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William Kotzwinkle, The Esteemed Author Of The Fan Man And ET The Extraterrestrial, Is In Top Comic Form In This Outrageous And Uproarious Parable Featring Hal Jam A Big Black Bear Who Finds A Manuscript Under A Tree In The Maine Woods, Dons A Suit And A Tie, And Heads Off To The Big City To Seek His Fame And Fortune What Follows Is A Riotous Magical Romp With The Buoyant Hal Jam As He Leaves The Quiet, Nurturing World Of The Forest For The Glittering And Corrupt World Of Humans New York And Hollywood And All That Lies Between Serve As An Expansive Palette For Kotzwinkle S Wickedly Funny Satiric Brush The Bear Went Over The Mountain Skewers Our Age S Obsession With Money And Fame In A Delicious Bedtime Story For Grown Ups

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    A bear stole my book And so begins the tale of a bear who finds a briefcase containing one would be writer s manuscript, steals a suit of clothing, and heads to the big city where he is instantly embraced as the latest literary darling Comparisons to a certain manly, bearded author seem inevitable Anybody ever tell you how much you resemble Hemingway Who Yes, who indeed I think you might be just the one to make people forget him Of course, there s still the fact that even though those around him don t seem to notice, the celebrated writer is a bear .The bear sniffed, enjoying the weave of perfumes and colognes in the air, which made him feel as if he were in a field of flowers He sipped some wine His only previous experience of alcohol was a bottle of cooking sherry he d downed while rampaging in the kitchen of that rural Maine restaurant its effect had been blurred by the great number of pies that d accompanied its ingestion Now the effect was noticeable and his sensitivity to the fragrant air increased His nose, which for years had led his instincts, led him now, without deliberation, without preliminary weighing of what was at stake He slid out of his chair and down onto the floor of the restaurant, where he rolled around with his paws in the air as a bear will do when he finds a field of flowers that fills him with happiness.And then there is his order placed at the same restaurant Salmon Yes, they do it skewered with tomatoes, mushrooms, and green peppers Raw, said the bear, with a resurgence of primal authority Raw Raw female Lots of eggs In my teeth The bear tapped at his incisors.My god, thought Boykins He is another Hemingway The resemblance is indeed uncanny Oy vey, this was a frustrating read The chapters about the bear are wonderful, imaginative and laugh out loud funny BUT, for some reason, Kotzwinkle chose to alternate them with the story of the real author and his attempts to write another book He bobbles around, meeting colorful characters while trying to find himself Snore Sorry, but these bits really dragged down the rest of the story If I ever read this again, I ll stick to just the parts about the bear Like this description of his apartment Light came from bubbling Lava lamps A painting on velvet, of a trout, hung on the wall The walls themselves were covered with a bright nursery paper depicting teddy bears playing with balloons A beanbag chair, loosely molded to the bear s shape, was in front of a big screen television set He was seated in it now, watching a cartoon He turned on the lamp beside him which had beads of illuminated oil that fell in a shower around a gold tinted plaster Venus The bear was especially fond of this object This was because he was a bear Aaa My grandparents had one of those lamps I used to love that thing And then there s this look inside bear s mind The music throbbed, and the bear nodded happily whenever anyone picked up a sweet My party, he said to himself proudly Going off without a hitch He held a caramel up to the light Everything a piece of candy should be He popped it into his mouth, and the tips of his fangs gleamed Most bears couldn t handle an evening like this They d probably tense up and bite someone They probably would Most bears should not be trusted.The bear s story 5 stars Minus boring writer bits 3 stars

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    A tasty treat, I had to finish it a day after starting A bear finds an unpublished manuscript, recognizes its potential as a best seller, and goes to New York to seek his fortune A delight from start to finish,

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    This book is awesome, plain and simple.I worked at a Barnes and Noble in Wichita, KS when I bought this book Back then I used to buy a lot of books based solely on the neatness of their cover and the quality of the binding I m pleased to say that this book had top marks in both categories and therefore warranted a purchase Never did I imagine that I would find such a hilarious, scathing satire on the world of publishing and, indeed, modern society.I thought that the title was going to be a metaphor for something I would likely not understand because I m an idiot I was part right About the metaphor, not about not understanding it The bear is not a metaphor There s an actual bear in the story His name is Hal Jam.Hal was just a normal bear, so normal in fact he didn t even have a name He wanted what all bears without names want food and a warm place to sleep In his search for those two glorious things he stumbles upon a weeping willow or some droopy tree and under it he finds a briefcase In the briefcase he finds a manuscript With nothing better to do he reads it and realizes that it is quite good and a plan forms He gets a nice suit and heads for the big city to find a publisher.Meanwhile, Arthur Bramhall is in the mood to celebrate He has just written the great American novel, for a second time The first time he wrote it, it burned up in a fire, so this time he made sure it was safe by putting it in a metal briefcase and stashing it safely beneath a weeping willow or some droopy tree Upon returning from his champaign run he discovers that his manuscript has been lost a second time Arthur is devastated and his modern life starts to fall apart at the seams and he realizes that, than anything, all he wants is food and a warm place to sleep.I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of irony Rated PG 13 for mild bestiality.Ranks 9 10 Binding9 10 Cover Art8 10 Easily Discernible Metaphors10 10 Bears0 10 Tacos

