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10 thoughts on “Super Emma

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    Cute series about a shy but bold little girl. They are quick reads as well so if looking for something you can read in 20-30 mins, try this. Geared toward younger ages, though. Ideally 3rd-6th grade in my opinion.

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    This third installment in the Emma chapter book series is my least favorite Emma book. I can understand why a boy is embarrassed that a girl rescued him, and of course the bully is upset with Emma for thwarting his efforts to dominate his friends. But the reaction from the girls in Emma's class feels forced and melodramatic, for the sake of creating more conflict in the story. I also don't see "Super Emma" as a negative nickname, especially not for the reason given for it in this story.

    Since Emma wants to be a nature scientist when she grows up, animal facts are tucked into insets periodically throughout the book, where that animal is mentioned.

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    I picked this specific book up, the third in the series, since I had problems specifically with bullying as a younger person.

    Unexpectedly, I could see clear parallels between countries and characters, though that sounds like I just came out of watching Hetalia (the anime where each character is a nation) or something like that and I'm just saying that the actions of certain characters seemed like how a certain place'd vote. That doesn't even make sense to me, but I'm leaving it alone due to having a headache.

    Emma McGraw "defended" a friend of the bigger boy Jared Matthews when they were just playing with their action figures, so everyone got offended and it was a no-win situation.

    Maybe the headache is just changing from looking at larger to smaller text...

    So, this book DOES have concrete advice for dealing with people you aren't getting along with very well such as draw ridiculous pictures of them then rip that drawing up rather than hurt the person, and a couple of other protips. (That specific modicum of advice I noted makes me laugh since I ended up sketching an ADORABLE person wearing a turban on Draw Mohammed Day)

    This is a cute story! The omnipresent headache has some other cause, though, so it doesn't matter if I'm reading huge text children's lit or War & Peace.

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    I like Emma a lot, but it really bugs me when children get yelled at for defending themselves. I'm an enormous hippie and advocate of nonviolence, but I disagree with Emma's principal that "there is absolutely no excuse, period" for fighting. If another kid is trying to throw my child into a trash can, I say that's an excellent excuse for fighting back. I don't think they should be taught that the only appropriate response is to go find a teacher, either, because that says to them that they have no power of their own. If someone is attacking your body, you have the right to use your body to get them to stop. Nonviolence can be learned when you're older and have already internalized the concept of standing up for yourself.

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    The second about Emma and her third grade class. This time she sticks up for a boy who is being bullied which leads to other problems. Very realistic in how people behave and react. Quick read and hard to put down.

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    Thoroughly explored the feelings children experience when dealing with bullies and being bullied. I'd forgotten all the nuances of schoolyard "politics"!

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    This story is cute and aimed at the first and second grade set.

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    Deals with tough situations, but these kids are really unkind to each other, & have been in the previous two books.

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    i thought that the book had lots of lies fights and fun parts so i read the book and i loved the book thank u

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    I loved this book. It was great how Emma stood up for bullying and not letting the bullies get the best of her