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When it comes to fight or flight I always choose to run like hell”Isa planned the perfect summer Tokyo and the Summer Olympics — check Helping her best friend prepare for the marathon — check Forgetting she's in love with Masa — double check But when Isa's mother is hospitalized she has to abandon her summer plans to run the family's Tokyo business Masa’s offer to help makes it impossible for Isa to ignore him — and the firecracker kiss they shared half a world away Everyone expects the world of her but the pressure to please them all is as oppressive as the Tokyo summer heat The simplest answer to all her problems? RunPlease note This title was previously published in 2015 and that version is no longer for sale This is a re edited and republished version

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    This review was originally posted on Between My LinesSee how cute and romantic that cover is?  Well feel free to judge this book by the cover because it IS cute and romantic and I absolutely loved it First Line of Summer Haikus by S J Pajonas “Ripples of energy shoot up my legs as my feet hit the pavement one stride in front of the other” My Thoughts on Summer Haikus by S J Pajonas I don’t hand out 5 stars easily and when I picked up this one I thought I’d get a light summery read but I never expected it to be 5 stars  There were so many things I loved though that there was no way it deserved anything less than that Things I loved about Summer Haikus by S J Pajonas Location location location  It’s mostly set in Japan Isa who is American Japanese is going to spend the summer with her mother who relocated to Japan a few years previously  And the setting was fab I feel like I learned so much about Japanese culture and customs by reading it  Now it’s firmly on my list of must visit destinations Planner Girl  Isa is a planner nerd just like me  She carries her planner everywhere and the descriptions of her stickers and washi tape collection made my little planner heart beat faster  I had planner envy  And would love to have seen some pages from it Isa is a grafter  I loved how hard working Isa is  She helps train her Olympic bound friend and makes sure she is well taken care of to help towards her college costs  She has her own YouTube channel  In Japan she works at her mother’s ryokan inn and she puts her heart and soul in to her job  I love that about her Knotty Family Relationships  Family life is never perfect we all have drama and some family members are irrational  That’s life and Summer Haikus captures that perfectly  You never doubt the love but that doesn’t stop the arguments and the misunderstandings  It never felt over dramatic it just felt very real and quite painful at times Sweet romance  The romance was perfect  No insta love no overly possessive bad boy vibe no game playing  It managed to be both tender and passionate and gave me all the feels Overall this book is super kawaii cute  The characters felt very lifelike and I felt that by the end of it that I knew them personally  So much so that I even wanted to watch Isa’s YouTube channel and felt a little sad that it only existed within this book  Highly recommended Who should read Summer Haikus by S J Pajonas? Strongly recommended to you if you are looking to add diversity to your reads if you like hard working likeable realistic characters and books with complex family relationships  Oh and a sweet romance I think it’s perfect for fans of books such as Party Girl by Rachel Hollis or Connectivity by Aven Ellis