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The strange tale is alive and well and flourishing at the beginning of the twenty first century These seventeen brand new stories representing the very best of contemporary weirdness range from the mythical terror of Adam Golaski's 'The Great Blind God Passing Through Us' to John Gaskin's assured ghost story 'Party Talk' in which an elderly lady tells her disturbing tale Circus folk take in an abandoned girl with unforeseen consequences in Nina Allen's Machenian 'The Lammas Worm' In 'Countess Otho' Reggie Oliver's actor protagonist finds success after he inherits the manuscript of an unproduced play but what is the precise cause and the price of his new found fame? The curator of a dream museum has an interesting appointment in Mark Valentine's 'Morpheus House' while in 'Her Father's Daughter' Simon Strantzas thoroughly subverts the familiar horror trope of a young woman seeking help at an isolated farmhouse These and await the reader of Strange Tales III Containing 'The Lammas Worm' Nina Allan 'Morpheus House' Mark Valentine 'Sanctuary Run' Daniel Mills 'A Woman of the Party' Elizabeth Brown 'The Good Light People' Gary McMahon 'Countess Otho' Reggie Oliver 'Melting' AJ McIntosh 'It's White and It Follows Me' Tina Rath 'Yet No Greater Love of Promise' Joel Knight 'Divan Method' Eric Stener Carlson 'Party Talk' John Gaskin 'The Other Box' Gerard Houarner 'The Great Blind God Passed Through Us' Adam Golaski 'Her Father's Daughter' Simon Strantzas 'Sister Sister' Angela Slatter 'A Taste of Casu Marzu' David Rix 'The Solipsist' Philbampus Strange Tales III is a sewn hardback book of 288 pages with silk ribbon marker head and tailbands and dw Limited to 500 copies Cover artwork by Stephen J Clark of The Singing Garden

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