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Banyak Bahaya Akan Mengancammu Tiuri Terduduk Dengan Tegak Dan Memandang Ke Jendela Ia Tidak Melihat Apa Pun, Tidak Ada Bayangan Orang Jadi, Bisa Saja Tadi Hanya Khayalannya Coba Itu Betul Ia Tidak Mungkin Menuruti Permintaan Suara Itu, Sekalipun Terdengar Begitu Mendesak Ia Menutup Wajah Dengan Kedua Tangan Dan Berusaha Mengusir Pergi Semua Pemikiran Dari Dalam Hatinya Namun, Sekali Lagi Ia Mendengar Suara Itu Sangat Jelas, Walaupun Hanya Berupa Bisikan Dalam Nama Tuhan, Bukakan Pintu Tiuri Melanggar Peraturan, Yang Menyatakan Ia Tidak Boleh Berbicara Dengan Siapa Pun Pada Malam Menjelang Pelantikannya Menjadi Kesatria Ia Membuka Pintu Permintaan Yang Diajukan Kepadanya Ternyata Tugas Penuh Mara Bahaya Tiuri Diburu Pusu Pengendara Merah Yang Bermaksud Jahat Yang Mengancam Akan Membunuhnya Namun, Ia Bertekad Mengantar Surat Yang Sangat Penting Itu Kepada Raja Unauwen Pengorbanan Kesatria Hitam Laskar Perisai Putih Yang Melepas Nyawa Demi Surat Itu Tidak Akan Sia Sia Di Belanda, De Brief Voor De Koning Telah Dicetak UlangKali Sejak Pertama Kali Terbit PadaKalangan Pengamat Buku Anak Menilai Buku Ini Sebagai Karya Abadi Yang Memiliki Semua Hal Yang Mesti Dimiliki Sebuah Buku Anak Yang Bagus Kisah Menegangkan Yang Menghanyutkan Pembacanya, Tua Maupun Close Muda

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    Upon discovering a character I admire and adore, I often aspire to become that character Emulate a new role model, envision greater goals and dream of different worlds to conquer In this case, though, I would never set myself up for that fall Merely a human being, a perfectly plausible person Tiuri is genuinely good And kind I believe that Tiuri is truly and actually, altruistic.His epic journey to deliver a message of monumental importance took place many years ago A mission that today could be as simple as send , was an adventure only for the courageous and strong then Traveling alone, on horseback at best stumbling through the forest by sheer will, hiding from the knights who considered him a murderer and a thief, at worst.Tiuri is brave No Make that, bold often foolishly so Although, to be fair, no fault can ever be found If ever there was a quintessential example of will power aside from Frog Toad Cookies , that is , Tiuri conveys it Wise beyond his years he is also, oddly, na ve A sincere listener, Tiuri ponders then proceeds Complexly concurrent, he has an uncanny ability to act instinctively But I ve buried the lead Tiuri should not even be embarking on this endeavor Moments before he fled his kingdom, fleet on a stolen horse, with the furious owner following Tiuri had been locked inside a silent chapel, reflecting upon the duties he would perform as knight to his beloved king beginning at sunrise.Tiuri s abrupt departure meant sacrificing what he had worked towards his whole life all sixteen years of it His decision seems reckless and a bit ridiculous But things aren t always as they seem, and this cunning theme cuts through narrative cleverly guiding Tiuri as he encounters a plethora of peculiar people during his travels The Letter for the King reads like an instant classic While the fiction is fresh, the feel is familiar Mystery and intrigue magnificently merge with action and adventure, appealing to all senses The colorful characters encountered keep loneliness at bay and Tiuri on his toes 11 year old me would have read this book over and over and over.This review was written for Buried Under Books by jv poore.

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    Great childrens book, read it several times Tonke Dragt s books are also read by many adults Wonderful writer

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.It s been a long time since I ve read a story that manages to capture the spirit and emotions of an epic adventure, but The Letter For the King manages to do just that It s full of secrets, missions from strangers, and the feeling that you can accomplish anything, be anything, that you want to.Tiuri is about to become a knight when he s given a task by a stranger He must deliver a letter to the king And on his way to do this, he meets a wonderful and colourful cast of people good and evil, who will help or hinder his mission It s a very traditional fantasy tale, that encompasses a long journey and a naive and pure hero at the heart of it The writing is simple, without any nuances or subtleties to the text, and the story itself follows a pattern that s often repeated good guy meets another guy at the right time and place, repeat , but it s the message behind it that struck me than anything else It s wholesome and light and welcoming It feels homey and nice There s definitely a hint of the nostalgia about it that I miss in modern fantasy stories Tiuri is developed enough that you care about his quest and want him to succeed He s the very definition of pure at heart and his emotional development, and strong friendship with guide Piak, is nice to see unfold It s not going to appeal to everyone, as the plot is simplistic, but fans of old fashioned fantasy should give this a go.

