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Taran Wanted To Be A Hero, And Looking After A Pig Wasn T Exactly Heroic, Even Though Hen Wen Was An Oracular Pig But The Day That Hen Wen Vanished, Taran Was Led Into An Enchanting And Perilous World With His Band Of Followers, He Confronted The Horned King And His Terrible Cauldron Born These Were The Forces Of Evil, And Only Hen Wen Knew The Secret Of Keeping The Kingdom Of Prydain Safe From Them But Who Would Find Her First

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    Blast From The Past Year Zero Hooboy I have conflicted feelings about the book, and my feelings about those conflicted feelings are also conflicted So there s that To make a long story short I loved this series when I was kid, I needed to pick up a gift for my nephew who is apparently Mini Me, so I grabbed him the first couple of books in this series Figured I d give him something better to read then the Eragon type crap he s reading now Of course I couldn t resist but take a look at them first, after all it s been about ten years since I ve read these things I was both satisfied and disappointed To get the bad out of the way what my twelve year old self didn t notice is that Lloyd Alexander is not a particularly graceful writer One could even call him clunky If one was cruel one could say that he lays on exposition like it s fucking mortar Also it s pretty clear now that Alexander is basically doing Tolkien for kids, right down to the grotesque man creature with a panache for talking in the third person, a wise mentor who falls into darkness only to come out with a greater understanding of the world and Olde English mythology The characters who once lived in my mind now come off as pretty flat and the quest that once seemed so important is now kind of pat Some of these things would deepen as the series went on, some wouldn t.That said, what still holds this above the crap mill of JK Rowling wannabes that passes as young adult fantasy literature today, is the fact that there is a real imagination burning beneath this thing He didn t write it because that s where the money is, he wrote it because he felt he had too Also I have to love the fact that someone apparently told Lloyd Alexander that the purpose of Young Adult literature is to scare the shit out of young adults The main antagonist The Horned King, goes around wearing a human skull his arms literally stained red from blood, and is introduced burning men alive inside wicker baskets I m always going to have an affection for these books, as far as I can recall they are the first ones that made me write So I owe my life of poverty and degradation to Mr Alexander at least in part Still I couldn t help but be a bit disappointed Was I unfair It is after all a children s book, the point of which is not to confuse the shit out of children Yeah I probably was unfair, but what can I say You always expect from the one s you love.

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    I really liked this book but I liked it even because I got to read it with my dad.

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    Lloyd Alexander to Welsh traditionAs Tolkien s Germanic noble mission.But worse than The Hobbit please explain Because the prose style s mundane.The rest of the series, though, remember, Only gets better, fanning the embersFiercer and brighter in later books From The Black Cauldron onwards, you re hooked.

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    Back in the days before Harry Potter, I was too young to get through Tolkien and wasn t interested in The Chronicles of Narnia fortunately, I had The Chronicles of Prydain The series there are five books in all takes place in a setting similar to Wales in the Middle Ages The main character is an assistant pig keeper named Taran the reason there s a need for both a pig keeper and an assistant is because the pig in question can predict the future The books are full of witches, magic swords, evil kings, and zombie armies I m not joking Taran and his friends have to fight off an army called the Cauldron Born, which are magically reanimated corpses I don t mind saying that Taran was probably my first literary crush back in 4th grade He s not the typical hero at the start of the series he s clumsy, impulsive, and kind of a dork and by the time the series end he s matured a lot and is totally hot Just thought I d share that.By the way, Disney made an animated version of The Black Cauldron a while ago that I was unfortunate enough to see Some advice don t see it Don t buy it for a child Write angry letters to the Disney Corporation complaing about how they butchered Lloyd Alexander s story in every possible way Just don t watch it Thank you.

