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From The Author Of Ruins Of War Comes An Electrifying Novel Featuring US Army Criminal Investigator Mason Collins, Set In The Chaos Of Post World War II Germany When The Third Reich Collapsed, The Small Town Garmisch Partenkirchen Became The Home Of Fleeing War Criminals, Making It The Final Depository For The Nazis Stolen Riches There Are Fortunes To Be Made On The Black Market Murder, Extortion, And Corruption Have Become The NormIt S A Perfect Storm For A Criminal Investigator Like Mason Collins, Especially When His Friend, CIC Agent John Winstone, Claims That A Group Of Powerful Men Are Taking Over The Lucrative Trade But Before He Can Fully Explain, Winstone And His Girlfriend Are Brutally MurderedDetermined To Uncover The Truth, Mason Plunges Into A Shadowy Labyrinth Of Co Conspirators Including Former SS And Gestapo Officers, US Army OSS Officers, And Liberated Polish POWsAs Both Witnesses And Evidence Begin Disappearing, It Becomes Obvious That Someone On High Is Pulling Strings To Stifle The Investigation And That Mason Must Feel His Way In The Darkness If He Is Going To Find Out Who In Town Has The Most To Gain And The Most To Lose

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    It is from the Bible that man has learned cruelty, rapine, and murder for the belief of a cruel God makes a cruel man Thomas PaineJohn A Connell, an American author, pens his new crime fiction, Spoils of Victory which is the second book in the Mason Collins mystery series This book features CID criminal investigator Mason Collins in post WWII Germany, where he is investigating the local German gangs, there upon stumbling upon an old friend from his days in the military that opens the door to an unknown world of extortion and other crimes that ties the higher designation officials in the U.S Military Synopsis When the Third Reich collapsed, the small town Garmisch Partenkirchen became the home of fleeing war criminals, making it the final depository for the Nazis stolen riches There are fortunes to be made on the black market Murder, extortion, and corruption have become the norm.It s a perfect storm for a criminal investigator like Mason Collins, especially when his friend, CIC Agent John Winstone, claims that a group of powerful men are taking over the lucrative trade But before he can fully explain, Winstone and his girlfriend are brutally murdered.Determined to uncover the truth, Mason plunges into a shadowy labyrinth of co conspirators including former SS and Gestapo officers, U.S Army OSS officers, and liberated Polish POWs.As both witnesses and evidence begin disappearing, it becomes obvious that someone on high is pulling strings to stifle the investigation and that Mason must feel his way in the darkness if he is going to find out who in town has the most to gain and the most to lose Mason Collins is a former Chicago homicide detective, U.S soldier, and prisoner of war turned U.S Army CID He is back in Germany and this time he is tailing behind a German gang in the small town of Garmisch Partenkirchen, which has become the heart of black marketing and home to notorious criminals right after the World War II That is when he meets his old friend, John Winstone, who is now a Counter Intelligence Corps Agent, who reveals that American officials are too joining their hands in the dirty trade of money extortion and corruption In fact Winstone has jotted down the evidence, collected over the years, against some of the officials, but before he could hand over his evidence to Mason, he is brutally murdered along with his girlfriend Mason is then sucked into the underbelly of Garmisch that turns out to be both life threatening as well as risky when dead bodies start piling up, and cases of corruption surface up Mason has to soon decide whom to trust and whom not to trust in a dark, dingy post WWII city of Germany.The book s setting simply bowled me over and really caught me off guard as the author has vividly painted that picturesque town in the Bavarian Alps in it s ruins after the war Garmisch home to notorious Nazi criminals, is projected with proper darkness thus capturing the perfect atmosphere of that dark corrupted town The author s portrayal of post war era in Germany is vibrant, striking and and even an eye opener for many The author not only takes the readers on a roller coaster ride through the streets of Garmisch, but also takes them back in time.I was taken aback by the author s eloquent and pristine writing style that is layered with suspense at every turn of the page With the progress of the story, the mystery thickened with brain twisting twists ans turns and adrenaline rushing actions The narrative is extremely arresting and within few pages into the story, I was drawn deeper into the depths of the chaos in Garmisch and not even for once I could force myself to look away from it And each and every scene is written with such great in depth and vivid detailing, that it comes alive with the author s words The story is thoroughly captivating till the very end, keeping me on my edges until it s very climax which is equally shocking and hard to anticipate it.The characters are brilliant, especially the main character, mason, who is developed with lots of flaws and intelligence and given the fact that he served in the Army previously, it makes him even brave and fearless, who can jump into anything without giving a second thought His impulsive actions kept me glued and made me rooted for him till the very last page The supporting characters are also quite well developed and with whom I could easily connect with.The mystery is layered with many dimensions and are filled with confusion which made it even difficult on my part to anticipate that veiled faces of the criminals The suspense in the air is evident all through out the story In a nutshell, this is by far one of the most enthralling historical crime fiction that I read in a long time.Verdict Mystery fans do not miss out this intriguing book Courtesy Thanks to the author, John A Connell, for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book

