man A very good historical story Romance does happen and the children love their uncle Beau.

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    Loved it

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    Daniela Dani Baxter arrives in Colorado, intending to marry Patrick Morgan, the dairy farmer with whom she s been corresponding However, upon arriving she learns that Patrick has been killed by a lightning strike and has left behind three young daughters Dani has letters showing that Patrick wants her to care for them, but they re currently living with Patrick s brother, a sheriff turned bounty hunter named Beau, who s not big on social graces.Dani and Beau don t meet cute and live happily ever after Instead, they learn the fine art of compromise as their relationship evolves Beau is blinded by a need for revenge against the horse thief who killed his beloved wife, Lucy Dani needs a real marriage, not one of convenience Dani Baxter arrives out West to discover the man for whom she is a mail order bride has died, leaving his orphaned children in the care of his brother But Beau Morgan doesn t think he wants a family he wants revenge on the man who killed his wife.The book s themes include love and loss, the balance between justice and revenge, and understanding how God s hand can be amidst the heartache humans experience in daily life The characters are relatable, especially Dani, who is a pariah in her hometown of Wisconsin since she s been engaged three times and never married The story is a satisfying read from beginning to happy ending.

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    Well I was expecting this story to go a little differently than the way it actually did I was thinking Beau would propose to Dani and they d get married and then she d fall in love with him and it would be one big happy throw up ending Like I was in the mood for Nope I m not saying it went badly, but I m feeling a little mis led at the order of things in the synopsis Anyhoozer, Victoria Bylin s nice little tale about how Beau and Dani come to love one another wasa little on the dull side It was too everything s going to be alright Not enough character development Too little time spent on the characters emotions towards one another It didn t feel real enough for me However, while the characters left me generally unsatisfied, I liked how the way their lives turned out together If that makes any sense Just one of those nice little stories But not a reading life or death one So if you re in the mood for something light and easy and if you don t mind a bit of bad editing, this could be for you.