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The White Hot Desire For Venganza Revenge Had Driven Rafaelo Carreras, Marques De Las Carreras, For Years Now, At Last, The Ruthless Spanish Aristocrat Had Come To New Zealand, To Take What Was Rightfully His From The Wealthy, Powerful, Hated Saxon Family Seducing Caitlyn Ross, The Saxons Beautiful Young Winemaker, Was Child S Play For A Man Like Him And The Perfect Way To Get What He Wanted But As He Came To Know This Woman, To Taste Her Beguiling Blend Of Inocencia And Pasi He Wondered If He Was The One Being Seduced

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    Reviewed for queuemyreview.com book release Nov08 Spaniard s Seduction is Tessa Radley s latest Silhouette Desire release in her Saxon Brides series about a family of vintners in New Zealand I enjoy reading the occasional Silhouette or Harlequin release because I know, 1 the books will take less than two hours to finish, 2 the books won t contain much, if any, violence, and 3 the story will always end happily So when I m looking for a quick pick me up read, I always have a few on hand to sate my appetite.Caitlyn is not a member of the Saxon family instead she s their award winning winemaker Since she met the eldest Saxon son, Heath, in college, she s quietly loved him and was thrilled when he helped her get an internship at his family s famous winery When another worker attacked her, the family gave her a home and a job and a refuge She has been fiercely protective of them ever since, burying herself in her job and using her unrequited love for Heath as a shield against dating Then seemingly from nowhere, a haughty Spaniard turns up saying he s a Saxon bastard child and the eldest to boot Caitlyn dislikes his arrogance and his hatred of the Saxon patriarch, but the way he makes her feel is very confusing.Rafaelo has come to New Zealand for revenge He intends to force the Saxon s to give him his due inheritance an equal share in the winery Then he plans to sell that share to the first non family bidder His hatred of the Saxon patriarch is fierce and he intends that no one will get in his way Certainly not a waifish, but sexy, winemaker Ah, yes The course of true love never runs smooth, right I fell a little in love with Rafaelo once the author showed me his hidden kindness and gentleness Like Caitlyn, the I learned, the harder it was to maintain my dislike I appreciated the fact that Ms Radley didn t wave a wand and vanish Caitlyn s fears instead, Rafaelo s patience and gentleness helped Caitlyn overcome her fears Other than the compacted timeframe, I found the situation believable There was even a bit of history about New Zealand winemaking to sweeten the read The tension between the hero and heroine was taut from the first and tastefully done not too hot, not too cold I quite enjoyed my quick mental excursion to New Zealand through Tessa Radley s latest release Spaniard s Seduction delivered a sweet and lightly spiced love story with a pinch of mystery and a dash of action to flavor the plot I ll be looking for her next release in the series, Pregnancy Proposal , which is due to hit the shelves in early December Salud

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    I will be honest and say that I found it a bit dull I thought there could ve been sizzle There seemed to be something missing don t know if it was a case of not enough to the story or that is was boring Lovely ending so it gets 3 stars. I just need to read Megan s story now.

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    I just love this series of The Saxon Brides, this 2nd book in the series Spaniard s Seduction,was so goodit has a bit of mystery and and some action in it a long with romance I am reading the 3rd book in the series Pregnancy Proposal and I m Loving it already Rafaelo Carreras, Marques de Las Carreras, has just had his world completely turned upside down A man he has adored, a man he has looked up to, a man who has taught him all of life s lessons, the man who raised him has died With integrity until the very end though, this man thought of Rafaelo and called him to his bedside to share with him the truth This man isn t his biological father Phillip Saxon is and Rafaelo has brothers and sisters sharing this biological father He wants Rafaelo to have the opportunity to get to know his familyRafaelo is angered by this revelation and after talking to his mother he only heard parts of what she had to say , he has formed a plan of revenge against the man who left his mother alone, young and pregnant He is going to take a piece of Phillip s heart by claiming a portion of Saxon s Folly, the vineyard Phillip holds with his children But you know what they say about best laid plans

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    I enjoyed Tessa Radley s writing style in this book This is the first and only one in the Saxon Brides series I ve read and I think the series would be worth reading Spaniard s Seduction is about Rafaelo Carreras, Marques de Las Carreras, who s on the path of revenge against his real father Usually, I don t find revenge plots too appealing, but by staying away from the usual cliche, I think Tessa Radley was able make her hero s need for revenge believable Her descriptives are effective and her characters are relatable I was so engrossed in the story that I found myself reading the hero s lines in a Spanish accent There were a couple of pleasant surprises in the book for me , the most important being the way the author handles the black moment any and I ll be giving away too much One aspect of the heroine s conflict, I felt should have been introduced a little earlier again, any and I ll be giving away too much , but that is so negligible most readers will probably not notice Also, there was a little too much attention on another couple Joshua and Alyssa whom I guessed were the h h of Book 1 and later confirmed through an internet search.

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    Read this a while ago I think I might have enjoyed this one a bit than the first of this series but who couldn t love the gorgeous spaniard hero Mmm I thought his revenge was pretty petty and he could of handled it a lot better without hurting the other characters in the novel but if you want drama this was just the right book The heroine was such a sweet girl, I really enjoyed this heroine, almost than the hero The passion and intense underlying current is enough to make anyone drool

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    This book is part of series about the Saxon family and this one involves their close family friend, Caitlyn I haven t read any of the others in the series and had no problem understanding the story I liked Caitlyn and Rafaelo.

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    Just not my cuppa tay.