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    M rztotIn die Welt der Schmuggler und Schwarzh ndler will US Officer Mason Collins sich einschleusen lassen Das geht jedoch f rchterlich schief, denn als nach Monaten der Vorbereitung die Kontaktaufnahme naht, bricht eine Art Bandenkrieg los Bei etlichen der Opfer handelt es sich um diejenigen, von denen Mason Informationen einholen wollte Seine Operation ist geplatzt und bevor sich Mason wirklich von der Entt uschung erholt hat, kommt es zu noch grausameren Todesf llen Mit einem der Toten war Mason pers nlich bekannt und dieser hatte ihn um Hilfe gebeten, da er sich in Gefahr sah Wie recht hatte er mit seiner Vermutung und wie wenig konnte Mason tun.Garmisch Partenkirchen im Jahr 1946, eine Welt, die sich von den Strapazen des Krieges noch lange nicht erholt hat Viel Geld zu verdienen gibt es nicht, viel Arbeit auch nicht, viel liegt noch in Tr mmern Nur der Schwarzmarkt floriert Und amerikanische Soldaten, wenn nicht gar Offiziere, scheinen daran beteiligt zu sein Wie so oft hei t es, Geld stinkt eben nicht Mason Collins stemmt sich gegen diese Entwicklung Ein ehrenhafter Offizier sollte doch nicht so tief sinken, passiert dies doch, so geh rt die Sache durchermittelt und die T ter bestraft, ungeachtet ihrer Position und Herkunft Mit seiner Meinung steht Collins allerdings relativ alleine da.Der amerikanische Teil des besetzten Nachkriegsdeutschlands ist wahrlich ein spannender Schauplatz Schmuggel, Schwarzmarkt, Liebe und Mord sind Zutaten, die vor dem Hintergrund des gerade erst zurecht verlorenen Krieges viel versprechen und neugierig machen Doch der zweite Band der Reihe um den Milit rermittler Mason Collins h lt nicht ganz, was er verspricht Eher hat man hier einen ganz normalen Thriller, der eben diese Kulisse hat Das Verbrechen ist nicht aus der Geschichte heraus entwickelt, sondern es k nnte auch in jeder anderen Zeit geschehen, in der Schmuggel und Schwarzmarkt bl hen So versuchen hier wenige Aufrechte, die Verstrickungen in den eigenen Reihen mit dem Verbrechen zu stoppen und gleichzeitig die Morde aufzukl ren Dabei gehen sie um der Aufkl rung willen teilweise selbst recht rigoros vor Ein durchaus fesselnder Thriller, der wohlm glich eine bessere Wirkung erzielt, wenn er unvoreingenommener angepackt wird 3,5 Sterne

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    Lee Child called John s Mason Collins books a must read series and I totally agree John s novels are completely gripping and suspenseful, and Spoils of Victory turns the heat well past the boiling point If you re looking for a brilliantly written thriller set in post WWII Germany, full of psychological twists and turns and one of the most winning protagonists and devious killers I ve ever met, look no further You ve found it.

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    Better portrayal of post WWII chaos in Germany than the first of the series Ruins of War , but also a bit over the top on the violence used in telling the story in fact, the lesser descriptive recounts were much effective Not a bad story, however .

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    This was a great novel about US Army CID investigator Mason Collins who has to deal with rival black market gangs and a murder spree in occupied Germany at the end of WWII Good characters and an interesting plot line set in a period not often used for novels.

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    The second Mason Collins novel is better than the first Good read for road trips.

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    Good action, good mystery and looking forward to 3.