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    Whenever I m at my parents home, surrounded by the books of my childhood, I will inevitably pick one up and read This time, I selected the first of Lloyd Alexander s Prydain Chronicles The Book of Three If you haven t read Lloyd Alexander at all, then I feel terribly sorry for your sad and empty childhood.The basic plot should seem quite familiar a peaceful land threatened by evil and the people who must band together to save it It s the telling of the story that really makes it unique, though.The Prydain Chronicles consist of five books with an epic fantasy storyline, heavily modeled upon Welsh lore The first book in the series is The Book of Three, where we are introduced to our key players and get our first taste of the threat to Prydain The dark lord Arawn is mustering forces in his kingdom of Annuvin, led by his champion the Horned King For years the Sons of Don, who rule Prydain, have kept Arawn in check, but nevertheless, Arawn appears to be making movements to start a war.Taran is a young man, hungry for adventure and excitement, though he spends his days working on the farm of Caer Dallben Of course, it isn t quite a normal farm among the animals is Hen Wen an oracular pig of great fame and importance, though Taran has seen no evidence of her powers and the owner of the farm is Dallben a scholar and wizard who is over three hundred years old Still, Taran wishes to learn swordplay and fight like his hero, Prince Gwydion When he longs for a title and destiny, Coll a middle aged farmer that is clearly than he appears to be names Taran Assistant Pig Keeper So when a disturbance causes the animals to flee and Hen Wen to escape, Taran feels responsible and so he runs after her Almost immediately, Taran discovers that the animals fled because the Horned King is near and Taran becomes injured He wakes up to find his hero, Prince Gwydion, caring for his injury Gwydion had been traveling to learn something from Hen Wen, and so he joins Taran in his search for the pig.As they search, we meet several important characters along the way Gurgi, a half animal half human creature, tells them that he saw Hen Wen being pursued by the Horned King After being captured by some of Arawn s fearsome Cauldron Born soulless warriors created from the dead , they meet the evil enchantress Queen Achren, who offers Gwydion the chance to join her and with her help, rule Prydain and overthrow Arawn When he refuses, she throws him and Taran into separate dungeon cells Taran then meets Princess Eilonwy, a young enchantress of the House of Llyr who is supposed to be learning from her Aunt Achren though Eilonwy is not convinced that they re related Eilonwy helps Taran escape and also manages to free his companion in the other cell, though once they escape and the castle has somehow collapsed, killing everyone still inside which we later learn is due to Eilonwy s removing a particular sword of power from the castle as they fled , it s discovered that the man Eilonwy rescued from the other cell is not Gwydion He is Fflewddur Fflam, a king who has given up his kingdom to be an unofficial bard, though he owes his talent to his magic harp, whose strings snap when Fflewddeur bends the truth which is quite often Believing that Gwydion must be dead, Taran takes it upon himself to travel to Caer Dathyl to warn the House of Don, but he is not alone, as Gurgi, Eilonwy and Fflewddur not to mention Gwydion s very wise horse Melyngar insist on accompanying him After a chance meeting with Medwyn, a healer who protects animals, and an encounter with the Fair Folk adds a dwarf named Doli who cannot turn invisible, unlike the rest of his family, to his intense irritation to their party, they ultimately must fight and stand against the Horned King.Not to worry we re just at the beginning of the story, so all ends well Hen Wen is found Gwydion isn t dead The Horned King is defeated , but it s clear that there is real danger afoot that will enter into future books I challenge you to try and not fall in love with Taran, a very real young man with a good heart who gets the adventure he wants, yet still comes to understand the importance of home and peace He learns and matures through lots of errors, but is also capable of making the right decision in the face of pressure He ultimately prevails in this first challenge with the help of his traveling companions As with all Lloyd Alexander novels, the best part is the sense of comedy and whimsy Eilonwy talks a great deal and is quick to take Taran down a few notches whenever he s too uptight As a princess with red gold hair, it s not hard to understand why this redhead always loved her, but she is a charming and outspoken girl, an excellent role model for young ladies, as she never shies away from a fight and always speaks her mind Fflewddeur is charming as he repeatedly exaggerates, causing harp strings to snap And Gurgi, well Gurgi is a bit annoying, but he means well, so the reader, like Taran, ultimately decides that Gurgi isn t so bad.As a kid, I loved these books They re notable in my past as being responsible for my first and only request for an extension on a paper In sixth grade, I asked for a single day extension on a book report, which was granted, as I was writing about the whole series and not just one book I rather wish I still had that paper, as I d be curious to read my initial impressions I m sure it touched on my elementary understanding of Welsh mythology, but I seem to remember a lot of summarizing of the books kind of similar to this Hm.So if you know a young reader aged 10 12 and they re not quite ready for Tolkien or other, similar fantasy novels, you might point them in Alexander s direction A bit of a warning for the kiddies, though there s frequent violence and people do get hurt Also a word of warning to parents if you buy the first book, you might as well just buy the whole series for your kid, as s he will certainly want to keep reading about Taran, Eilonwy, and their friends When they ve finished those, you can then start buying the rest of Alexander s oeuvre He wrote many gems my favorite series being, of course, the Vesper Holly books and frequently played with mythology He s a funny and charming writer and whether the reader is young or old, I think everyone can find something compelling and delightful about this series.

