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Since Its Inception In , The Best American Poetry Series Has Achieved Brand Name Status In The Literary World As The Preeminent Showcase Of Each Year S Most Important Contributions To American Poetry This Year S Exceptional Volume, Edited By Robert Creeley, A Figure Revered Across Teh Wide Spectrum Of American Poetry, Features A Diverse Mix Of Established Masters, Rising Stars And The Leading Lights Of A Younger Generation The Pleasure Of The Poems Selected Here, Creeley Explains In His Introduction, Is That They Caught My Fancy, Some Almost Outrageously, Some By Their Quiet, Nearly Diffident Manner, Some By Unexpected Turns Of Thought Or Insight, Others By A Confident Authority And Intent With Comments From The Poets Elucidating Their Work, A Thought Provoking Introduction From Creeley, And Lehman S Always Popular Foreword Assessing The Current State Of Poetry, The Best American PoetryWill Prove As Irresistible To New Readers As It Is Indispensable For Poetry Fans Everywhere

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    Overall, I would give this collection a C average technically an 77.9% avg as far as the quality of the poems contained I know that attempting to quantify poetic effect value is a ridiculous gesture, but I am simply a ridiculous person Of course, this is purely based off of my own tastes and will not necessarily reflect your average satisfaction rate I started a mission in October of 2016 to read the entire Best American Poetry series so that I can begin to get a better sense of A what my taste in poetry is, and B my own poetic voice.This is the second worst edition of BAP that I have read so far While not quite as mediocre as 2004, Creeley s selections for 2002 are still something of a disappointment While I appreciate the values and techniques that Creeley cultivates and promotes as a poet, I cannot really stand than a dose here and there as a reader There is a Gustaf Sobin poem in this edition, one of my favorites that Creeley had to offer, titled In Way of Introduction that describes the tone of many of the inferior at least for my sensibilities poems in this volume poems are about yours, though, yours, it would seem, area bout the process of their owndepletion about, one might assume, the sheer a boutlessness of being In the end, too many of these poems, much like BAP 2004, suffer from a bad case of aboutlessness Unfortunately, the case is terminal Below are the poems I recommend from this volume Scour the internet for them and save your money by not buying this edition However, the introduction by Lehman reflecting on 9 11 and poetry and even Creeley s introduction are definitely worth digging into It felt strange reading about the cultural impact of a major historical event that I actually lived through.Masterpieces 5 Theodore Enslin, Moon CorneringClayton Eshleman, Animals out of the SnowJeffrey Franklin, To a Student Who Reads The Second Coming as Sexual AutobiographyGustaf Sobin, In Way of IntroductionJohn Taggart, CallMasterful 6 Elizabeth Biller Chapman, On the Screened PorchD Nurkse, Snapshot from NiagaraSharon Olds, Frontis Nulla FidesPam Rehm, A roof is no guarantee Nathan Whiting, In ChargeJohn Yau, A Sheath of Pleasant VoicesMasters Candidates 7 Elaine Equi, O PatriarchyGene Frumkin, Surreal Love LifeMaxine Kumin, FlyingTimothy Liu, Felix CulpaCharles North, SonnetHugh Seidman, I Do Not Know MyselfDara Wier, Illumined with the Light of Fitfully Burning CensersOverall, I would absolutely to highly recommend approx 24% of the poems contained in this volume.

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    Poetry like this is why people think they don t like poetry There are two very good poems in here, Sarah Manguso s prose poem Address to Winnie In Paris and Jean Valentine s bittersweetly short Do flies remember us Some poems are fine, like a ripe banana or a slight breeze Nothing to really give a fuck about, but pleasant.Other than that, it s an assortment of poetry for the sake of language, the sort of cleverness that makes the reader feel inferior instead of competent, and the I can justify doing nonsense because I m so good attitude of free jazz This is what a handjob would look like if it had contributor notes.

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    I love good poetry but I hate bad poetry This book was worse than my high school lit mag had better poetry The was one decent poem in about two hundred pages of poetry The majority of these poems came across as a dictionary explosion that landed on a blank page Poetry is supposed to make you feel something but before they can do that they have to be understandable.

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    This edition has Jenny Boully s The Body in it, which is possibly the best conceptualizer and executed poem I have ever read Some other great highlights, too, like Anne Carson, and a fantastic experiment by Jackson Mac Low Robert Creeley and I have very similar tastes in poetry, apparently Recommended.

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    An excellent series While you may not enjoy every poem in the book or agree that they are, in fact, the best for that year , you will most likely find poems from magazines that you don t often read.

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    It took years for some reason but I am finally finished Now on to 2003 which I hope is a better selection which means I will read it faster.

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    Most notable for the poem O Patriarchy, which I love.