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    Spoils of VictoryMysterious Book Report No 247by John Dwaine McKennaLate last year an authentic, entertaining, and exciting new detective series hit the bookstores and became an instant success Part crime fiction, part historical fiction and part military fiction, the novel featured a U.S Army Chief Warrant Officer CWO named Mason Collins He s a Criminal Investigations Division CID Officer in Occupied Germany just after the Third Reich s defeat and unconditional surrender In his debut entitled Ruins of War, CWO Collins was on the hunt for a sadistic, cunning and demented serial killer in the devastated city of Munich It was one of the best first novels I ve reviewed and a yarn I didn t think could be surpassed Damn Was I wrong.Spoils of Victory, Berkley Penguin Random House, 27.00, 372 pages, ISBN 978 0 425 28156 7 by John A Connell the second Mason Collins thriller is an absolute barn burner the likes of which we haven t seen since Ludlum or Clancy s first Yeah He s that good.As the novel begins, Collins has been transferred to the alpine town of Garmisch Partenkirchen It s an area that s intact untouched by the allied bombing campaigns the place many war criminals transit before fleeing Europe and the war crimes tribunals, and it s a place where much of the stolen treasure looted from the banks, museums and Jews of the European occupied territory is situated Despite its storybook setting and fairytale appearance, Garmisch is a city on the verge of anarchy Rival gangs, consisting of ex Nazis, former POWs, deserters from various armies and plain old criminals are fighting for control of a black market teeming with the booty looted from entire continents It s a target rich environment for a criminal investigator like Collins, but the appearance of a new, and utterly ruthless group that s bent on taking over by killing all the competition is bad news of the worst kind for the detective When another undercover operator and his mistress is murdered, right after telling Collins that Allied OSS Office of Secret Services operatives are responsible for the black market takeover, he thinks they re being protected by high ranking army of occupation officers Collins doesn t know who to trust, or how high up the chain of command the corruption goes With all of Europe in chaos and tens of tens of millions of looted dollars in possible gains to be had, the most honest of officers might be tempted to go to the dark side, even at the risk of their careers When the attempts on his life begin, Collins is sucked into an ever greater, ever widening, ever deadlier maelstrom of corruption, conspiracy and criminality from which he may not survive.You ll just have to read the book to find out if he does, or not, in this electrifying sopho novel from a monster talent His name is John A Connell.

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    SPOILS of VICTORY2016 by John A Connell a peripatetic U.S southerner, and author also of The ruins of war 2015 BERKLEY BOOKS, New York US 27 C 5 372 372 pp 9780425281567In 1946 WW2 1939 to 1945 is ended and Germany occupied and governed by the American, French, Russian, and British military and police Bavarian South Germany is the American Zone with an American military government.Mason Collins is an ex cop and a crime investigator of the U.S Military police in Garmisch a pretty, un bombed, ski resort town at the Austrian border of Bavaria.In this town refugees, amnesic Nazis, war shocked civilians, humiliated German military and police, opportunistic villains from everywhere, together with the occupying armies with their own problems and foibles, all form a social chaos where the tentacles of crime, sadism and murder slither freely Treachery and suspicion are rampant.Mason Collins has to find a murderer.Mason Collins friend Counter Intelligence Corps CIC agent John Winston has reason to suspect here in this town the existence of a vast criminal conspiracy led by men of power in the sundry commercial, police, military and criminal forces of Bavaria He tells Mason of this, then is slaughtered with his beautiful girl friend Mason goes on the hunt to dredge where he may for Winston s evidence and villains He must find and neuter the bad guys without upsetting the cozy ones.John A Connell has given him a complex route, and a pig headed stubbornness to succeed.The characters are straight forward, the descriptions reasonably restrained, and the incidents well defined, logically interdependent, and complex without confusion For action, tension, beautiful women, and all types of men this coherent story satisfies.John Coffey May 31 2016

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    Spoils of Victory is American author John Connell s second book in his Mason Collins series Set so far in post war Germany, Collins is a policeman who is hired by the US Army to investigate criminal activity in occupied Germany The first book in the series Ruins of War was set in Munich This one is set in Garmisch Partenkirchen, a resort community in the mountains south of Munich It was also the site of the 1936 Winter Olympics Something very rotten is happening in Garmisch Mason Collins has been sent there after getting into trouble while solving crimes in Munich People in Garmisch innocent or not so innocent are turning up dead Some are turning up quite unattractively dead, with missing body parts As the body count rises, Collins and his aide, Abrams, set out to investigate the active black market in the town Basically, everything s for sale food and other necessities of life now in short supply in post war Germany and the black market trading seems to involve almost everybody around Germans, American GIs, former concentration camp inmates everyone s on the take Connell s world of Garmisch Partenkirchen seems to be gray and murky All his characters, except for Collins and Abrams, exist in a mist of murder and cheating And because everyone s murky, there are very few characters who are not drawn as caricatures Now, that s not a criticism if the reader cared for all those getting butchered, Spoils of Victory would be as depressing as a Scandinavian crime novel Spoils of War is an entertaining novel about that murkiness of post war morals It may be about 50 pages too long, but it makes good reading I ll look forward to Connell s next Mason Collins novel.