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    Ach war das s Vorneweg Dieses Buch habe ich schon einmal als Kind gelesen und es hat mich begeistert Damals habe ich noch nicht so viel gelesen, deswegen hei t das wirklich was Deswegen habe ich mir das Buch noch einmal gekauft keine Ahnung wo das alte Buch ist und habe es jetzt nochmal gelesen Meine Meinung.Obwohl ich jetzt doch ein paar Jahre lter geworden bin, hat mir das Buch noch genauso gut gefallen wie damals Der junge Tiuri soll am n chsten Tag zum Ritter geschlagen werden, nur bittet ihn in dieser Nacht jemand um Hilfe und so bricht er zu einem Abenteuer auf Tiuri ist wirklich ein herzensguter Junge Er ist 16 Jahre alt und sein gr ter Traum ist es ein Ritter zu werden wie sein Vater Nachdem er seinen geheimen Auftrag angenommen hat, scheut er keine M hen um sein Ziel zu erreichen und dabei w chst er st ndig ber sich hinaus.Auf seinem Weg begegnen ihm einige Personen Manche von ihnen sind vertrauensw rdig, andere eher weniger Teilweise ist aber nicht von vornerein klar wer I welche Kategorie f llt.Mir pers nlich haben von den brigen Charakteren die grauen Ritter und Piak am besten gefallen Man wird fast schon in die Handlung hineingeworfen, denn es geht gleich spannend los Danach ist Tiuri nat rlich auch viel unterwegs, denn er muss in ein anderes K nigreich reisen, aber er begegnet auch vielen Menschen auf seinem Weg und er kommt auch immer wieder in schwierige Situationen Als Kind sa ich wie gebannt vor dem Buch, da ich mir teilweise gar nicht vorstellen konnte, wie das noch gut ausgehen k nnte Jetzt war es f r mich eher absehbar F r mich war es besonders interessant, weil ich wirklich viel vergessen habe, aber mich trotzdem noch an Kleinigkeiten erinnern konnte Ich habe aber z B auch noch eine genaue Szene im Kopf, bei der ich mir eine gro e Halle vorgestellt habe, in der alle essen Nur leider passt das so gar nicht zu der Beschreibung in dem Buch und meiner jetzigen Vorstellung Ehrlich Im Grunde genommen habe ich mir damals einfach Hogwarts vorgestellt Ich habe zwar einige Tage gebraucht um das Buch zu lesen, aber es hat mir auch wirklich Spa gemacht .Der Schreibstil von Tonke Dragt ist toll Viele andere Autoren h tten eine so lange Reise wohl nicht ohne gr ere L ngen schreiben k nnen, die waren hier zum Gl ck gar nicht vorhanden .Das Buch wird ab 11 13 empfohlen, ich habe es damals aber definitiv fr her gelesen .Anscheinend gibt es noch einen zweiten Band, den ich definitiv mal lesen werde und einen Film zu Der Brief f r den K nig gibt es auch .Fazit Eine total s e Abenteuergeschichte V ller Ritter, Freundschaft und Spannung

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    Oh, give me a sec to let my tears drop This book is beautiful The story inside feels so real It feels different It almost feels like Tiuri, the main character here, sits across the room telling me the story himself, and help me learnt so much.I won t forget this book, that is for sure.I am glad I found this book in my school library a few days ago This is beyond my imagination.I had no expectation when I first saw this book I thought to myself that maybe this is another freakish classic tale, written with so much art and deep thoughts and evil mixed in But what I found is surprising.After a few pages I realized how this book feels so pure and unreal but real at the same time How this book did nothing but touching its readers and send them great values of life that they learn by themself It is a book for kids. but it is an awesome book Oh let me cry for a little bit , for this book is beautiful.I ridiculously love it, I learnt so much from it, gosh I just adore it It doesn t feel old or boring It s awesome.The characters are all males most of the time, guys that shared the same age with me right now The story is about a journey of Tiuri, a young man that ran away on the night before he could be the king s knight, for a secret mission given by strangers On his journey he met a lot of people, become friends with so many people, and face so much danger The story tells about how he discovered a lot of things about life, about himself, about the world.Some sentences here punch in a huge impression in my heart, like the time when Tiuri finished his mission and a wise clown from the neighbour country told him a story of a guy who went on a journey to chase the end of the rainbow, for he believed that the end of the rainbow would be the most beautiful place on earth However l, after the long trip he found nothing He was disappointed, but then he thought about the journey he had, how he met so many awesome new friends, beautiful sights,and a lot of happiness, he realized that the rainbow is not the most important thing Thee beauty and values he found in his journey, that is the most important This book is crazily awesome, I hope my son or daughter will read it one day and feel the same thing.This book gave me a lot One of the most inspiring book ever I also hope you ll consider reading it too, even thou the cover of it might not look that interesting, haha Happy reading, and God bless your journey

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    3.5 stars from me4.75 stars from my sonI read this with my 10 year old son for the kids bookclub he belongs to through one of our local independent bookstores It wasn t one I had previously heard of, although it is a Dutch classic, where it was originally published in 1962.This is quaintly written old fashioned chivalric fantasy which would provide a nice entry to the genre for middle grade and young adult audiences It s an older book, and reads that way, but it nevertheless has a simple appeal that keeps it fresh enough for modern readers.My son is not new to fantasy, and he quite enjoyed this Aside from the story, he loved the included map and black and white illustrations done by the author It was quite an accomplishment for him to tackle a book that comes in at just over 500 pages, but the story moves along at a nice pace that ended up making the length less daunting for him.

