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Giovanni Cerruti S Wealthy Family Is Always In The Spotlight So When His Step Sister Is Headed For A Rehabilitation Clinic, He Decides To Work The Paparazzi To Keep Her Image From Being Splashed Across The TabloidsWith The Help Of His Spin Doctor, Giovanni Devises A Plan To Keep The Press Occupied With Another Story A Fake Engagement To His Housekeeper, Misty Carmichael But Will Giovanni Fall Victim To His Own Plan

10 thoughts on “The Bosss Bought Mistress

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    A sweet Cinderella type novella This story line has been done so many times before and this one was pretty cookie cutter Nothing that made it stand out It was ok.

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    At least it was over rather quickly characters seemed rather flat and not all that interesting.

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    2.5 stars

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    o how the mighty have fallen.