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There is this cemetery I used to go for a walk It never felt like a cemetery, but a huge park full of tall trees and bizarre and beautiful sculptures and lazy cats One day I came back there with a friend and accidentally we crashed into a funeral A hearse, a woman crying, my friend saying that we better go, we better go, but he was too cold to feel any of that I just felt guilty to be there, to be here, to be alive I still wash my hands compulsively as to remove the scent of a candle and the hint of death Ironically enough on the same day I picked up this book in a library and evenironically my grandfather died a few days after Reading these poems was really precious to me.The story behind this set of poems is rather simple, but at the same time incredible one I think the death of Rilke s young acquaintance was a trigger to express on paper so much of his thoughts, feelings, emotions and life events It feels really genuine the possibility of presence, absence and presence after the absence. Even as the farmer laborsthere where the seed turns into summer,it is not his work It is Earth who gives.Despite the parched ground it is but a shade of spring outside The world appears geared to disrupt such edenic days with the distant rumble of foreign thunder and a blurred blunder on the button There were flashes here which I truly admired but not others My hazed judgement might conceal a concern or two perhaps it doesn t This series didn t engender thought so I m moving on. To Rilke Himself The Sonnets To Orpheus Were Perhaps The Most Mysterious In The Way They Came Up And Entrusted Themselves To Me, The Most Enigmatic Dictation I Have Ever Held Through And Achieved The Whole First Part Was Written Down In A Single Breathless Act Of Obedience, Between The Nd And Th Of February, Without One Word Being Doubtful Or Having To Be Changed With Facing Page German ld rmek, bir d avurumu durmadan yol alan kederimizin Rilke s Sonnets to Orpheus were written, remarkably, in a few weeks in a kind creative overflow after finishing The Duino Elegies, a group of ten poems that took Rilke ten years to write Hearing these poems in German is a memorable experience even if you don t know the language They are little technical masterpieces, with very strong rhythmic structures, and the rhyme of a classical Petrarchian sonnet Of course, all the structure and form is lost in translation, but they still read remarkably well in English, largely because of the Rilke s imaginary Over the years I ve read many recent English translations, but, in the end, I still prefer the Herter Norton translation, which was first published in 1942 It is curious to me that in February of 1922, when Rilke was in in his little castle in Switzerland, finishing the Duino Elegies and writing the Sonnets to Orpheus, T S Eliot was a few miles away in a sanatorium, also in Switzerland, finishing The Waste Land It make you believe that a very special poetic star was shining down on Switzerland that month.See my website A classic, certainly But I always feel like I m missing out on most of the music when I read poetry in translation. This book was bought for me on one of the most romantic and fulfilling evenings of my short life Fresh from the Met s Orfeo ed Euridice wandering into a bookshop in the East Village, and returning home to a mind gasm of reading aloud with someone I care dearly for This collection is perfect for anyone who has loved or lost She slept the world This collection will continue to delight and haunt me for as long as I live. But you now, you whom I knew like a flower whose nameI don t know, I will onceremember and show youto them, you who were taken away,beautiful playmate of the invincible cryDancer first, who suddenly, with body full of lingering,paused, as though her youngness were being cast in bronze mourning and listening Then, from the high achieversmusic fell into her altered heart.Sickness was near Already overcome by the shadows,her blood pulseddarkly, yet, as if fleetinglysuspect, it thrust forth into its natural spring.Again and again, interrupted by darkness and downfall,it gleamed of the earth Until after terrible throbbingit entered the hopelessly open portal First Part, Sonnet 25 evirideki h neri ve eme i sayg yla ay rarak s ylemeli, pek oklar gibi iirde eviriye inanm yorum lakin Orpheus a Soneler de g z n y zeyde dahi olsa avlayabildi i, zihnin bir anl na bile olsa T rk e duyup kavrayabildi i her ey, b y k s ylenmi bir iire i aret ediyor, bunu hissettiriyor Hava yerine iir solumu Rilke nin yaln zca yans mas n n a delici g c bu Mucizevi. Das erste Buch, das ich habe auf Deutsch gelesen Ich liebte Rilke von anfang an Fantastisches buch.