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    A good classic I first read this book when I was about 8 years old, and I remember loving it back then It was fun to revisit it now, and thankfully, it aged surprisingly well There are a lot of subtle layers here underneath what is an otherwise Tolkien inspired book for kids.The assistant pig keeper Taran starts out surprisingly unlikable, but whenever he does something kind, the world responds in turn His quest is a bit generic, but there are a lot of funny flashes that make things great Each little episode of adventure has its own strengths, though some are stronger than the others, and the cast of characters that grows slowly is a good comical mix of people on similar missions of learning to improve themselves in gentle ways.There are a few dated problems, most obviously the general lack of women But at least the women that are present here are interesting characters.I really liked how by the end of the book, the boring town characters at the start of the story have ended up as models for finding a good place in the world The former hero becomes a blacksmith The wizard teaches how to grow a garden and build a community That s wonderful.Onto book 2

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    I have very little to say on this book and why I gave it 5 stars I read it in the past A re read has revealed many deft touches that the author has meant us readers to discover at our leisure The book has a boldfaced naivety about it I enjoyed it from start to finish I regret so few people will want to give it a chance I m thinking of going through the entire series Ta.

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    The Book of Three is one of those classic fantasy novels you see on Top ___ lists and the shelves of used bookshops with a fantasy section of any redeeming value However, it doesn t rank up there with the best of the bunch and you don t hear people raving about it I needed to find out what was up with this little book and so I did It s a fun, mostly light fantasy adventure about a headstrong boy who wants to live life, not wallow in the wake of a blacksmith or spend his days as an assistant pig keeper He gets than his wish in a fast paced, action packed journey that pits him and his new friends in a battle with the land s greatest evil The Book of Three is indeed fun, as well as interesting for its take on Welsh myth It is however a little silly than I care for these days It treads too much on gags, like a toady s repetitive speech pattern and a bard s truth detecting instrument that breaks a string whenever he lies He must break nearly ten strings throughout this book and such a short book is just not long enough to sustain that kind of repetition One last quibble, the only female figure in the book is annoying Everything that comes out of her mouth sounds like I told you so and that sucks Right now I m up in the air about continuing on with the Chronicles of Prydain series, but I ve wanted to read this book for as long as I can remember and I m glad I did.

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    The Chronicles of Prydain is a classic fantasy adventure that does what great classics, fantasies and adventures do to readers make them love them Who says classics cannot be as fun as Percy Jackson series

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    I adored this series when I was a kid, and I was in the mood for some comfort food reading, and deeply curious to see whether reading it would still hold any pleasure for me decades later I m happy to say that it did indeed hold many pleasures There is an abiding sense of compassion and humor coursing through this book, even as its band of misfit adventurers face peril and hardship It never reaches the poetic heights of Le Guin s Earthsea Trilogy, another classic of children s fantasy literature, but it ceaselessly entertains and enchants nonetheless Alexander was especially adept at creating indelibly individual characters, most especially the hilarious, courageous, talkative, wise Eilonwy.I look forward to making my way through the rest of the series.