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When He Saw His Mark Being Kidnapped, Recovery Project Agent Zach Bachman Had No Option But To Rescue Her Even If It Endangered His Assignment After Weeks Of Watching Sela Andrews From Afar, He Was Now Trapped With The Blonde Beauty As Her BodyguardHer Brave Protector Relished The Heat Of Gun Battle But Retreated From His Own Emotions Sela Learned That When, In The Dead Of Night In A Darkened Safe House, The Loner Became Her Lover Still, As Her Would Be Killers Closed In On Them Again, She Had No Choice But To Put Her Life And Her Heart In The Hands Of Her Reluctant Guardian

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    I feel like Dimon was always not quite hitting the spot with this It was confusing at times, and there needed to be a lot character development I realize there was a page limit, but I ve read also romances this length with much better character development The romance development was also lacking I feel like if she developed this just a bit , it would have beeb good But she didn t, and it mostly left me frustrated.

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    This is the final book in a five book story arc I was able to purchase it from Harlequin even though the story is six years old I enjoyed the story and want to read the first book The series is called Mystery Men.

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    HI 1303 3.5 stars

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    BUCHANAN FAMILY SERIES The Big Guns Sela and Zach Rod s body is discovered by Sela and Zach ROd was murdered.When he saw his mark being kidnapped, Recovery Project agent Zach Bachman had no option but to rescue her Even if it endangered his assignment After weeks of watching Sela Andrews from afar, he was now trapped with the blonde beauty as her bodyguard Her brave protector relished the heat of gun battle but retreated from his own emotions Sela learned that when, in the dead of night in a darkened safe house, the loner became her lover Still, as her would be killers closed in on them again, she had no choice but to put her life and her heart in the hands of her reluctant guardian

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    Recovery Project agent Zach Bachman watched as his mark was kidnapped and he knew he had no option even if it meant damaging the assignment but to go after her attacker and rescue her He had watched Sela Andrews for weeks from afar and now he was stuck as her bodyguard.Sela was quick to observe that her protector was a hero in battle but quickly withdrew from human contact once the fight was spent But in the dead of night, in a dark safe house, she met the lover buried deep inside But as the killers moved closer, she had no choice but to put both her life and her heart in the line of fire and trust that her reluctant guardian had all the bases covered.Another good installment to the Mystery Men series.

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    This was the story of trevor whom his employee sela is a target because they think he confides in her.When a plot to kidnap her falls and she ends up in a safehouse to be protected by zack.The building is copermized and they have to fight to stay alive when they are not sure who is behind the plot.This book was okay but I found it lacked grabbing my interest like some books do where you cant wait to see what happens.

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    Part of a series and does not stand as a stand alone title There were too many characters and I did not care about any of them Plot seemed really unrealistic.when a bad guy has a gun to the heroes head, why would he turn and shoot somewhere else first Why not take out the first danger before addressing any newcomers Talking watches.that don t work in basements That was lame Even the romance was not any fun, too many doubts and weirdness, no steaminess.

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    I needed something fast, that I could read in a couple hours and this fit the bill perfectly It s a good story, there s closure with the Rod storyline that has been ongoing through all the books The romance felt like it was on the back burner but I still enjoyed the characters of Zach and Seal, especially Zach Good read.

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    An Intrigue where the bodyguard falls for the woman he is guarding.

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    Miniseries Mystery Men