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    As YA goes, this is a 5 star plot It was written in 1962, apparently, and the new translation is coming on 25 August of 2015.It s the story of a squire on the eve of becoming a knight who does NOT become a knight because he makes the fateful decision to answer a call for help One thing leads to another, and before long, this kid is on a quest with unseen enemies all around him but with unexpected friends as well.It s sweet, actually So old school it will remind you of the type of book about knighthood you could not put down as a kid A simpler world of good and evil, don t you know An antidote to the gray confusions in our time.Memory Lane, anyone I suspect reluctant readers and fans of all things medieval will love it.

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    Die Geschichte an sich fand ich sehr sch n berlegt, aber mir war da einfach zu wenig Action und es war sehr langatmig Ich musste mich ziemlich durchqu len, ist wohl einfach nicht so meins

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    First released 50 odd years ago in the Netherlands, this is a wonderful story of knights and adventures written by Tonke Dragt why it took so long to be spotted over here it s sold over a million copies and be translated is beyond me From the outset, when Tiuri is tempted from his night s vigil out of the chapel by a call for help, I was hooked There was something about Tiuri, the use of limited third person wonderfully translated by Laura Watkinson and the style of narrative that reminded me of the first Harry Potter book Whether it was this idea that the world felt very real from the start or that there was something in Tiuri s character was drew me in as much as Harry did, I don t know but I knew that I couldn t stop thinking about the story when I wasn t reading it I wanted to know what happened next and I cared for Tiuri and his good friend Piak The story takes place within two neighbouring kingdoms who have been at peace since as long as anyone can remember but there are whispers are a growing army to the south who threaten to destroy that the people of Dagonaut and Unauwen hold dear It is up to Tiuri to carry an important letter to the king of west about this impending danger but on the way, spies and evil knights will not stop at anything to take this letter from Tiuri even if it means his death A pleasant surprise for me in this book was the little amount of battle and death You would think with all the swords and horses trampling around that it would be common yet Tiuri s encounters are almost like reading Bunyan s The Pilgrim s Progress It is not his ability to wield a sword that saves him but rather his mind and his heart against the challenges ahead This book is a hefty 508 pages long but the chapters are short and snappy and I found the pace to be as quick as Tiuri s own horse Although there is a lack of strong female characters, I would consider this as a whole class read for UKS2 because the sense of chase throughout is quite gripping Cross Curricular Suggestions Year 5English I would certain make use of the thematic links that are prevalent and have similar books available as well as classic books involving knights King Arthur in my reading corner through my time reading this book to the class I like the idea of the children creating their own knight who is loyal to one of the good kings and who is sent on their own quest to find out about the red riders I think children would enjoy creating either their male of female knight, working on character description but then planning and writing an extended narrative much in the same style as the King Arthur stories Maths As soon as I saw the fractions expectations, I did think that designing their own knight s shield could lead to some fractions work where they section off different parts of the shield in terms of the fraction that they are studying and they could then illustrate it Certainly counting up the perimeter and area of different places that Tiuri visits on his journey could be interesting as well as measuring angles of photos of castles would also support using the book in context Finally, because the book is so huge, there is ample scope for word problems involving all elements of the Maths skills the children are expected to cover History I think there is a lot of scope for exploring British history from an Anglo saxon perspective considering King Arthur was meant to be around that time too Looking at weaponry as well as clothing and a sense of time and place according to landscape natural and human could really help bring the text to life as well as make the topic a little exciting Art I really like the idea of using wooden mannequins to try and get the children to play with the human form and consider poses the Tiuri could be in throughout the book They would have to consider and sketch the different types of clothing that he wore throughout and play with texture and tone They could also, if you wanted to take a really exciting and challenging approach, have a go at some sculpture alongside sketching and try to make their own Ardanwen Tiuri s magnificent horse out of clay.DT I quite like the idea of them creating their own castle from junk modelling sketching and planning first but with having in it a working circuit to indicate lights going on in towers simple circuits and also a switch approaches that raises and lowers the drawbridge Music I would offer the opportunity for the children to use instruments to create some music based on instruments using during the Anglo Saxon period and onwards the Dark Ages The focus would be to make some courtly music that Tiuri might here in the different castles Children could dress up and play their piece to the assembly and the music could tell the story of a famous deed of one of the knights no singing required