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The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Is A Collection Of Twelve Detective Stories Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle S Most Famous Literary Creation, Sherlock Holmes Contained Within This Collection Are The Following Tales A Scandal In Bohemia, The Red Headed League, A Case Of Identity, The Boscombe Valley Mystery, The Five Orange Pips, The Man With The Twisted Lip, The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle, The Adventure Of The Speckled Band, The Adventure Of The Engineer S Thumb, The Adventure Of The Noble Bachelor, The Adventure Of The Beryl Coronet, And The Adventure Of The Copper Beeches Read for the second timeIn sixty investigations, narrated by Dr Watson, his eminent memorialist, Sherlock Holmes gave only twenty five guilty to justice.Nine others had escaped the just punishment that awaited them after the riddle s resolution of the enigma.Eleven investigations had the result only of revealing a supposed crime or a pure fantasy having no relation of gravity with that supposed.At the end of the remaining fifteen investigations, Sherlock Holmes, substituting himself for justice, makes himself the guilty one, either that he considers him a victim, or that he proposes to redeem himself, that he wants to avoid a scandal, to be satisfied with a bargain, or to accept a substitute for justice.Watson calls Holmes the most perfect machine to observe and reason on the planet He thus reveals the two main parts of his method observation and deduction.Dust inspection, the origin of mud spots, and the classification of tobacco ash is an aspect of the police technique used by Sherlock Holmes long before the ultra modern investigators who are now jostling in the literature and on our screens.This imaginary detective is an innovator.With the coming on scene of Sherlock Holmes landed on the sinister crime empire the iron hand of the logicians.This genius misogyny left behind him an abundant and exciting posterity before provoking in reaction the birth of the black American novel.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his memoirs and adventures cites his three great sources of inspiration, Edgar Allan Poe and Gaboriau, but also his former master Joseph Bell, a surgeon at the Edinburgh hospital, from whom he borrowed first its physical appearance but also its sense of diagnosis and observation.The third volume of these adventures of Sherlock Holmes closes this original and careful incursion into the universe of the most famous detectives And it is only to have the pleasure of plunging back Elementary, my dear Watson. A 85% Extraordinary NotesIt finds an ideal medium in chapter length tales a rare short story collection with no misses, only hits and better hits. Nothing compares to the original If you really want to know Holmes and Watson, this is what you read The characterization and pacing is, for me, delightful The insights into a London of trains and mail than once a day, the manners of the time, the dialogue this is a feast.Very honestly speaking, none of the movie or television adaptations have ever given me the sensation of being there at Baker Street, with Holmes and Watson, that I get from the original stories.Read them You owe it to yourself I ve been listening to Sherlock Holmes stories in the car and think I m going to go through and listen to all of them now I ve started with The Adventures and have enjoyed it immensely There must have been any number of psychological studies performed on Mr Holmes There is, of course, that wonderful line by Borges in his lectures on Verse in which he says that he believes in the Character of Sherlock Holmes without actually believing in any of the stories in which that character appears That is such a clever thing to say and I think it is also remarkably true Although, as with most other true things, I never seem to have too much trouble believing in the stories as they are being told If I was doing a psychological analysis of Mr Holmes something, obviously, I m grossly underqualified to perform but I feel quite safe, given he never actually existed and even if he did he would be well dead by now and so would be quite unlikely to be adversely affected by any nonsense I might come up with it would probably have a lot to say about the beginnings of these stories There is a bit of a pattern to how these stories start Either a client or, all too often, Dr Watson is presented to Holmes and he makes some remarkable logical deduction about these invariably astonished characters from a seemingly insignificant detail he notices via an article of clothing or their hat.What I find so psychologically interesting about him doing this at the start of each story is that I can t help but feel he does this to present himself as the intellectual superior to those around him The relationship between Watson and Holmes really isn t the same as that between Boswell and Johnson, despite the constant reference to the similarities Watson may be the dutifully biographer, but his role is also that of the slightly foolish, but endlessly appreciative audience It is as if it is only through his reactions that we learn when to gasp and when to applaud with awesome wonder Watson is the laughing track of his day But Holmes repeatedly asserting his intellectual superiority at the beginning of each story is fascinating as it also hints at insecurities in his character He requires reassurance He is a flawed character, our Holmes Rational, empirical but also all too often only interested in people for the complex cases they present him with There is also the problem of his drug addiction which he invariably turns to out of sheer boredom and invariably that is intellectual boredom I can t begin to tell you how surprised I was to find that Doyle was a spiritualist It is something I found myself remembering as Holmes performs his tricks Because there is something terribly similar about the tricks Holmes performs and the cold reading performed by a spiritualist His explaining often results in his audience saying something like now it is explained I can see how easy it all is, which then has Holmes complaining he should keep his methods to himself Except I think there is a deeper significance to him doing these performances and that is to constantly have his audience wondering what else there is about them he can see what other secrets has he access to A lesser character would have mystical powers Holmes achieves the same thing through the force of his intellect The only wonder is, given our culture s clear distrust if not active loathing of the intellect, how he ever came to be quite so loved in the first place Perhaps his coldness explains this perhaps it is because he is the model of the detached scientist that it is alright to like him.Now, talking of love My eldest daughter became particularly fond of Mr Holmes about five years ago So much so that she read all of his stories after we watched many of the BBC TV shows of his works made in the 1980s One day she had been reading one of the stories in this book and Watson mentions, in an off hand way, that one can calculate how tall someone is from the length of their stride And so Fi actually tried this, taking various measurements and doing a series of calculations It is hard to exaggerate the utter joy children bring into one s life They come highly recommended as do the wonderful stories in this collection.Oh, and there are a couple of stories where it is mentioned that someone is reading a book with a yellow cover a mystery detective story In Italy detective stories are still referred to as Yellows I wonder why these stories tended to be printed in books with yellow covers I must wiki it at some stage.