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This series was very addicting to read With every book I finished I couldn t wait to start the next one I read all the books before I watched an episode of the TV show Gotta say, I liked the books better I just couldn t get into the show at all I watched the first 3 episodes and couldn t stand to watch any I would have given this series 5 stars, but as the series went on it seemed to go a little downhill Loved the first 4 books I only finished the series because I wanted to know what happened to all of my favorite characters. Great vampire series, fully with magical creatures and a nice, relatable lead character Could be both hot and scary at the same time Also, it was fast paced and funny, as well as action packed and interesting. Vampire Porn but who cares Ok so as a disappointed review says it s like Vampire Porn And it is in parts And the tv series actually has a lot that isn t in the book More characters, storyline, sex and plot The books are written from Sookie s perspective so that s going to happen But I still love the books There is a lot too them than Mills Boon books and they are well written.So as for whether it will put you off the tv series Well I guess that depends on your reasoning for liking the series in the first place And if you like reading a broad range of writing styles and stories and like reading books that don t tax you mentally or create in depth characters then you will love these books.I read a wide range of books and I love both books that are complex and take weeks to read properly and books that are just plain tasty and take you away from reality for awhile This is the later And as the books go on I m on no.3 they just get tastier and tastier I can t wait to see what Alan Ball does with the rest Even if it is different.PS having now finished the box set I can still say I love it It is like watching a 18 rated soap opera but I still love it And wish there were loads. Quiere saber m s de estas ocho novelas, sin spoilers Visite Definitely a guilty pleasure, this series The most ridiculous plots, but so entertaining that I ve now read nearly all of them My favourite scene in the series is when she went to a vampire conference and ended up scooting down the side of a pyramid hotel in a coffin to escape from a bomb blast And that isn t even the climax of the story The sex scenes are less cringeworthy as the series goes on, and less time is spent explaining what everyone is wearing, which is a good thing I prefer the ones where Sookie must leave town for her adventure, because there are so many supes and nosy neighbours that for her to get in trouble at home means the first half of the book is spent getting rid of anyone who d normally help her When she travels, the plot gets going much quicker Bill is still the dullest vampire in the world, and businesses still have the worst names Tara s Togs for upmarket labels But if you want vampire romps in small town America, you can t do better than getting to know Sookie Stackhouse. So I could list all these books separately, but they were so handy in the 8 pack on the kindle It was so fun not to have to hunt around read wait at all for the next book I have to review them this way.Now as for the books themselves, I had so much fun reading them, it s like eating the crunchy Cheetos and drinking sugary Coke for my brain with the occasional doughnut Only I never got sick of it, sometimes I feel like I have to take a break from the eye rolling thank you Twilight , but I never felt like that with these books Maybe because they are written for adults Which also means there is sex, so be warned However, the sex isn t THE major plot point like a romance novel, which would have been tedious.I thought the first book was the weakest, so if you are just starting, hang in there Charlaine Harris really hits her stride by the third book From then on I couldn t put them down.I could write a longer review about how I really don t care if everyone thinks vampires are overdone and how I think amnesia is always a fun plot twist, but I need to go hunt down books 9 and 10 Chris So, before Halloween 2010, I started reading through the Sookie Stackhouse books because of my enjoyment of the True Blood TV series I have to say that I ve enjoyed them quite a bit The first book is very similar to the first season of True Blood, and there are elements of book 2 and book 3 in season 2 and season 3, but there are many differences One of the main differences with the books is that everything is from Sookie s perspective in her narritive, so if she doesn t witness something, you don t know about it Saves you from pages upon pages of Jason having drawn out odd adventures with others Because of that the other characters are not as fleshed out, but they still get plenty of time over the course of the books I ve just finished book 10, and now have to wait until May 2011 when the next book will be released Overall, fun reading that I recommend And I m hoping they use a good bit of book 4 in the next season of True Blood. Finished em all in a month Not the best writing ever, but there s something relaxing about descriptions of a seemingly ordinary person living her daily life visiting the library, waitressing, housecleaning , especially juxtaposed with fight scenes and hot vampire love I also like hearing about the small town lifestyle in the deep south Sookie Stackhouse is a great character, and just when you think the storylines are simple, the male characters seem to represent different aspects of typical romantic relationshipshaven t we all dated the guy who we re embarassed to be seen with, or who it turns out we shouldn t ever have trusted Maybe, just maybe, there s to these books than meets the eye Anyway, excellent beach read.My favorite is book 4 What a series Can you say addictive I was a fan of this series from book one, and it gets better with each book Sookie is a great lead character, and Bill and Eric are something to read for alone If you have yet to read book one and are not sure if you should buy the series, I can honestly say, after one book you ll be hooked You ll be right back at the store for book two So if you can get a good price on this box set, buy it If your worried it s another Twilight phenomenon, it s so not Yes, Sookie and Bella had similarities, but the series are not the same Not to mention how Adult the True Blood series are compared to Twilight in general The books are 18 and the show is very much 18 I m looking forward to Dead in the Family so much As much as I want to say I m not addicted to this series, I am So that being said, get this series if you can You will not regret it Get it for a gift for a friend, or for yourself, you won t be sorry Cocktail Waitress Sookie Stackhouse Is No Typical Southern Belle She Can Read Minds And She S Got A Thing For Vampires Which, In A Town Like Bon Temps, Louisiana, Means She Ll Have To Watch Her Back And Neck Includes Dead Until Dark Living Dead In Dallas Club Dead Dead To The World Dead As A Doornail Definitely Dead All Together Dead From Dead To Worse