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    I didn t finish the book At page 71 when the female publicist recounts what having sex with Hal Jam aka the bear was like I tried to go along with it being a grown up fable, and Kotzwinkle is funny and clever, so I could appreciate that it was satire despite my struggle with none of the humans being able to tell he was a bear simply because he had a book they wanted to market and because he was wearing clothes I know it was meant to say than that, and I kept suspending disbelief over it, because it s the whole point of the book and I didn t want to resign myself to being a killjoy, but seriously the dialogue was completely carried by the humans, with the bear interjecting ice cream or I want pie or honey or rolling around on the ground or growling I was interested to see where it would go and what it would say about the writing industry, society, etc but when bestiality happened, I was done.I enjoyed the sections featuring Arthur, the human who wrote the manuscript the bear stole He was a pathetic character, but he was growing on me, and the simple characters around him made me laugh quite a bit.Maybe I m a prude, but I m done with this book and wish Goodreads had an option for didn t finish it.

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    This book is amazing I read it in my late teens I read it in my late twenties and I have read it a third time in my mid thirities Every time I have read this book, I have loved it.Reading it now, what strikes me is the word play that Kotzwinkle employs to both underline the ridiculous situation he has created and the fun that can be had thereafter The phrase, because he was a bear, works time and time again to great effect.I am sure that I will return to this book again and that I will, once again, be happy to find myself within its pages A bear finds a manuscript, and decides to pose as the writer Within days, he is considered the new literary sensation.Somehow, Kotzwinkle manages to juggle the reality of a bear posing as a human with the inherent absurdity of the idea He never sets up the story so that Hal Jam as the bear names himself appears to be human he is always a bear The joke is on everyone who surrounds him these literary elite are so full of themselves and the business that the perpetuate, they lose sight of little details such as the fact that their latest talent is a big grizzly bear who can t speak in full sentences.This book makes me laugh out loud Through Hal s attempts to fit in with humanity, Kotzwinkle crafts a funny satire of the literary world.

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    I thought the idea of this book was interesting and unique A bear finds, steals, and passes off as his own a book written by a professor The chapters alternate between the bear who is pretending to be human and the professor who is becoming and like a bear The reactions of the people around the bear are funny they hear long self serving answers in the bear s short, nonsensical answers This is great commentary on the nature of fame, publicity, and even the academic profession But the joke gets old quickly and is sometimes carried too far This would have made a great short story.

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    I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed ninety five percent of this read A fantastic plot and it kept me giggling to myself almost all the way through Hal Jam grabbed me from the moment he stole the briefcase and manuscript Hardly fair, but the characterization of literary agents gave me a good laugh Great read for any writer The only criticism I have is that the ending seemed to be all a bit rushed I wonder if an editor was making it fit into a word count

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    this is the funniest book i ve read in a long time.

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    I don t know which character I m supposed to sympathize with if any I can see the similarities drawn between this book and Forrest Gump Hal Jam the bear floats along without saying much but is still handed the keys to the kingdom In the end I felt sorry for Art Bramhall, who we are led to believe has found happiness with his character assassinated, his identity stolen and the loss of a chance of millions of dollars No, he s happy in the forest having traded places with the bear I didn t buy it.I found the supporting cast interesting, especially the country folks they parade out with interesting back stories I did find the interview segments hilarious I also enjoyed the way the urban cast twisted whatever Hal said or didn t say to fit whatever the situation warranted I could have enjoyed this if the ending had taken a different turn.

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    Cute and fluffy copied review You might think that a writer best known for novelizing the movie E.T would find a satire on the book publishing industry hitting a bit close to home, but William Kotzwinkle seems quite comfortable with the task in this comic fable In Kotzwinkle s merry send up, the author of the hit novel Desire and Destiny is a bear, a real bear, who after finding the manuscript under a spruce tree and attaching his nom de plume, Hal Jam, becomes rich and famous overnight Obtuse editors, star hound agents, and a right wing televangelist and Presidential candidate all warm to Hal s warm, bearish honesty without bothering to read his book or to notice that he s an animal, for that matter.